Bats and Mysteries

Summary: It's been two years ever since the Coon and Friends disbanded, and Mysterion has been long forgotten. But when a tragedy strikes and Kenny McCormick loses everything and is forced to start anew, will be able to turn back into the dark vigilante when the time comes again?

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Chapter 3

Two days later...

After getting the papers signed and all those adult stuff done, I was officially adopted into the Wayne family. Although, I wasn't the only kid of Bruce that was adopted.

I remembered walking out of the orphanage doors, waving goodbye at the kids I made friends with there and being escorted by Mr. Wayne into a fancy limo. That's where I came face to face with Alfred Pennyworth, a butler of Bruce that raised him when he was younger. I just smiled at the guy, not wanting to comment that the butler's last name was of a scary clown I remembered from a movie.

As the car door opened, I was almost a bit of a shock of who sat in the backseat.

Staring in I saw a boy that almost looked exactly like Stan, with the same soft blue eyes and raven hair. The only difference with this boy was that his hair wasn't covered with a red poofball hat, and his hair was jelled a bit.

"Stan?" I blurted out stupidly, as the boy raised his eyebrow a bit.

Damn, he looked even more like Stan than he did already.

"Uh, no...I think you got me confused with someone else..." The boy laughed a bit, the sound of it giving me chills down my back.

"Kenny, this is Richard Grayson," Bruce spoke up as the boy now known as Richard waved at me with a silly grin, "He's gonna be your brother,"

"Sweet! I have a brother" Richard smiled happily as he raised his fist up at me as I stared at it in confusion.

Richard seemed to see my facial expression cause he gently took my hand up, curling it to a fist and made it fist bump into his own. I then smiled slightly as I slid into the car, as Bruce then went over into the front seat with Alfred.

It was sort of a long drive, and it was kind of nice to feel in a family again. From what I've learned, Bruce is a single bachelor with a lot of money thanks to a lot of his companies and charity cases. He adopted Richard about 2 years ago, and the boy told his sad story of how his parents were killed in a freak circus accident thanks to a guy by the name of Tony Zucco. I kind of felt bad about Richard though; he actually witnessed his parents die right in front of him. Although Bruce had the same story, but his parents were shot by some punk who wanted to make a quick buck.

Soon we've arrived at our destination, and as I stepped out with Richard behind me, my eye sockets almost seemed to pop out 'cause I was staring at a huge sized mansion standing right in front of me. It was so beautiful, almost like a castle you see in storybooks.

"Welcome to your new home Kenny," Richard smiled as he stood right in front of me.

" this place?" I asked with my mouth opened and my eyes staring at the place called home.

"This is Wayne Manor," Bruce explained as he stood behind us, placing a hand on my shoulder, "This is where you'll live with us from now on,"

For the first time in my life, I felt that I belonged somewhere.

With my new family.

That Night

Hanging out in the Wayne Manor was hella awesome. Richard showed me around the place, from the entertainment room, to the bedrooms, to the library, and (my favorite place) the kitchen. So far, everything was cool, until Bruce had to step out for some work. So it was left with me and Richard just chilling and playing video games.

He was a cool dude Richard is. When I said he looked a lot like Stan, his personality was totally different. He was funny, over friendly (but I liked that about him), and he sort of understood me when I told him my story. In a way, his attitude reminded me of Kyle.

But after a few hours, Richard was also called to leave, saying something on the lines of 'delivering something Bruce had forgotten' and went off.

Soon it was nighttime, and Alfred announced, "Dinner is served,"

I raced into the dining room.

Damn was it huge.

I walked over and sat down at the head of a table as Alfred stood by my side. I had to admit, this whole living the rich life was all new to me, I can't believe I am even here.

"I think this table is bigger than my family's whole ghetto house!" I exclaimed with a slight laugh, looking down the long piece of furniture.

"Indeed, it can seat 22 people, and can sleep have that number," Alfred explained with a small smile, "Now be sure you finish everything on your plate."

I didn't have to be told twice, as I started to chow down as if I haven't eaten for years. I think I saw Alfred looking at me, but I ignored it as I finished it in seconds. I smiled in thanks as I sipped on my glass, then my eyes trailed over to Bruce and Richard's empty seats, which had an empty dinner set in front of their places.

"So, where's Bruce and Richard?" I asked curiously, "They've been gone for a while,"

Alfred looked at me for a moment until he spoke up softly "Master Bruce is very much dedicated to his work most of the time that he also need Richard's assistance,"

That made sense. Despite the age and personality, Richard seemed really the mature type to help out Bruce. I almost wished I could also do something to help Mr. Wayne, I mean I'm staying in his home, I should really thank him somehow.

Two days past, and the same cycle goes. Wake up, eat breakfast, play video games, eat lunch, explore Wayne Manor, eat dinner, read a book, then go to bed. And another thing was Bruce and Richard were not around much. So much for family time.

I went to bed early.

But I couldn't exactly sleep well.

I remembering waking up screaming in cold sweats.

Another nightmare, this time I felt as if I was the killer that murdered my family.

I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms around myself shivering, a clear sign of loneliness (I can almost hear Kyle telling me that). I looked around the massive bedroom of mine sadly. It wasn't big or extravigant (as most people who had money would want), it was just a simple room.

I then got out of bed, and wandered out of my room and went downstairs in hope to get a glass of water or something. I didn't realize I ended up in the living room. I sat on the couch and stared up at a portrait of Richard's parents. Richard told me that Bruce had this made in dedication to them, and hopefully Bruce would also make a protrait of my family next to it.

But I declined.

I couldn't bare to see it.

I curled up in a ball on the armchair in front of the fireplace, staring into the burning fire to sooth my depressing feeling. I was close to falling asleep when a sliding sound behind me made him stir. Curious, I turned around in time to see the grandfather clock lifting off of the floor to show Alfred in a passage behind it.

Okay, that is weird.

The butler stepped out, pulled a cord, and the clock lowered to the floor again. The butler then left the room, unaware that I had seen the whole thing.

I suddenly frowned in suspicion.

Just what the fuck was going on here?

Without thinking, I got off the chair and walked over to the gradfather clock with calculating eyes. I stared at it for a moment until I pulled the chain that Alfred had, then watched the clock rise up.

I looked at it for a moment then with a little bit of courage, I stepped into the passageway behind the clock, walking forwards cautiously. Suddenly the doors slid shut behind me with a click and I almost went into a panic, trying to get it opened. I then felt myself going down, and I realized I must be in some sort of the doors opened again, I ran out then my eyes widened as I took in the rocky walls, technology, and bats that were hanging from the ceiling.

"No way..." I spoke out loud with a grin. I saw gadgets on the wall, computer gears here and there and I happened to see some stuff in one area that looked like trophy cases of some sort (although it had weird looking things instead of real trophies).

"Too fucking cool," I then picked up one of the Baterangs and played with it carefully, a bit interested at it.

Suddenly, a sound reached my ears as a sound of a car engine roaring into the cave. I leaned down to watched THE Batmobile park, and who should step out than Batman and Robin.

"Holy shit," I whispered, now finding out the secret as my brain started to click in place.

That's when I suddenly remembered that I wasn't supposed to be here.

The top of the car slid open and Batman jumped out, Robin following him and walking over to the nearest fire-man-pole-thing and grasping it firmly. Where his hand touched highlighted in blue, and the caped crusader hung on tight as it lifted him up to the top level of the Batcave. Robin did the same thing as the both of them were almost coming to my level.

Not wanting to be seen, I hid behind a pillar, and almost smiled when Batman didn't even walk past me. I then let out a breath I didn't even know I had been holding, and began to get up, crawling forwards. I was about to creep away unil I had come face to rock-hard-abs with none other than Batman.

I felt Batman's eyes narrowed and looked up to see he had indeed glared at me. I heard Robin asking him what's wrong as he then spotted me, and looked almost surprised.

"You're-" I stuttered, pointing from Batman to Robin, "And you're-"

Batman sighed tiredly, as he then reached up and pulled his mask off, revealing Bruce's face. Robin almost giggled as he took of his eyemask to reveal the shining blue eyes of Richard.

I smiled at both of them as I abruptly spoke, trying to sound cool, "I knew it,"

A few minutes later, I was dragged back into the living room, with Bruce (now in his regular suit), Alfred, and Dick (changed in regular clothes). Apparently I had to be interrigated (or so that's what Richard had said, but I think he's joking)

"Under the circumstances, it was only a matter of time before you learned out secret." The billionaire gazed into the fire, as he spoke, Dick on the couch beside me and Alfred standing with Bruce.

Bruce turned around, as he stared at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay," he started. "Let's talk about what you saw,"

I tried to look calm, but I guess I looked too excited.

"You're THE Batman!" I reeled off, waving my arms for emphasis as I then pointed to Richard with a grin, "And you're Robin, Boy Wonder,"

I blushed in embarrassment as I sounded too much like a fanboy, as Richard chuckled and Bruce looked at me with amusement in his eyes.

"And it's a large part why you haven't seen a lot of us lately," Bruce said, in a kinder tone.

He knelt in front of me, and I felt Robin taking my hand a bit as I looked into Bruce's eyes. I can almost feel the emotion behind it, and it sort of scared me.

"I don't want your childhood to be consumed by revenge." Bruce shut his eyes and looked away, whispering the last part, "Like mine was..."

I felt myself not being able to breathe. I looked down sadly, as I felt Richard's eyes gaze at me in sympahty. Suddenly, my mind seemed to snap as I looked up and narrowed my eyes accusingly.

"You know who killed my family don't you?" I asked darkly, as I felt Richard wince and Bruce looking at me blankly, confirming my question clearly, "You do!"

Bruce stood up.

"Maybe we should finish this in the morning. It's late." He glanced at Alfred, then turned and walked away.

"No tell me!" I yelled, feeling my anger rising, "You know who the psycho is! But you think I'm helpless and weak to help out but I'm not some kid that's gonna cry all day!"

Bruce stopped.

I then continued, "I want to get my revenge, if it's the last thing I do...I'm going to kill the fucker who murdered them,"

"Big language for a kid," Richard spoke, but I can tell he was nervous that I could be pissing Bruce off with my talk.

I looked up at Bruce who stared at me with understanding, but looked scolding to hid it.

"End of discussion Kenneth,"

I hated when anyone would use my real name.

Bruce then walked out the room as Alfred followed him with a disappointed look. I screamed in frustration as he clenched my fist, gritting my teeth at the thought of Bruce not being completely honest with me. It was my business, and he and Richard went behind my back to capture the crook.

"Don't be too hard on Bruce, Ken," I heard Richard say, as I turned to the dark haired boy with a look.

"You both knew, and I didn't bother to tell me?"

I guess he felt guilty, considering he saw how hurt I was. For just a short amount of time, I have grown close to Richard, I thought I could trust him to be honest with me. But I guess I'm wrong on that account.

"We didn't want you knowing yet," Richard pulled my arm as he faced me to him, "Believe me, I've wanted to tell you, but Bruce made me swear to save you from our lifestyle,"

Those word made me snap.

"I'm stronger than you think," I said glaring at him, "I happened to know things on superheroes, hell, I was one back home,"

Richard looked at me seriously, "This is not a joke, crimefighting is a serious matter-"

"And you don't think I'm serious!" I hissed, not wanting to shout and alert Bruce and Alfred, "I know how it goes, but I save my city anyways just because I'm the only one who can!"

I watched as my foster brother had a thinking face on, then looked at me for a while until he sighed.

"You're not kidding..."

I shook my head.

"The worse part...I tend to use my gift," I then gestured him to follow me as we both walked into the kitchen.

Richard looked at me skeptically as I reached for the drawer and pulled out a knife.

"Watch me," I spoke and before long, I took the knife to my arm and sliced it open.

"KENNY!" Richard screamed, eyes wide in horror as he raced forward and knocked the knife out of my hand, then trying to stop my arm from bleeding, "For the love of God Kenny! What have you-"

"Shhh," I then pointed down my arm, "Look,"

He looked at me crazily for a moment until he then looked down and gasped as my wound was automatically healed. Raising an eyebrow, he looked back up at me, searching for an explanation.

"You see Richard, the reason I am not afraid is because..." I breathed in slowly then whispered;

"I can't die..."

Richard blinked then tilted his head to the side curiously, "'re immortal?"

I nodded as I watched Richard grabbing some kitchen towels and wiping the blood off me gently.

"I've been like this every since I was born," I explained to the other boy, who listened in as he cleaned me up, "From what I've gathered, my mother and father went into this dark group that calls themselves the Cult of Cthulhu. After some dark ritual, years later I was born. But other than that, I dunno exactly where my powers originated,"

"That mostly explains some things," He muttered then gazed at me with a frown.

"What'cha mean?" I asked with suspicion as Richard coughed slightly then looked at me seriously.

"Do you really want revenge on the man who killed your family?" He asked me, trying to figure me out.

I nodded as he finished cleaning my arm and held my hand, "Come with me," And proceeded to drag me out of the kitchen.

He lead me back into the Batcave, as he then went on this huge computer and started typing into it furiously, as I stood behind him looking at the big screen with confusion. Soon I heard Richard shout 'Aha!' And clicked on a folder to reveal a profile of my mom, dad and Kevin.

I winced a bit as Richard turned to me.

"Why do you have this?" I asked questionably, as Richard grinned slgihtly.

"Me and Bruce have been doing research, and we've found something interesting," He then clicked on another folder and showed me countless of pictures of men I didn't know, then pointed out to one that looked very familiar.

"He's the leader of the cult at my hometown," I exclaimed, then piped down as Richard chuckled.

"I've figured, and he's one of the guys that was the cause of the massacre of your family..." He then pointed to various scary looking thugs, "These guys are under his order, and it's possible that one of them is the killer we are looking for,"

I frowned as I observed the pictures carefully, sitting on the chair next to my so called brother, as I clicked each photo with an observant glance. Each of them didn't look right to me, even though looks can't be everything. After checking about 15 guys, I clicked on one picture that set me off big time.

I stopped a little bit as some guy ran past me and I turned my head slightly to take a glimpse of him. Normally, I wouldn't give a flying fuck, but somehow as if in slow motion, I saw the guy's dark eyes stare at me for a moment before he gave a sadistic grin. As time returned, the guy just disappeared.

"That's him!" I cried as I pointed to a scary guy with dark messed up hair, his face of a sadistic clown as he smiled at me in a creepy sense.

Richard glanced up then eyes widened in shock.


I raised an eyebrow as I looked at the photo again.

Joker huh? Sounds like a bad dude.

After careful deliberation, Richard hit a button on the keyboard and a map showed up, with a blinking Bat symbol.

"Seems to me that Batman has already went ahead of us," Richard commented as he turned to look at me with a smile, "Wanna go after him?"

I was about to nod until I realized something, "I can't go out like this," I gestured the T-shirt and shorts I was currently wearing.

I suddenly had an idea, then smirked inwardly.

Time to bring Mysterion back.

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