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"You're human! You're Amy! You're getting married in the morning!" The Doctor spouted out all the reason why what Amy was trying to do could NOT happen, but, he noticed, none of them had been because he didn't feel something for her. Because he did, and it was the one reason that mattered the most. The one reason that would undo him.

He loved Amelia Pond. It was as simple as that.

Or as simple as loving someone who was human and getting married in the morning could be.

"No. I'm not." Amy said, interrupting his thoughts. He almost had to do a double take. She was not what? Not human? No. Not Amy? The way she was acting… But he didn't think it was that. Not getting married in the morning? Oh.

"What? But-"

"Rory, he," Amy sat down on the bed and took a calming breath, "he called it off. Last week, when he called. Said he wanted a break, not for good, just until I was coming back to stay." As she explained, the Doctor could see the tears forming in her eyes, so forgetting about what had happened not five minutes earlier, he pulled her to his chest and rubbed soothing circles on her back.

"Oh Amelia, I'm so sorry," he whispered into her hair, "Do you want to stay?" he didn't want to know the answer. Not really. What if she said yes? Then what? She marries Rory, lives in Leadworth, has a few kids, grandkids, and then moves into the retirement home. But what about him? Would she just forget him? Move on? He knew it had to happen sometime. But he personally would prefer later rather than sooner.

She hesitated, and then seemed to come to some sort of conclusion. "No…" She took a second to collect all her thoughts, "no. I love Rory but-" She cut herself off. How did she say the next part? She'd wanted to tell him since she was twelve years old. Her Raggedy Doctor who saved her from the crack in her wall. The alien with a time machine who'd destroyed her shed and spat out all her food.

And the one she'd fallen in love with. Funny that.

When Amy didn't continue talking, the Doctor prompted her gently, "but what?"

She took another deep breath and continued, in a quieter, less confident voice this time. "I love Rory, but I love you too."

The Doctor was speechless. That wasn't really meant to happen, Amy thought. He was meant to say he loved her too and sweep her off her feet into the TARDIS and away to the next planet. He was meant to kiss her and tell her that they were going to run away together, that he was going to get her away from Leadworth. But he didn't do that. He didn't do any of it. He just sat there. Speechless. She didn't really expect any of that to happen, after all, that only ever happened in the movies, but some sort of response would have been nice. Even if it was just, 'well that's dandy. Shall we get out of your bedroom now?'

"Amy, I-"

"Don't worry Doctor, I'm not asking you to do anything or feel anything back." Amy said shyly. She didn't want to let him finish. She knew what would come next. The rejection. She knew the Doctor would do it nicely, but it would still hurt. It was sixth grade all over again.

"Amy-" The Doctor tried again.

"I just… Had to get it off my chest," Amy explained to him, even though he hadn't asked. She was just filling the awkward silence that had come over them.

Amy I don't-"

"It's okay, Doctor. I understand. You don't see me like that. I would understand if you don't want me in the TARDIS at all. It's fine. I was just-"

"Amelia!" The Doctor said, glad that he had finally gotten her attention. It was a start. She had stopped talking and was looking at him out of the corner of her eye, trying her hardest not to me meet his eyes. "Amy, look at me." He said softly, but Amy being the stubborn person she was continued to look at the floor, so he continued talking anyway. "Amy Pond. Like a name in a fairytale." He laughed slightly, remembering that not even a month ago she had been just a child, and now, now she was this. Amy Pond. The woman he… Loved. He loved her. And it was time she knew. "You are amazing, impossible, mad Amy Pond. And… I love it. I love everything about you. Even your insane directness." The both laughed at that. Even if it was a nervous laugh. "So… We take it slow and see what happens, okay?"

Amy finally looked up at him. Was he saying what she thought he was? Was he serious? By the look on his face, the answer to both questions seemed to be yes. Tears were gathering in her eyes again at the Doctors confession. "Yeah, we'll see what happens." And then she gave him a full blown smile, wiped the tears that had fallen from her eyes, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before moving over to the TARDIS. She paused and turned back to the Doctor, who was still sitting on her bed, with a slightly goofy smile on his face. "I lied y'know," she said.

The Doctor gave her a confused look, "about what?" then he panicked. She wasn't saying all that was a lie, was she?

At the Doctor's panicked look, she smiled and replied, "not that, you idiot. I lied about not thinking about anything long term."

The Doctor grinned. "Oh." Then a thought occured to him, "You were right, you know... It ah..." He blushed. "It has been a while."

"Give me time. I'll soon fix that." Amy said and walked into the TARDIS, the Doctor following soon after, looking as red as a tomato.

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