A/N: So I know I have a few stories on the go right now but this idea hit me and it wouldn't go away so here it is. I'm not really sure where its going but I have a few ideas so I hope it will turn out well.

Warnings: Slash, underage rape, sadism and other things that aren't good.

Jeff is 17 and has been there ten years
Jay is 17 and has been there seven years
Cody is 15 and has been there five years
Ted is 16 and has been there five years
Justin is 16 and has been there two years
Evan is 14


"He's got a new one."


They always have that look when Hunter brings them to the house. They think it's going to be better, they think they'll get hugs and ice cream and a big warm bed. I even thought this place would be amazing. I was seven then and that was ten long years ago. I'm not that stupid now. None of us are

Hunter Helmsley and his wife our considered heroes. They take in all the foster kids that no one wants. There are five of us now. We all live in a very big farm house with a large yard and so many animals. It's all great until the doors close. That's when the perfect house, turns into hell.

The basement is Hunter's special room. It's pretty bare other than a mattress and a locked wooden chest. The chest is full of videos, pictures and toys. Hunter uses the mattress every night. He uses it to show us how much he loves us. His form of love is tying us down and raping us. His dumb bitch of a wife usually films him "loving his boys,"

All of us go through it. If we fail a test, talk to loud or don't do our chores we have to play his little game. Some of us get it more than others. Hunter seems to leave Jay alone most of the time because the blonde always fights like crazy. But as a result he is beaten a hell of a lot worse than the rest of us. I guess I'm still his favourite though no matter how much it sickens me. He loves me because I'm the one who watches over his boys. I feed them to the monster.


"Jeff this one looks really young." Ted said softly looking at me with a frown when he looked out the window. His frown faded slightly as Cody leaned into his side and kissed his shoulder. Those two came to the house together. All I had ever gotten from them is that Cody and Ted ran away together and got caught and put in foster care because their families didn't want them back. I kicked Cody's leg under the table as the door opened. If Hunter caught them cuddling we would all be in trouble. All four of us looked up from our breakfast to see the new boy standing very close to Hunter

The new boy did look young, way too young to go through this. But we were all young once.

Hunter cleared his throat and smiled at us. "Boys this is Evan. He'll be staying with us from now on." My eyes just zoned in on the fact Hunter had his arm around Evan's shoulder. The pale and very small brunette smiled brightly at Hunter, who returned the affection by ruffling his hair. I wanted to vomit.

All of us muttered a greeting. We all knew what was going to happen tonight at least Justin will be happy. He had Hunter last night and still hasn't woken up yet. When we got the boy he was bloody and had gotten sick multiple times. Hunter feed him booze and pilled for fun. I was up with Justin all night as he threw up and sobbed. I barely got him to sleep as the sun came up. I was running on nothing right now.

"Jeff, you get Evan settled in." Hunter said with a wicked smile. He licked his lips as I stood up and tugged at my sweat pants so they didn't sit so low. I just nodded and motioned for the kid to follow me.

"Hi Jeff." Evan said softly as he smiled up at me. I smiled back down at him before giving Jay a look so he would remember to watch Ted and Cody. I didn't them to get Hunter angry.

" Hi little one." I said as I lead him up the long stair case to the top floor where we all slept. I opened the door and showed him one of the empty beds beside me. " Kid this is your bed." I watched as Evan tossed his bag down and smiled brightly.

"This is my first time having a real bed, this room is so cool and now it's like I have five brothers." He laughed plopping down on the bright blue covers. He looked like an elf with his big brown eyes and milky skin. He wouldn't be so happy after tonight.

"Jeff?" I turned when I heard soft moaning coming from the corner of the room. It was Justin who looked pale and clammy. I sighed softly and went over to the younger boy. The stench of bile filled my nose.

" Were you sick again Angel?" I asked running my hand through his damp with sweat hair. He sniffled and nodded before burying his face in my chest. I gently hugged him trying to sooth Justin. I hated have to take care of all of them; I could barely take care of myself. Once he stopped sniffling I lead him to my bed. " Lay down I'll clean up."

" hi." Justin said softly when he saw Evan sitting on the bed beside him. " I'm sorry I'm sick." He laughed tiredly as he got under the covers.

Evan smiled softly and giggled before moveing closer to Justin. The two boys started talking softly as I went over to Justin's bed. Sighing I started gather up his soiled sheets and blankets. Justin always seemed to get sick after he spends the night down stairs. Hunter is alittle different to all of us.

Jay usually just gets beaten until he is knocked half of the time Hunter doesn't even rape him, I've heard our "dad" saying the little bitch isn't even good enough for him. He doesn't usually rape Ted either because as the southern boys says he just lays there not giving him the satisfaction of tears but he will usually bring Ted down when he is with Cody. Hunter makes Ted watch him rape his almost brother and sometimes he even makes Ted rape Cody. Justin got everything though, he was raped, beaten and Hunter recently started drugging him. Justin always comes back either high as a kite or violently ill.

And I really don't want to talk about me.

I threw the sheets in a basket and sighed softly. " I'm gonna wash the sheets. Evan can you watch Justin and if he gets sick call one of the other boys okay." I told the newest boy who smiled brightly and nodded before turning back to Justin with a smile.

I headed down stairs with the basket under my arm. I saw Jay at the sink washing the breakfast dishes. He came to the house a few years after me and we were pretty close.

" Just is sick still?" He asked as he kept washing the dishes.

" Ya, he is sleeping in my bed. I need to clean up abit. What did hunter even give him?" I said rubbing my face.

"Ipecac and whiskey." Jay said motioning to the bottles on the top of the recycling. " Cody and Ted are in the basement cleaning up Justin's mess from last night. When they are done we have to get Evan ready for tonight." He said softly as he set down his plate that he was holding because his hands started to shake.

" Okay." I said softly before lightly touching Jay's cheek. " He will be okay, he is usually gentle the first time. We will take care of him Jay."

" Ya Ya, You better get those sheets washed before Justin gets in trouble." Jay said before turning back to the sink.

I touched his back lightly before heading to the laundry room. Once I loaded the machine I sat on the floor and pulled my knees close as I started to cry. I couldn't do this when any of the boys were around. They needed me to protect them, I needed to stay strong. I sometimes wish I was all alone here, I could take care of myself fine but I was just so tired of playing care giver. I needed someone to care for me. I let myself cry for only a few more moments before rubbing my eyes and getting to my feet. I grabbed a basket of clean clothes and headed back to our room to put them away. I had no time for this pity party. Life sucks then you die, there was no need to cry about it.