I woke up in my bed… odd; I remember falling asleep on the couch, with Ryan. I climb out of bed, hopping into the shower before getting dressed. I was wearing a spaghetti strap sundress, it was a dark purple color with three buttons and ruffles on the front of the bust. It was a subtle kind of ruffles, nothing over kill. It was loose after being kind of fitted at my waist, and had little blue flowers on it. I left my hair down after styling it and did my makeup before adding my necklace and starting downstairs. Ryan was asleep on my couch.

Wow… just… wow. Walking over to him I sat on the edge of the couch. "Ryan, time to get up."

HE didn't move, because he's a stubborn ass like that sometimes. "Ryan… I just hit your car."

Still no movement. I smiled, leaning down to kiss his chest, working up to his jaw. "Ryan… you gotta wake up."

He opened his eyes, smiling slightly. "That's a pretty good wake up Kai… why are you up?"

I smiled, smacking his stomach before jumping off the couch. "Because, school's in like… an hour and a half."

He sat up, rubbing his stomach. Like that hurt. "You really gotta stop hitting me babe, violence is never the answer."

I laughed, "Says Ryan 'The Terror' McCarthy? Who are you and what have you done with my Ryan?"

HE shrugged, grabbing his shirt from the chair. I smiled, seeing the tattoo on his hip. If you looked closely, and you knew where to look, you could see my first and middle name, Kai Lynn, in the design. I had flipped out when he showed me, even though it was small it was permanent, but… now I kinda like it. I know it's there, forever. I'm sure some other girls have seen it there too, but… who gives a shit.

Ryan grabs his shoes. "I gotta get home, shower, and change, but I'll see you at school?"

I nodded, sipping on my hot chocolate. "Yep, see you later."

He grinned, planting a kiss on my cheek before running out the door. We kind of avoided lip locking because technically he had a girlfriend, but cheeks were free game I guess. I had a cup cake for breakfast and grabbed my bag and phone before leaving an hour later. I parked near the middle of the lot, starting towards the school. I met up with Lacey half way there. She was still excited to see me back. "So, you and Ryan…"

I sighed, did everyone have a question about us? "So, I'm going to his party tonight, you coming?"

She narrowed her eyes bumping me with her hip. "Nice changing the subject Daniels… and yes, I'm going." I smiled, walking into the school. I left her at the door, going for my locker. I pulled out my books, the ones I'd need, and started towards my class. I had to collect work from yesterday; hopefully they'd be nice since I just got back.

Turns out the guy was nice, no work. I sat down in my seat, the same one as yesterday, and took out my book, starting to read the chapter they read the day before. It was some book about Achilles heel. I paid no attention during the class, but did when Baja was asked a question. She played dumb, feigning not to know the answer. However, a new guy, Jake Tyler, stepped up. He was cute, in an adorable teddy bear kind of way.

At lunch I sat with Lacey and Elle, they were talking nonstop about Jake Tyler, he was some kind of fighter I guess. I even saw the video, Jake kicked ass, but… if I knew Ryan he was already planning on fighting the guy.

I didn't talk much to Ryan today, he was off with the guys a lot, but I'd see him tonight. I left school and went home, taking a quick dip in the pool before showering and starting to get ready. I pinned my curls on top of my head, leaving a few pieces down, I did my makeup in a sexy smokey look, and put my orange dress on last. It was awesome, coming just about mid-thigh. It was strapless and the bust was in some kind of twist. It showed cleavage but not too much, and made my legs look great. My tan looked insanely awesome too, a major plus.

I was all ready to go when Lacey pulled up in front. She smiled big, "Wow… that's really hot, who's is for?"

I smirked, getting into her car. "I can't look like this for me?"

She shot me a look. I shrugged. "Maybe I just wanna look pretty."

She laughed then, "Babe, you always look pretty… it comes naturally to you."

I shook my head as she parked the car and we got out. Just as we were walking in I saw Max and walked up next to him. "Hey, Max."

He smiled, hugging me fast. "Damn, you look… wow."

I blushed, looking down. "Thanks… you look nice too, all cleaned up."

He smiled, and as if suddenly forgetting Jake beside him pulled him forward. "Kai, this is Jake Tyler. Jake, Kai Daniels."

I shook his hand. "Nice to meet you."

HE nodded, "We have English together, right?"

I nodded, "Yeah, nice today… with the whole Achilles heel thing."

HE shrugged. "Yeah, not my best thing."

I arched a brow just as we started towards Ryan. His eyes went to me before coming to Jake. He looked back at me and smiled, coming over. "Kai, you look great."

I smiled, "Thank you, worth the wait?"

HE nodded, his signature smirk out for show. "Definitely worth the wait."

Lacey appeared then, grabbing my elbow. "Sorry Ryan, stealing my bestie from you."

He nodded, "Take care of her Lace."

She shot him a look before pulling me away. "What is going on with you two?"

I shrugged, looking out over the pool. "Nothing… we're still close Lace."

She nodded, smiling slightly. "You still want him?"

I tilted my head back, making a face. "More than anything…"

She nodded sympathetically, patting my back. "You practically own his fine ass… Baja will be gone soon enough."

I smiled, just as a crowd started gathering. "And now for the main event!"

I recognized the voice as Ryan's and so did Lacey, she pushed our way into the crowd, dragging me behind her. We stood on a step near Eric, him right beside me. Ryan did what he did best, getting the crowd ready to see something, but then Jake started to walk away. HE stood in front of Eric, who had kept him from walking away. He looked pissed off. Ryan said something about his dad, something about Jake being in the passenger seat and his dad drove drunk. I admit, it was a low blow.

Jake charged Ryan as he started to walk away, and within a few minutes Jake had a set of gloves. I watched the two, Ryan more experienced than Jake, and Jake still pissed. He had a fight in him, something bigger than just Ryan and his words. I felt bad for him. In the end Ryan won, as expected. Max left carting Jake outside. I thought about helping him, but a hand gripped onto mine. I turned to see a very smug Ryan. "Where you going?"

I shook my head. "Not important… how do you feel?"

He smiled, moving closer to me. "You know how I feel? I feel… like celebrating."

I knew how he celebrated after a fight, any fight, and that wasn't really an option. "Sorry… no can do."

HE looked genuinely confused. "Why not?"

"Because… I wouldn't feel right, because technically you know who and you are together." I looked away from him, not being able to see his eyes right now. "Why don't you give me a call tomorrow? I'm heading home."

His jaw tensed. He was pissed off. "Fine, see you later."

I rolled my eyes, grabbing a hold of his hand. "Hey, you did good though, looked amazing."

He softened then, not near as pissed when I boosted his ego. I planted a quick kiss on his cheek, "Bye Ryan."

Ryan POV

Damn it! I hate watching her leave me… with a fucking passion. She should be with me, be here at my side, not walking away. I was definitely ending this thing with Baja, there was no question about it… I just had to find her.

Snaking my way through the crowd, I went up the stairs to my room. Baja sat on my bed, she looked up when I closed the door. "We have to talk Baja."

She nodded. "Yeah, what you did to Jake…"

I sighed. "Not about Jake. About us."

She seemed to sense where I was going with this now… "Ryan, if you just give me a chance. I could make you happier than you ever were with her."

I knew for a fact she couldn't. No girl could ever come close to Kai in my book. "Baja, no. I want Kai."

She stood up from the bed, moving quickly to stand in front of me. "Ryan, I love you… she's not right for you."

I scoffed at that. She knew nothing about me without the fights, she knew who I let her know, who I allowed her to know. She knew Ryan 'The Terror' McCarthy, hardly who I was without the fights. She knew who I was for my dad, who I was for the crowd; not who I was without it all, who I was for Kai. I couldn't be that man for Baja. "Look, it's over. You deserve better…"

She pushed me hard, not making me move an inch though. "You deserve better Ryan, and I'm as good as it gets!"

I shook my head, smelling the liquor on her breath. Baja was drunk and when she drank she got extra self-centered. "Baja, go find Natalie, get a ride home."

She shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest like a child. "I want you Ryan."

I left the room, finding Natalie and brought her back with me. This time Baja had something in her hands, a small black velvet box. The box that I hadn't let her look at and the one I'd looked at too many times. She twirled it in her fingers. "Ryan, I deserve this…"

I was pissed off now. "Give that to me Baja."

Natalie stepped forward, taking the box and handing it to me. She knew both Kai and me, so she knew about the ring inside. "Ryan I'll get her out of here… I'm sorry."

I nodded, standing off to the side while Natalie and two other girls got Baja out. The party was over, my house was a mess and I was alone. I sat on the steps, the black box in my hands. I flipped the lid open, the silver band and stones shined in the lights. There was a light blue stone, I think it was aquamarine, and three little diamonds on each side of that. This ring belonged to Kai. She would be the only girl to wear it.

Sighing, I slipped the box into my pocket, starting to gather trash in large black bags. I had just finished the main foyer and moved on to the living room when the front door closed behind me. I turned to see Kai. She had on cutoffs and a Boston University t-shirt on. She smiled shyly. "Eric called… said you seemed kind of upset."

I nodded, sitting on the coffee table. "Yeah… Baja."

She sat down on the couch in front of me, her hands in her lap. "You wanna talk about it?"

"We broke up, or… I broke up with her." I ran a hand through my short hair. "She didn't take it too well."

"Yeah, Eric said Natty had to drag her out…" She stood up, grabbing two cans off the floor and put them in the black bag I still had.

I nodded. "Yeah… she did."

She continued moving around, collecting cans and bottles from around the room. "So, what'd she do?"

"She had your ring."

Kai froze momentarily before continuing her task. I watched her closely, seeing her swallow hard before putting cans in the bag. We had talked about the future more than a few times, she'd always say that we didn't have to get married, but I wanted as many ties connecting her to me as possible. She hadn't ever seen the ring, only the box. She didn't want to see it until it was going on her finger. I stood up, stopping Kai from cleaning. Her eyes were on my neck.

I leaned down, kissing her softly on the lips. Her hands moved to my neck, bringing me closer. She tasted like bubblegum. I had no idea where this was going but it was quickly decided for us.


I froze and pulled my lips from Kai's to see my mother. She stood with my father, a smirk on her face. "We were just cleaning up."

My dad nodded. "Sure you were, we're going to bed."

My mom waved at Kai before following him up the stairs. Kai burst into a fit of giggles as soon as we heard their door shut.

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