Kylie: So, uh, hi. This is my first story. And, yeah, it'll be a lemon collection. I have a fetish for public stuff. So, um, enjoy.

''Oh fuck Ikuto...''

How the hell did she manage to get in this situation?

''Ungh, Amu, fuck, you're tight.''

Oh right, She had been at a party with her friends, and somehow got Ikuto horny.

''Ah! O-Oh god, you're gonna make me cum...''

Stupid Ikuto...

''Then come,''

She could practically hear him smirking.

She wanted to rip his balls offs, but at the moment, they played an essential part in what they were doing, so she'd get them back later.

But for now, she was stuck in a cramped and dark closet, pushed up against the wall, while being taken from behind by Ikuto.

Her hair was all around her, her lavender shirt pushed up above her breasts, her bra somewhere below them.

Her cheek was pressed against the wall, her hands above her, her back arched as her butt stuck out.

She felt Ikuto tighten his grip on her hips as he continued to pound into her hot cunt. He stopped for a moment, pulling his cock out until it was just the head inside of her and began rolling his hips before slamming back in.

''Fuck Amu, you feel so good...'' He groaned.

They didn't have to worry about being loud either, since their was music blaring outside. They had managed to sneak away from the huge crowd before Ikuto pushed her into the closet and fucked the shit out of her.

''Do you like this Amu? Huh? Being fucked by me while a person could easily walk in on us?'' He whispered haughtily into her ear.

He guessed she did by the way her pussy clenched around his dick.

He suddenly pulled out, replacing her pussy with his hand, stroking fast as he turned her to face him, then picked her up, making Amu wrap her legs around his waist.

He dove back into her pussy and gave hard, upward thrusts. Amu fell against his shoulder, and lightly bit, refraining from getting loud.

''Ungh, shit, Amu, I want to her your moans...'' He gasped.

Amu released his shoulder and moaned loudly, rocking her hips in time with his thrust.

''Ungh, fuck, Ikuto...Fuck me, fuck me hard...'' She moaned loudly.

Ikuto brought a hand down to her clit and began rubbing hard as he fucked her.

''UNGH, IKUTO!'' Amu cried loudly, cumming hard against his dick.

Ikuto grit his teeth together, not being able to hold out much longer. He gave a few more thrusts, before spilling his seed into her.

''Fuck yes! Oh Amu, holy shit...Ugghh...'' He cried as he threw his head back, slowing his movements.

Amu hopped down from him and straightened herself out.

''My god, you're an asshole, next time this happens, I'm cutting your dick off.'' She huffed.

''Please, you love this dick too much.'' He said smugly.

She pouted at him and he smirked at her. He bent down and lightly pecked her lips.

''I love you Amu,'' He said into her ear.

She couldn't help but smile back, ''I love you too.''

They exited the closet quietly and rejoined their friends.

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