Dear Readers and Reviews,

I regret to inform you that for the time being this story shall be put on hold. I am putting all of my stories on hold.

Due to school and personal issues I haven't had the time to work on any of my stories and because of that I am truly sorry. I've been diving deeper into the heart of the comic book universe and because of this I've not only have no inspiration for any of my fanfics but I don't have the heart to write them.

I may write a few one shots here or there but for now I just can't write these anymore. Instead I'm going to focus my attention to my original works. If you want to check them out look up wolfskater on . I'm truly sorry for the inconvienance and hope that in the summer I can pick these stories back up and finish what I started but for now I hope you can forgive me.

Wolf Skater out.