Only a short one this time hope you like it.

There was a silence throughout the pub as dean finished his song and ran to the bathroom.

"Lara come out" Heidi said knocking on the door of the cubical Lara was now in.

There was no response.

"I'm going in" dean said crawling under the cubical door.

"Dean what do you want" Lara said once he was on the other side of the door.

"I want to know what happened to us. We were best friends, inseparable and know we can't even have a conversation without you crying or me yelling" dean said.

"We were fine until you said what you said" Lara said the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"So you hate me for telling you the truth, which by the way my brother convinced me to do" dean yelled.

"I don't hate you" Lara cried.

"I know you don't. I'm so sorry for everything" dean said with tears in his eyes.

"Me too" Lara said hugging dean.

"Come on, it stinks in here" dean said helping her up and opening the door.

"Hey babe" Heidi said seeing Lara.

"Hey" Lara said.

The next day:

"It's a miracle" Vince said seeing dean and Lara walk in discussing possible job choices after rescue. "There finally talking civilly" he continued in response to everyone's questioning looks.

"You could sing" dean said.

"Have you heard me sing?" Lara asked.

"Good point" dean laughed.

"So you're still leaving I take it" chase asked.

"Yep" Lara said.

Suddenly there was a sound of crutches coming up the stairs and soon Jordan appeared.

"Its ok I didn't need any help getting up" Jordan said sarcastically.

"Jordan" Heidi said running to hug him and almost knocking him down the stairs. "Sorry" she said realizing what she'd done.

"Ok we've got a call out, a couple of free climbers on a building in the city. Dean, Lara, Heidi and Chase, I want you out there now" Vince relayed a phone call he had just taken.

Lara stood still remembering their last rescue involving a free climber.

"Hey" dean said realizing. "It'll be fine"

Lara nodded and ran down the stairs to the patrol.