Life and Nature's Way

"Miss Mocida?"

No response. Sad blue eyes filled with tears started off towards a tall mountain. Mocida Monhild sighed and continued to look somber.

"Miss, please." The Guardsman tried to communicate with her again, only to be ignored once more.

Standing tall over the sitting Mocida, the black armor clad man sighed. Why his majesty bothered with this county bumpkin was beyond his understanding. She was simply plain. Anyway, she simply refused to move from that rock. All she did was look forwards towards that mountain and stare with those eyes brimming with tears.

"You cannot do anything. It's done and we were not here to try and help prevent it, if we even could have."

From the back of the clump of Guardsmen, Macaan walked up to Mocida and placed his hands upon her shoulders. She turned to look at him wordlessly. He smiled softly at her. Wearing a traveler's cloak that completely concealed his purple robes and most of his white hair, a normal person would never have thought that he was the King.

"I know how you feel, yes, it's unfair. But this is life and nature's way; ruthless."

Mocida frowned, the tears trickling down her cheeks. Macaan sighed and gently pulled Mocida to her feet. He pulled the girl into his arms and held her tight. Mocida sighed.

"Come on, le's go to the next town."

Mocida nodded in response and let Maccan lead her back towards where the horses were. The Guardsmen looked at each other and shrugged then followed their king. As they rode away, Mocida resisted the temptation to look back.

Behind the leaving king and men and past the large rock where Mocida had sat was the mountain she had stared out. Only, upon closer inspection, it was not a mountain but a volcano. At the foot of this volcano, the remains of a once prosperous village lay in ruins, buried beneath hardened lava and ash. Among the scattered debris and twisted metal lay hundreds of scorched skeletons.