In the months that followed, Kevin and Jordan would make many more trips to the Grid and have many more adventures. Builder and Fighter, Creator and Counterpart, the pair brought new ideas and energy to the System, united by love for its creations and love for each other.

The Golden Age of the Grid began. New cities sprung up in far-flung frontiers, the problems of rogue scripts and gridbugs could not be eliminated, but they were chased further to the margins. Arjin City became the spiritual center of the Grid, where Iso and Program lived together in harmony. Yet other places, like the Kappa sector exhibited signs of the two species reaching across to one another, forming fragile alliances and friendships.

It ended on a January night in 1985. A drunk driver went the wrong way down a one-way street, going well over the speed limit. His car hit Jordan Canas's head-on. She died five hours later without regaining consciousness. Her death ended the Golden Age of the Grid. Distracted by his grief and overwhelmed by the added responsibilities of the analog world, Kevin did not see his dream, his miracle, break down around him until it was too late.

Clu grew impatient and angry, eventually spilling over into brutality. Tron was the first casualty, and the Creator was eventually beaten back into exile. The Cities became mazes of fear. The shining beacon of the I/O Tower was bombed to ruins, the gutted remains standing as mute testimony of a world where no User was welcome.

Despite this, Melodia remained true to her new directive and true to the Creator's dream. Recruiting from the vulnerable and broken scripts on the margins of Grid society, she assembled The Fallen Ones, one of the most frightening and respected forces in the Resistance against Clu's tyranny. Her two best spies infiltrated the End of Line club as simple MP3 Programs, and not even Zuse realized that his favorite musicians didn't truly work for him.

The Iso colonies burned. Herd and Kanna were killed in the Purge, attempting to evacuate the Bostrum colony ahead of the Abraxas virus. Both perished when Clu's forces bombed the colony.

Their daughter survived...and escaped the Grid.