"It's a lake"

Blue eyes narrowed in amusement as she watched her white haired companion describe the vast area below them with three simple words. Light blue eyes looked back at her, asking silently what was wrong with the answer he had given. She laughed at him.

"If I was blind and I asked you what you saw, would that be all that you said to me, 'it's a lake'?" she questioned him.

He blinked. "It's a big blue lake probably no more than ten feet deep in the deepest areas with shallower edges and big rocks in the center that stick above the water. There's a big tree near those rocks in the middle too. The lake is surrounded by woods, although through openings in the canopy you can see the sky and the area around the lake is a mix of sand and mud." He told her after a while.

She merely laughed again and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him with her as she walked. She pulled him with her over the edge of the edge as she jumped to go into the lake. He swallowed a little water when he landed but recovered. She pulled him towards the deeper parts of the lake. She motioned to him that they were going under and silently told him to follow. She took a breath and vanished under the water. He sighed, then took a breath and followed her.

His eyes widened when he could finally see underwater. Although it looked plain from above, from under the surface the lake looked like a galaxy with ten billion stars. Blinking and looking a little closer, he realized that the moonlight was reflecting off of the different minerals that were exposed in the rocks below, creating 'stars'. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

When he came up for air, she was waiting on the rocks a little while away, staring at the sky with a smile. He swam over to her and sat on the rock beside her, the cold wind didn't seem to bother him.

"You see" she told him without looking away from the sky "you can't always tell what is beneath the surface. The lake hides many secrets, just like you."

Smiling at the teenage girl, he smiled widely. His hand ran through her blonde hair and sighed. "Sometimes I wonder if being older really does mean you know more. I wonder if I truly am the wiser of us, Mocida."

"I wonder too, Macaan. I wonder too.