*Waves shyly* Hey guys, it's been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that. My excuse is rewriting an episode and writing out a whole character is a bloody lot harder than I thought it would be. So this is the first part of my rewritten version of The Vampires Of Venice. I've decided to do it in parts, because lets face it, if I didn't you'd probably all get bored with me. :) So this is the first... 10 minutes of the episode? Hope you enjoy it, and please allow for me getting back into the swing of writing this.

Oh, and PLEASE don't kill me.

"Amelia Jessica Pond. Welcome to Venice," the Doctor said, opening the TARDIS door then standing aside to let Amy pass. Amy watched the Doctor watch her and her face split into a massive grin. The Doctor smiled back at her and before she stepped out of the TARDIS, kissed him on the forehead. The Doctor sighed. Why did this feel like a guilty pleasure? Because it is, a voice in his head answered. She was meant to marrying Rory, and he was, well, he was meant to be alone. But as he stepped out of the TARDIS, locked the door, and turned to see the look of glee on her face, he couldn't bring himself to care about any of that one bit.

Amy looked around at the people walking by, seeming totally unphased by the police box that had suddenly appeared which looked quite obviously out of place. "Why doesn't anyone ever notice the TARDIS?" Amy asked, pointing to the people around her.

The Doctor sighed half-heartedly. "Really Pond? I have all the information you could ever want to know about Venice stored up here," the Doctor tapped his head, "and you ask that?"

"Yes." Amy answered, not at all put off by the Doctor's rambling.

"There's a low level perception filter surrounding the TARDIS. Not much different to the one hiding the extra door in your house," the Doctor mumbled, sounding disappointed that he wouldn't be able to show off.

Amy, noticing this, linked her arm through the Doctor's and asked in a tone that very much suggested she was humouring him, "So Doctor, what makes Venice so amazing?"

The Doctor broke into a grin and started talking. "Venice should be impossible. It was founded by refugees, running from Attila the Hun, at first it was just a collection of little wooden huts in the marsh, but became one of the most powerful cities in the world. Constantly being invaded, constantly flooding... constantly... Just beautiful! Oh, you gotta love Venice, don't you think?" the Doctor finished with a smile as a young woman around Amy's age eyed him up and down. The Doctor himself seemed oblivious, simply smiling politely at her as they walked away, with Amy glaring at the woman until she stopped staring at the Doctor.

The Doctor suddenly stopped walking and looked at his watch. "Nope, it's okay. We're a hundred and forty-five years early…"

"A hundred and forty-five years early for what?" Amy asked confused and slightly suspicious.

"Casanova. We had a bet. I owe him a chicken…" the Doctor said, waving a hand through the air dismissively.

Casanova, eh? There's a fella I wouldn't mind meeting," Amy said jokingly.

The Doctor frowned a little bit and opened his mouth to comment, but before he could, a man stopped them. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Papers, if you please. Proof of residency, current bill of medical inspection!"

The Doctor sent Amy a looked, pulled out his psychic paper, and then, rather smugly, said "there you go fella. All to your satisfaction, I think you'll find."

Amy didn't know who the psychic paper said they were, but the man was staring at them with wide eyes and his mouth open, then as if he'd suddenly remembered his manners, he bowed deeply, "I am so sorry Your Holiness, I didn't realise."

"Not a worry," the Doctor said, if he was as surprised as Amy was, he didn't show it, "You were just doing your job." The Doctor paused. "What exactly is your job?"

And that was about when Amy tuned out, only hearing small parts of the conversation. Something about aliens? Because she was quite busy focussing on how incredibly sexy the Doctor looked with his hair blowing everywhere. Even with that damn bowtie. She was just wondering if it would look something like that after she ran he fingers through it, when something not so lovely from the conversation broke into her lovely thoughts. Plague? She turned to the Doctor. "The plague?" she asked in a care-to-explain?-tone.

Don't worry, Viscountess. No, we're under quarantine here, no-one comes in, no-one goes out, and all because of the grace and wisdom of our patron, Signora Rosanna Calvierri!" Amy sighed with relief, and tuned out again, paying slightly more attention this time, but letting the Doctor do his thing, using that voice he used when he found something interesting that wasn't right.

"I heard the plague died out years ago," the Doctor said, still using that tone. Amy found it quite… Appealing, that tone.

"Not out there. No, Signora Calvierri has seen it with her own eyes. Streets are piled high with bodies, she said."

"Did she now?" the Doctor finished the conversation, slipping his hand into hers and pulling her past the man.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you? Being 'You Holiness'," Amy asked.

The Doctor smirked. "Impressed yet Amy Pond?" The Doctor asked her, swinging their joint hands a little.

"Very," Amy replied, giggling slightly.

"More impressive than Casanova?" the Doctor asked innocently, but Amy could hear the uncertainty behind his question.

"Much more impressive," she confirmed and he smiled.

"Good. Because I only owe him a chicken, and I would hate for him to get anything else out of me." Amy just laughed.

Soon enough they were standing next to a railing, with the Doctor leaning over the edge like a child trying to see the fish in the ocean as they swam past, he stood up straight again, just as a commotion on the other side of the river started. Amy couldn't quite hear it, but apparently the Doctor could, as they watch on in interest. All Amy could see was a man desperately pulling back the veils of a group of high class looking girls, shouting something that Amy couldn't hear. She looked over to the Doctor, only to see a look on his face. A look that usually meant some sort of trouble. "Doctor, what's going on?"

"He's looking for his daughter… Isabella," the Doctor answered as the man got pushed to the pavement and the girl walked away, leaving the man in the street. "But why is he so desperate?" He mumbled to himself. "I'll be back soon," the Doctor said, kissing Amy's cheek. She watched him go considered running after him, but figured there was probably a reason he left her behind.

The Doctor ran after the man that had been pushed and when he caught up he asked, "Who are those girls?"

"I thought everyone knew about the Calvierri School," the man said, obviously trying to figure out who the Doctor was.

"I'm new in town, first day here," the Doctor said with a smile, jumping off the step he was standing on. "Parents do all sorts of things to get their children into good schools. They move houses, they change religions…" the Doctor paused as someone walked past, "So why are you trying so hard to get her out?"

"Something happens in there… Something magical… Something evil. My own daughter didn't recognise me. That girl who pushed me away, her face, like an animal." The man explained. To anyone else, he probably would have sounded like a madman, and he seemed fully aware of that. Which was why, when the Doctor put his arm around the man's shoulders and announced that it was time he met Signora Calvierri, and the man gave him a shocked look, the Doctor couldn't tell if it was because he believed him, or because he wanted to meet this woman.

So I know it's mostly reusing dialogue and all that, but I can't help it. The next part will be up soon. i know I said that last time, but this time I'm sure of it. I've already got most of it written. :) So review and let me know what you thought.

And thank you to all you amazing people who have stuck with me! I love you all forever.