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Chapter 8


I felt like the dead. This flu was killing me and not only was that but the pregnancy was not helping things.

I'm still not sure if I should tell Edward about the baby but Alice said that he has the right to know.

She is right. He should know. I'm just not sure if he will be happy about it or get pissed about it.

I mean I got pregnant the first night that we slept together. The day that I left that fuck head at the altar.

How would he react to the news. Alice seems to think that he would be okay with it.

A knock at the door brought me out of my thinking.

"Come in."

The door opened slowly and I was shocked when I saw Edward walk in.

I just stared into his eyes as he approached me.

He leaned over and kissed me on my forehead.

I was kinda taken aback by his actions since I'm laying in a hospital bed with the flu.

"Edward what are you doing here?"

"Well when I found out that you were sick and in the hospital I decided that I needed to be here with you, taking care of you. I should have never left. I knew that you didn't feel good when I left."

"Um...thank you."

"Bella, you don't have to thank me. I want to be here with you. Can you tell me what the doctors have said?"

I was still trying to figure out if I should just tell him or wait a little while.

"I have the flu and I'm very dehydrated. That's why they put me in here. They want to make sure that I have plenty of fluids before they release me."

I turned away from him because he would see that I was not telling him something. I was not ready to tell him yet.

"Bella, please look at me. You are not telling me something, what is it?"

Before I could answer the question the doctor walked in.

"Miss Swan, I need to talk to you in private."

"No it's okay. This is Edward and he is fine to stay."

I looked into his eyes and I could tell that he was thinking really hard about something.

"Bella, I will just wait outside in the hallway until the doctor is done."

I just nodded my head as he walked out the door.

"Miss Swan, I just wanted to let you know that everything is great with the baby and that I will be releasing you this afternoon. Do you have any questions?"

"So I'm guessing that the flu will be gone soon? I will make sure that I drink plenty of fluids, anything else that I should do?"

"You might want to stick to soup for at least a day or so. Make sure that you get plenty of rest as well. You should make an appointment with your Ob/Gyn as soon as possible. So that you can get on prenatal vitamins."

"Okay," I said as he stood up to leave.

As soon as he was gone, Edward came back in.

"Is everything okay, love?" he asked sitting down on the bed next to me.

I loved it when he called me love.

I looked up at him and didn't know what to say.

"Bella I know that you are hiding something from me. Please tell me what it is?"

I just looked down at my hands because I was not sure how I was suppose to tell him about the baby.

I guess Alice is right he does have the right to know.

Still looking at my hands, because I could not look at his face as I was telling him.

"Um...yeah I have something I need to tell you, but I'm not sure how to tell you. I mean I'm not sure how you will react."

"Bella, please just tell me what's the matter. You have me worried."

"I found out right after your last visit that I'm pregnant. I haven't even been to the doctors yet. I was so scared about telling you. I wasn't sure how you would take the news."

It seemed like forever before he said anything. I took a chance to look at him and I could tell that he was thinking hard.

"Edward, please say something? Anything?"


Once the doctor came in Bella said that I could stay but I felt that she needed it to be private.

She would tell me if she felt the need to tell me what was said.

I stepped out into the hallway and started thinking about what Bella could be hiding.

I knew that she was hiding something just not sure what it is.

I was only out there a few minutes before the doctor left her room.

Walking back in I so wanted to finish the conversation I had started before we were interrupted.

Walking back over to her I said, "Bella I can tell you are hiding something from me."

What came out her mouth next was not what I expected her to say.

She said that she was pregnant.

Is that what she had been hiding from me? Over the last several weeks she has been acting so weird each time I spoke to her.

Why didn't she just tell me? How come she has waited so long before she said anything about the baby she was carrying?

Was the baby even mine or was it my asshole cousin's?

"Edward please say something?Anything?"

"Bella I'm not sure what to say. I mean how come you are just now telling me about the baby?

I don't want to seem like an asshole Bella, but is the baby mine?"

"Yes Edward it is. Jacob and I haven't been together like that in awhile. The reason I haven't told you until now is because I didn't want to have that conversation over the phone. I wanted to tell you in person. Plus I needed to figure out how to tell you. I mean we haven't even said, what we are to one another."

She was right telling by not telling about the baby over the phone. I mean I'm glad that she wanted to tell me face to face but I'm still a little hurt that she waited so long.

The other thing that she said, was right as well. Us not labeling what we are.

"Bella, I knew something was bothering her over the last several weeks. I'm glad that you didn't tell me about the baby over the phone. I'm not sure how I would have handled that. As for asking if the baby was mine, I just had to make sure. What you said, about what we are to one another I guess I just assumed that you were my girlfriend."

She just looked up at me before she said, "I would like that Edward. You're not mad about the baby?"

"No I'm not. I just wasn't expecting it that's all. Yes I'm kinda upset that you waited so long to tell me about the baby, but at the same time I understand why you did it. If we are going to make this work, we have to be open and honest with one another."

She shook her head.

"Well the doctor just tell told me that I need to make an appointment with an OB/GYN. Do you want to go with me?"

"Of course baby," I said before I stood over her and placed my hand on her stomach and kissed her forehead.

"Well on the bright side, Edward I get to go home today. The doctor said that I needed to rest and drink plenty of fluids."

"Well I think I can handle that. I need to make sure that my baby momma is taken care of. Also once we get you home and taken care of I have something to talk to you about."

"Okay Edward. Now we just have to wait for them to let me go."

Finally around two o'clock Bella was released. I would make sure she did what she was supposed to.

Reaching her place I helped her get in comfortable clothes and get her settled on the couch.

"Edward you really don't have to take care of me. I can do most of this stuff by myself."

"I know Bella but I want to do this. So please let me. I will feel a lot better knowing that I'm taking care of you."

I guess that was enough to make her happy because she didn't say anything after that.

I made sure that she had something to drink and crackers, along with plenty of blankets just in case she got cold before I sat down by her.

"So Edward what is it that you want to talk to me about?"

I sat there for a minute to gather my thoughts on how I want to tell her this news.

I just hope that she will take the news well. I really wanted to be here now with her.

"Bella, when I got back home from my visit here, I had a job offer to move here to run the office out here."

I watched her face as I said this to her, to see if she had an reaction. There was none.

"I wanted to see how you felt about me moving out here."

She opened her mouth a couple times to say something but nothing came out. I was starting to worry that she might not want me here.

"Well Edward how do you feel about taking the offer, I mean do you want to pack up everything and move here?"

I thought about that for just a few seconds before I responded.

"Yes I have. I had pretty much said yes before I came here, but now with you carrying our baby I want to pack up all my stuff and move here to be with you and our little jelly bean. I could not imagine myself not here."

I watched Bella waiting for her to say something.

"Edward I think that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I would love for you to move here," she said as she jumped into my arms and planted a bit sloppy kiss to my lips.

Pulling away from her kissing I said, "well it's settled then I'm moving here."

"Edward you can stay with me until you find a place here. I have plenty of room."

"I would love to stay here Bella. I will have to go back home once you get better and I feel like you can stay by yourself. I will need to get loose ends tied up there."

"Edward I will be fine. I think you should go back ASAP so that you can get your ass here back faster. Plus I have Alice if I need anything."

She did have a point there. The faster I get back and get my shit done the faster I could get back to her and our little jelly bean.

With that I would schedule a flight out for tomorrow afternoon.