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The woman with the white bangs glared at the man with the purple cape and red helmet. "What did you do to her!" she shouted.

"I was trying to make her into the perfect mutant" he explained "but she didn't survive the process." He held out the baby girl to her and she took her, her eyes shining with tears. Out of the shadows stepped a man with glowing red on black eyes.

"You killed her!" he shouted.

"You must understand I was trying to enhance her."

"Shut up and go" the woman said through tears. The young couples stood there with their dead daughter watching him fly away. Then they just stood their on the lawn of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

After watching the scene from the front door with the rest of the x-men Kurt teleported over to where his sister and her husband when on the front lawn near the gate to see exactly what had happened. When he got there he saw Rogue leaning over the bundle she was holding crying and Remy trying to comfort her. "Vhat happened?" he asked

Remy turned around and said "She's dead."

That was all Kurt needed to hear he walked up to his weeping sister and looked at his niece. She was so small and soft looking, her eyes forever closed, she had an impressive amount of hair dark brown with white bangs. He turned around to see the rest of the x-men (plus St. John, Wanda, and there month old girl Maggie) walking towards them.

"What wrong?" Logan asked?

"He killed her" Kurt replied.

"What!" everyone exclaimed. A mixture of sadness anger and pity crossed everyone's face. Logan's claws slide in and out. This was hard for them all. Jean and Scott were expecting twins, and Kurt and Kitty were engaged. So all of them were able to put them selves in the young couple's shoes. The x-men had had a lot of good days and even more bad one's but this was the worst one yet.

Charles Xavier had watched the whole thing from the window of his office. After hearing the thoughts that his students were projecting he went down to the front lawn to see this for him self. He rolled up to Remy and Rouge to see a sight he thought he'd never see. Rogue was sobbing holding the limp body of their dead daughter. The Professor scanned the girls mind to see if she was still alive. Her mind was blank. Lets leave them to mourn in piece, the Professor said into the mind of his students.

Rouge had felt as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest when she had been handed the girl. Leigh Ray is what they had named her. Only an hour after her birth she had been kidnapped and now only a week later she was dead. Rouge had known all the other students had gathered and she knew that they now knew. She also knew that Remy was holding on to her even after every one else had left. It was his daughter too but she refused to acknowledge any of them instead she just cried hugging the life less little girl close to her. That was when she felt it. She felt a tugging. Someone was pulling on her bangs. She looked down to see the little girl she had thought was dead pulling at Rouge's white bangs with one hand while the other rested on top of her own. She was staring up at her with eyes that looked like wolf's eyes. Eyes that seemed to stare straight into your soul. Rouge gasped in surprise. "What is it Cherie? What's wrong?" Remy asked. He looked over her shoulder to see what happen. He inhaled sharply at the sight. Then they just stood there staring in shock at the baby who was staring back at them. Leigh blinked breaking the trance. But her simple little blink seemed to hold more. It was as if it was her way of saying that she trusted them. Then as if to confirm this she snuggled closer to Rogue before she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. The couple looked at each other. They needed to talk about this with the Professor. They walked back to the mansion in silence. They walked through the halls to the Professor's office careful not to be seen. They stood in front of the Professor's office, Remy reached out and knocked. They heard Logan grunt "come in" before entering. Upon entering they saw Logan standing behind the professor's desk. The Professor was sitting at his desk talking on the phone.

"Yes Eric"


"Mmm I see"


"All right then."


"Good bye Eric" he said getting off the phone. He looked up to see Remy and Rogue standing in front of him, looking nervous and slightly excited. Before they could say any thing he said "Magneto is not the one who did this."

"How do y' know mon ami?" Remy asked.

"First of all Gumbo" Logan started "It didn't smell like him."

"That's not what we came here to discuss" Rogue interjected before a fight started.

"I see then what did you come up here to talk about?" Charles asked.

"Well it's kinda complicated…" Rogue started but she was cut of by Leigh who had started crying in her sleep. The Professor and Logan looked startled.

"Dat's what we wanted to talk to you about" Remy said with a smirk. Rogue gently woke the baby up. Leigh woke up, hiccupped, sniffled, and then started whimpering. "Well" Professor X started "I certainly wasn't expecting that."

"What should we do?" Rouge asked.

"Well we can't keep her here that I'm certain of" The Professor stated "if whoever did this finds out she is still alive then they will most certainly try and kidnap her again."

"Remy knows where she'll be safe" Remy started but didn't get to finish. The door flew open.


Then as if by magic Pietro Maximoff appeared in front of The Professor's desk. "I came to ask for a favor" He said not slowing down. When he did examine his surroundings he asked "what in the world is going on?"

"Someone kidnapped Stripes and Gumbo's daughter and experiment on her and just now returned her because whoever it was thought she was dead but she ain't."


"Tell me about it bub"

"Can we try and focus here? What do ya want Pietro?" Rouge asked getting annoyed.

"uh well you see I have a daughter"

"What did y' just say?"

"I have a daughter. Any way I was wondering if she could stay here?"

"Of course she can Pietro. How old is she?"

"She was born yesterday but her mom died in child birth"

"Do we wanna know?"

"Uh um?"

"Never mind"

"Yes she can stay her Pietro bring her here when you want to. Now Remy. What where you saying?"

"Remy was sayin' dat he knows where da fille will b safe. She b safe with Remy's family."

"WHAT? Your family ya want ta send our daughter ta live with a bunch of thieves?"

"They may b thieves Cherie but they will take good care o' 'er. And it's just until we figure out who did dis and stop 'em, den she can come live here when it safe."


"That sounds like an excellent plan Remy. None of you can tell any of about this. Except for Remy's family no one can no the less that know the better understood?"





Two years later

Remy LeBeau glared at the doors at the end of the hall. His boots clanked against the metal floor. He threw a charge card at any one who tried to get in his way. He was so close to bringing the creep who had hurt his daughter to justice. He kicked the doors of the lab open then walked inside. "Sinister" he growled in a voice that would have made Wolverine pee in his pants, had it been directed at him. "Ah Remy LeBeau my favorite mutant what brings you here" Sinister said in a voice that dripped with a creepy sweetness as he turned a round a huge smile on his face. "You" Remy started "kidnapped my daughter and experimented on her."

"Ha ha ha" Sinister laughed "Wow it took you less time than I expected for you to find out that I was the one who did it."

"Well we did have some trouble"

"We?" Sinister said, he stopped smiling looking slightly confused. Gambit made a gesture with his hand and out of the shadows stepped Rouge, Wolverine, and Quicksilver. They each stood on side of him cornering him. Then a group of SHEILD soldiers stepped Through the door armed with guns. Right after them came a bunch of Sinister's mutants and they instantly started fighting. Rouge and Gambit attacked Sinister while Wolverine and Quicksilver went to help the SHEILD soldiers. Gambit threw an endless amount of cards at Sinister while Rogue relentlessly kicked Sinister's butt. Both of them fueled by their rage. Sure Sinister had hurt a lot of mutants sure both the x-men and SHEILD had tried over and over again to defeat him but this time it was personal. Maybe that was all they ever needed to defeat him because in no time he was unconscious, hand cuffed, and being dragged to a top security SHEILD prison that was near to impossible to break out of. But the mutants that had helped with his capture didn't go with them instead all four of them went to the Xavier Institute. It was a little past midnight and it was a very special day.

"I'll get it" Kurt called as the doorbell rang. He teleported from the kitchen to the front door to open it. Some thing weird was going on today it was Rouge and Remy's dead daughters birth day and everyone was surprised to see them down stairs for breakfast. Kurt opened the door. Outside there was a man and a woman both looking slightly over middle aged. With them was a little girl about two years old who had reddish brown hair with white bangs and wolf eyes. When she saw Kurt she surprised him by squealing "Uncle Kurt" before she jumped up and attached herself to him. "Vhat the Vho the how…" Kurt stuttered, obviously shocked by the little girl hanging around his neck. He held on to her despite his shock used to this kind of behavior for his own little one year old girl. "Why don't you let us in so we can explain it to everyone all at once" the woman suggested. Kurt just nodded numbly, and walked into the house the two strangers following him. Rogue and Remy walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway. When the little girl saw them she detached her self from Kurt and run over to them jumping into Rogue's outstretched arms. Everyone else came out of the kitchen looking confused with the excepting of Pietro, Logan, and the Professor(mmm I wonder why?) The six little kids (Amy Kitty and Kurt's daughter they were expecting another child in I don't know about 8 months age 1, Rickey Bobby and Jubilee's 2 year old son don't look at me like that, Maggie Wanda and John's daughter at the age of 2 whom everyone called Mags, Carmen Pietro's 2 year old daughter, and the twins Sammy who is a girl and Brandon Scott and Jean's 2 year old terrors) all looked a little scared and slightly curious about the new girl. "Why don't we go to the kitchen to talk about this?" the Professor suggested. After going to the kitchen and learning that the little girl's name was Leigh Ray LeBeau and that she was indeed the little girl they all thought to be dead, She went off to play with the other kids on the floor while Rogue and Remy explained every thing from how they found out that she was alive to them defeating and capturing Mr. Sinister earlier that morning. They also learned that the man was none other than Jean-Luc the king of thieves himself (who no one would have guessed he would look at any one with the soft tenderness that a father or grandfather looks at his kid or grandkid yet that was how he looked at Leigh) and the woman was Remy's Tante Mattie. "Wait" Scott asked "if she's been living with the Guild then is she a thief?" Apparently Leigh had been listening because after he said that she said. "Oui Ah'm a thief" then she held up Scott's wallet with a way too innocent grin on her face. "Great just great" Scott muttered shaking his head. Then he grabbed his wallet and stalked out of the room witch coincidently had burst into laughter.

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