Bats and Mysteries

Summary: It's been two years ever since the Coon and Friends disbanded, and Mysterion has been long forgotten. But when a tragedy strikes and Kenny McCormick loses everything and is forced to start anew, will be able to turn back into the dark vigilante when the time comes again?

Author's Note: I've been watching the Coon and Friends Trilogy a lot today and I was hit with an inspiration to write a solo story on one Kenny McCormick/Mysterion (*gasps* no funny haha click flick story?) Yeah, anyways I've decided to crossover with this with that Batman Animated Series (the new one, the one before Brave and the Bold) another inspiration by some of my debate groupies who are big DC comic fanatics, mostly with Batman. So anyways, enjoy the story, I'll be also working with Snowy Magic (my SPHP xover fic) so no worries for those who read it; but for those who haven't yet, check it out :D

Disclaimer: I Do not Own South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker do. I also do not own The Batman, DC Comics does.

That didn't just happen.

I couldn't believe it.

This was just fucked up.

Things like this happens only in movies or TV shows. I think I'm beginning to understand a whole new level of the unfairness in life.

If you're wondering what's going on and why am I talking to you like I'm some crazy person with an active imagination; Well, you're talking with the wrong little fucker then. First off, I'm not crazy...just actively creative at some point. And secondly, would a crazy person actually have the sanity to tell his story properly than just blabbering on with teen angst and shitty drama that is not needed. Certainly not.

So to begin the story, you have to see who I am and where do I fit in.

My name is Kenneth Matthew McCormick, I am twelve years old and I live in a red neck mountain town called South Park. My family is poor, my dad's a fucking drunk, my mom's a useless whore, my big brother is a retard and apparently I get teased because of all that. But that's South Park for you. It not much of an interesting town, but I guess that'd be lying considering weird stuff happens every single day. Although, one thing does occur to me every single day.

I die.

Yes, I die and then come back to life the next day.

The sad thing was, no one really remembers when I die, and just smile and greet me like nothing happened. Everytime I get impaled, burnt, decapitated, torn apart, shot, stabbed, run over, eaten (I try not to remember that); my two friends would always shout the oh so famous lines "Oh my God they/he/she/I/we Killed Kenny!" and followed by a "You Bastard(s)!"

Speaking of friends, I only had three of the closest friends ever since the diaper days (well, maybe just two, one of them is a complete asshole). We start of with the one that I was personally close with.

Kyle Broflovski.

You know a funny thing, our dads were best friends in college. But due to some issue they had at the end of their graduation, they drifted apart and yet their kids were cool friends together. What a weird coincidence huh? Anyways, Kyle is the type of guy you'd want on your side if ever you want homework done or wanted to hang out with. Even though his mom is a bitch and his whole family is Jewish (his brother Ike is adopted), I'd say that the red head was awesome. He was smart (well, in my book he'd always be a cool dork), funny and cares a lot when it comes to friends. Although, I wasn't his super best friend.

That honor goes to Stan Marsh.

Now he and I are close also, but not the kind of close I was with Kyle. Unlike him, Stan was the brother and friend anybody would wish they had. He was also the perfect son/nephew/grandson that any adult would want to have. All in all, Stan was the image of the All American Kid, the fucking golden boy. Not that I'm jealous or nothing, it just seemed he got everything on a silver platter. Good grades, popularity, being the quarterback in the football team, the cute girlfriend, the loving family (minus his sister Shelly) and friends he count on, or better yet are always got his back (more like as his sidekicks). But despite that, he was never selfish or spoilt like Cartman was. He was kind, understanding, an animal lover and he had beliefs that were actually inspiring. He was a good guy. And I sort of hate the douchebag.

Speaking of douches, Eric Cartman is not much to describe, he's a fatass who thinks only for himself.

Enough said.

So what now?

Well now we begin on a day, where I wished wouldn't have happened.

It all started as me, Kyle and Stan decided to ditch our fat fuck of a friend and go over to my house to check on some comics I got thanks to my stupid brother who actually does make a living by working near the gas station. First days of school were kind of boring, but I guess we just wanted to see some of our other classmates. Stan, of course, was estastic when he saw his beloved girlfriend again as Kyle met up up with his science club pals. Me? I just found Craig, he was good for a laugh. It goes to show we were almost drifting away. Life was changing. I just didn't realize that day it would be changing TOO much.

Before we headed to my home however, I stopped a little bit as some guy ran past me and I turned my head slightly to take a glimpse of him. Normally, I wouldn't give a flying fuck, but somehow as if in slow motion, I saw the guy's dark eyes stare at me for a moment before he gave a sadistic grin. As time returned, the guy just disappeared.

"Kenny" A voice called out and I turned my head to see Stan looking at me with worry and Kyle right behind him with an impatient frown, "You okay?"

I nodded silently, letting the boy know I was alright.

"You sure? You don't look to good,"

It's a wonder why I hate slightly the raven haired boy.

"I'm fine Stan, really," I assured the concerned raven haired boy, giving a small smile as he gave a bright one back to me.

And soon we walked on, almost reaching to my house. As I opened the door to my rundown home, I was terrified when I saw the dead carcasses of my parents, their bodies ripped and shredded llike pig slaughter, dried up blood everywhere, from the walls to the dirt carpet floor.

What the fuck happened?

Stan apparently repeated my thoughts as Kyle shakingly grabbed his cellphone and started to dial 911. Not wasting time, I ran into the hallway of the bedrooms to find Kevin.

"KEVIN!" I screamed as I checked every bedroom, the hood of my parka flyinf down as I ran, my wild blond hair covering my eyes a bit, "KEV YOU R-TARD! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!"

I was desperate.

I didn't want to believe he was dead too.

I didn't want to think I'd be


I searched faster.

I then finally reached the bathroom and wished I didn't go in.

Lying in the bathtub in his own pool of blood was Kevin, his eyeballs missing and some of his teeth apparently ripped out. I screamed as I fell on the white tiled floor with a thud, shifting backwards in fear as I heard footsteps behind me.

I heard Stan yell out obscenities as he grabbed my arm and pulled me up, dragging me from the scene. Snapping out of it, I was trying to break free from his hold, desperate to get my brother out of there, to do anything.

I didn't want to believe my family were killed.

But they were.

Oh I just love how this is going down ^_^ I'm hoping to write in more if I could, this is just the introductory chapter and the next one will be much more in detail, again in Kenny's point of view.

A teaser sneak peek of what's to come:

"You...want to adopt me?"

The man nodded, as I stared at him both curiously and a bit disbeliving.

"The Social service told me that one more year and you'd be too old to be in this orphanage," He spoke as he looked down at me sympathetically, "Besides, I know what you're going through,"

I looked away slightly. I didn't need a reminder of what I've lost.

"...I don't want to be adopted,"

I could feel his gaze on me, and I think he was surprised at my tone.

"Why not?" I heard him ask.

I then looked up and stared at him, it was surprising he had the same eye color as me.

"Because I want my real family!"

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