I've already talked about Sly and Carmelitas kids. Why not these two to?

How do turtles make love when their wangs are stuck in their shells?

I'm bored

Bentley waited in the lounge of the hospital

Yet even from there he could hear the sounds of Penelope screaming in pain. Why was she?

The lttle girl mouse was giving birth she and the turtles babies.

"Ah!" she creamed

"That's it," the doctor said "Just push,"

Soon enough out came the...egg. Followed by another

"What the..?" the doctor and nurses said

Sometime later Bentley was able to come in and see his wife, and eggs.

"She laid eggs?" Bentley said weirded out beyond his mind. "This defys all laws of nature, and science!"

Yet just then the eggs began to wiggle, and crack.

Soon enough a boy mouse came out of one of the eggs, while a girl turtle came ot of the other

Bentley passed out

"And I thought the fox and Racoon couple was strange," the doctor said (the same doctor that delivered Sly and CArmelitas twins)

The End

What do you think?

To silly?

See ya