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Tenkura: I just got an epiphany! And I have to write it down before it goes away.

Sfant: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei huh? Let's see how this turns out.

Introduction: Reborn

Darkness, the void, nothingness, that's all I see. This sucks; I can't believe he got away, AGAIN! Because of his actions, I'm stuck in this itty bitty jail cell, for 5 years. Dammit, I can't wait that long. He needs to die NOW. They took away everything. My research, my suit, my guns, and my sword.

My name is Shinda Chinmoku, I'm 16 years old. I bet your wondering why I'm in this jail cell. Well, I finally got in contact with Him. He called me and said "Before I reveal myself, I want $1,000 in cash." I stupidly accepted his offer and went off to the local bank. I successfully stole the money. I called Him. He said "Good, I'm at the alleyway next to the bank." I hung up, rushing to the alleyway. What I actually found was a dead woman. I kneeled down and picked up the bloody knife next to her, just glaring with horror. He took her life. If I didn't agreed to Him, she wouldn't be dead. Then the next thing I know, I was surrounded by police. His planned apparently work. I didn't really look to good when they found me. I was in my armored ninja suit, with my sheathed sword on my back and my Glock, buckled in the holster on my waist, and I was holding the bloodied knife.

Now I'm here. I'm pretty surprised that they didn't put me in life sentence, or kill me. But when I get out of here, I will find Him, and put an end to His life.

I guess I should tell you about myself too. I was born and raised in New York. My mother died when I was born, and I only had my dad. I loved dad, I wished mother was alive though. I wish both of them were alive, but they wouldn't be happy if they see me like this. When I was 7, dad was murdered by a serial killer. Apparently, the killer got away with the murder, like how he got away with every one of his murders, and died of an old age. Now his son took upon finishing the duty of his father. I was raised by my abusive uncle. Uncle drank, a lot. Every time he came home, he was intoxicated, along with his friends. He even invited his friends along to come "Join the fun". Of course, I fought back. No victory prevails. The authority found out and took him in. Then after 5 years of living with my grandma, I got a bill with my dad's life insurance. I used a small portion of the money and got a tattoo that goes around both of my eyes. It's an eagle. It represents my aiming and my focus. I got my dark armored ninja suit, a katana that has engraved Chinese characters on it that means "Warrior.", and all the things I need to research to catch Him. I even learned all the ninjitsu techniques and how to use the sword.

All that hard earned work down the toilet. Jeez. My damn jail outfit is starting to stink.

I sat down on my bed, hands on my eyes. I took the light switch that was hanging above, and pulled it. The darkness was gone. I looked to the right, I scratched on tally marks on the wall, to keep time. I started it since I was thrown in here. I started at the wall, counting all the tally marks.

"About 2 years." I said. Yes, I counted all of it.

I was about to call it a day and go to sleep, until I saw the peephole slide open. I jumped back.

"Open the door." A voice said.

The lock in the door fell. The metal door opened slowly, revealing the character that was standing in front of the door. He was in a suit, with sunglasses and something in his ear. I don't know what it is, buts it's something. One police officer walked behind me and cuffed me. He pushed me out the door. I stumbled as I was trying to get my balance back. One of the other police guards caught me. We started to walk forward down the alleyway, following the suited man. I got 4 police guards around me and the suited man was in the front.

I entered an interrogation room. I was cuffed on to a bar that was on the table. The suited man sat across from me. The guards exited and slammed the metal doors shut, leaving me, and the suited man, alone in cold silence.

"Who are you?" I asked impatiently, breaking the silence.

"That's not what I'm here to tell you," He said, reaching for something in his suit. He took out a picture and threw it on the desk in front of me.

It was Him.

"How the hell? Where did you get this!" I yelled. The suited man held his hand up.

"We know your trying to find this guy,"

They were reading through my files?

"We connected your information, with ours, and figured out His location." The man took out a phone. He gave me the phone, it displayed a map, and there was a red dot on Japan.

"He's in Japan?" I asked.

"That's what we found out. Since he's the same age as you, you can find him, and take him down. He's way too dangerous to live now. You wanted to find the guy in the first place, and you have some pretty good training. We'll let you get him." The man explained.

I stared at the picture. It was only a portrait of His face. He was blonde, with black sunglasses on.

"Alright, I'll do it." I accepted.

"Good. So He's apparently a student at a school in Japan. We signed you up for the school already. We got a house ready for you in Japan too. There's also a box in the house full with all of your supplies and research in it, along with some yen." The man said.

"All of it?" I reassured.

"Yes. Everything," The man said.

"You will be released from prison to find Him. You will be escorted to a plane, then to your house. Then you are on your own from there." The man stood up.

"Then I guess I'll be going then." I said. The guards came back in the room. One of them released me, and then I was escorted to a police car.

I was staring out of the side window, looking at the entire city lights. I'm free now, and back to go out to find Him.

I'm back baby.

End of chapter

Sfant: That's all you're going to write?

Tenkura: Well it's only the introduction anyway.

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Tenkura: *Siiigh* I'll try.