Subjected to Sex

By Sawyer521

Credits to Nintendo for Making Pokémon

"In other news," the news reporter said. "A group of Pokémon has gone missing near the abandoned warehouse overnight. Police advise children and Pokémon to stay well away from the warehouse."

People gasped and started talking to one another.

"Not another group!" a woman said.

"It's the third group this month." Said a man.

"I told you it was haunted." Said a kid to his friend.

I rolled my eyes and walked away from the TV store. "What a load of nonsense." I said to myself. I spotted a café down the corner and decided to have a drink. I sat myself down in a booth and looked at the menu. "What will you have, love?" said a waitress with a pen and pad out.

"I'll take a coffee, please." I said.

"Alright, love" said the waitress, "be back in a tick."

That warehouse has appeared on the news nearly every day and it was starting to get on my nerves. The waitress came back with a cup and saucer.

"Here you go, love" said the waitress.

"Thanks." I said as she placed it on the table. She gave me a smile and walked. I took a sip of my coffee and thought more about the situation. "Why don't the police investigate?" I said to myself. "Surely that's more important." I took another sip. "Telling children not to get near it will surely make things worse." I drowned the whole cup in a swig and wiped my mouth. "Why don't I just go investigate, if the police can't be damned to do it?" I raised my hand and shouted for the waitress.

"What is it, love?" she asked.

"Can I have the bill?" I asked.

"Yes, I'll go get it." She said. She walked off and I started to plan my investigation. "I should get a flashlight from the store." I said to myself. "Maybe a few Poke balls and potions." The waitress walked back and handed me the bill. I pulled out my wallet and shoved ten Pokémon dollars into the slip.

"Keep the change." I said as I got up and walked out the door. The sun was already setting.

"Whatever is taking these Pokémon." I said to myself "Will likely show up at night."

After gathering up my equipment, I stood outside the gate to the abandoned warehouse. "Danger, do not enter." read the sign stuck onto the gate. I ignored the warning and climbed over the fence. I dropped hard onto the concrete on the other side. I winced in pain and rubbed my ankles. I walked up to the door to the abandoned warehouse and looked at it. "I don't want to go in there alone." I said to myself. I pulled out my Poke balls. "Everyone, come out." I said as the Poke balls popped open. Dewott, Lilligant, Unfezant, Timburr and Buizel stood before me and they all looked around.

"Alright, here's the deal." I said, "Something is taking groups of Pokémon and they are never seen again. The police aren't doing much to prevent it, so I decided that we should investigate it. So are you with me?" They nodded and I smiled. "Right, let's get this over with." I turned around and twisted the knob on the door. To my surprise it was open. I slowly opened the door and peeked in. It was dark, very dark. I could hardly see a thing. I put down my bag and pulled out the flashlight I bought. Switching it on, it illuminated the inside of the warehouse. As we all stepped inside, I gaped at how massive the inside the warehouse was. Boxes piled high and metal shelves everywhere.

"No wonder Pokémon are disappearing." I said, "This place is like a maze." I walked forward and I instantly lost a bit of my courage. I felt like I didn't want to proceed, but I pressed on.

"Stay close to me guys." I said.

Buizel got a bit to close as she instantly attached herself to my back. I took a deep breath as I walked forward, waving the flashlight in front of us. We soon came across what looked like the door to an office. I grabbed the knob and twisted it. The door was unlocked and I slowly opened it. I was getting suspicious; I popped the flashlight in first and looked inside from the doorway. Nothing was in there, I sighed and walked inside.

"There should be something in here. Let's search." I said.

Dewott, Lilligant and Unfezant walked forward and started searching for something useful. Buizel slowly detached herself from my back and started to search. I heard dull thuds behind me; I turned around to see Timburr trying to fit his log in to the door.

"Timburr, just put your log down outside and help search." I said.

He nodded and put it down outside the doorway and entered. After a few minutes of searching, we came across nothing.

"I guess this place is truly abandoned." I said, I turned and walked towards the door.

"I guess we better go before…" I never finished my sentence as something launched me to back of the room and caused me to crash into a shelf. I heard glass breaking as the flashlight smashed and everything went dark. I heard screaming and fighting everywhere. I groaned and tried to get my bearings. Everything went quiet and I got scared.

"Hello?" I said. "Anyone there?"

I wished I kept my mouth closed as two red eyes peered over me and scared me half to death. It was the last thing I saw as I felt something hit my face and I blacked out from the blunt hit.

I slowly opened my eyes to a dark grey wall. I groaned as I felt a discomfort on my neck. I rubbed my eyes and I gasped. I had iron clamps on my wrists which attached my wrists together with a chain. I sat up and looked around. I was in a cell; I was lying on a prison bed, my left ankle had an iron clamp attached to the bed leg. There was a toilet in the corner and a clock was behind me. I heard gears grinding as the back of the cell opened up to another room. Two people stood in there with my Pokémon. Dewott, Lilligant, Unfezant, Timburr and Buizel were all tied up and had a blindfold over their eyes.

"Who are you!" I shouted at the people. "And what are you doing with my Pokémon!"

"You can call us your boss." Said a man. "And with your Pokémon… We are going to train them up a bit, but in a different way."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, your Dewott has a nice slit." Said the man as he rubbed her slit. Dewott winced and started to struggle.

"Stop that!" I shouted.

The man smiled as he stopped and wiped his hand on his pants. He moved onto Lilligant.

"Your Lilligant has a good mouth. Perfect for sucking…" he said as he inserted his finger into her mouth. Lilligant pulled away and looked down.

"Stop touching them!" I shouted.

He smirked as he moved to Unfezant. "Now your Unfezant. She has no special bonuses, but she will sell for a good price." He stroked Unfezant back which she instantly reacted to as she started to struggle.

"Let me take his Timburr, Liam." said the woman.

"As you wish, Grace." He said as he positioned himself next to Buizel.

"Now, your Timburr is a virgin, but after a few months of training… he won't be." She giggled as she rubbed his crotch. Timburr winced and struggled.

I grinded my teeth and looked at them with burning rage.

"Now with your Buizel." Said Liam, "One look at her slit, told me that she was a masturbator. Which means that she already half way done." He rubbed her slit and Buizel flinched and moaned.

"See? She even enjoys my touch." He smirked.

I glared at him with hatred and half of me wanted to tear his head off.

"So what's going to happen with me?" I asked with a growl.

"Well." Grace said. "We decided to use you as a test subject. You get to test our Pokémon when train or are getting trained. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"No…" I growled.

"Oh, believe me." She said. "You'll start to enjoy it, later. But you'll have to wait. We just need to gain your trust."

I glared and kept my mouth shut.

"Well, we should be going. It's nearly 12 am and we going to get some sleep." Said Liam.

"Before you get your beauty sleep." I growled. "Can I ask you one last question?"

"Go ahead." He said.

"What is this place?" I asked.

He smiled. "If you must know, this place is used to train Pokémon sex slaves, and we are the trainers."

"That's sickening." I spat.

"You might think that, but it is good business." He said. "Well, we must get going. Goodnight."

Gears started to grind as the back of the wall came closing back in.

"Wait, wait!" I shouted as I tried to run for the opening but I got pulled back by the clamp attached to the bed and I face planted on the hard ground. The wall came back with a thud and I was back to staring at a grey wall. I climbed back into the bed and faced the wall. Tears began to form in my eyes and dripped down onto the bed. "I hope you guys make it." I prayed as I buried my face into the bed and quietly cried myself to sleep.