Professor Oak's lab, Kanto Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Crystal, Silver and Gold are all there for Christmas. "Merry charismas kids!" Oak yelled walking into the room

Green- "you too gramps" Green says with a smile. "Merry Christmas old Oak!" Red and Yellow exclaimed at the same time. "Yeah, merry Christmas!" Blue say along with Silver and Gold. "So you all did the secret Santa thing so I hope you all got ecthother presents!" Oak says

Crystal thinking to herself 'I don't know what I want maybe some new shoes or something'

Blue thinking to herself 'I hope my secret Santa got me money!'

Red thinking to himself 'I don't care what I get I just want to know who my secret Santa is.'

Yellow 'I hope I get a new fishing rod!'

Green thinking to himself ' I hope gramps likes the present I got him and I wonder who my secret Santa is, but I know gramps picked them so I bet its Red.'

Silver thinking to himself ' Christmas who needs it, last time I was at a Christmas party it was when my dad (Giovanni) left me pwshhhh who needs this stupid holiday'

Gold thinking to himself ' I hope I get play boys, I hope I get play boys, I hope I get play boys, I hope I get play boys, oh oh or Crystals ass!'

The Christmas tree was up and the lights were lit the lab decorated nicely, everything perfect on this snowy Christmas Eve. "So are we all staying here the night or should we get going back to Johto? Gold asked for himself and Silver. "Don't be stupid of corse you are staying here the night were would you go in this storm you couldn't fly in the heavy now and you wouldn't reach Johto on foot until this time tomorrow" Oak laughs

Yellow- "we should make something, like a Christmas cake or cookies!"

Oak- "sure why not lets go" he says motioning his hand to the kitchen Yellow goes with him to help cook. "Silver what do you want for Christmas?" Gold asks the first thing that pops into his head is Giovanni his father "nothing, you" he says to Gold hopeing no one else would ask him. "I want Crystals ass" Gold smirks Crystals jaw drops "keep dreaming Gold" Silver mumbles "oh trust me I will" Gold says with a smirk.

Green- "pervert!"

Red "yeah, I want Yellows ass but you don't see me blurting that out!"

Blue "you just did stupid!"

Green "pesky girl" Blue looks at Green with butterfly's in her stomach "you know what I want for Christmas." Blue whispers into Crystals ear "what?" Crystal asks "Green to for once call me Blue instead of pesky girl." Blue whispers "awwwww" Crystal says "SHHH" Blue exclaims covering Crystals mouth with her hand "he can't know, he already hates me" she says sadly Crystal looks at Green "jackass" she says walking into the kitchen with Blue. "w-what did I do!" Green asks as a tiny vain pops out on his neck. Silver sighs picking up his book.

Gold grabs it out of his hand "no!" Silver exclaims nervously, Gold turns to the page Silver was on and see his book mark witch happens to be a picture of his father. "Gio-" Gold says being cut off by Silvers fist culling with his face.

Everyone looks at the wide eyed "no fighting on Christmas!" Red yells "well its Christmas Eve!" Silver yells jumping on Gold "that's it!" Oak says pulling them apart "go to sleep its late and tomorrow you can open your gifts" he says Silver grimes bitterly laying in his sleeping bag next to the others.