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Blaine is intrigued by the new transfer student Kurt Hummel. Kurt doesn't speak and Blaine wants nothing more than to hear his voice. KLAINE! Romance, Hurt/Comfort !
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Silence speaks louder than words

Chapter 1: New Transfer

Kurt Hummel gazed up at the stone building with wide eyes, drinking in the sight before him. Kurt thought that placed like this only existed in the movies, never in real life and so close to him, not in Ohio. He was well aware that he was gawking, but he couldn't bring himself to stop. The stone building was beautiful, with rich green ivy creeping up the walls. Beside him, his father Burt Hummel, was looking very much the same, eyes wide with awe. Burt cleared his throat and tore his eyes away from the building and turned to his son.
"Are you ready Kurt?" Burt asked.

Kurt tore his eyes away from the building and looked at his father. Kurt could clearly see the worry etched in to his face, making him look older than he was. Kurt swallowed and nodded, squashing down the nerves that were fluttering around in his tummy, making him feel nauseas. Burt nodded and the two walked into the school, both their gazes flicking to the plague that read 'Dalton Academy' on the stone wall.
Father and son walked through the halls of the school towards the front office. They were greeted by a beautiful brunette assistant who smiled warmly at them. From behind her desk.

"May I help you?" Hannah asked (according the name tag that was pinned to her white blouse.)
"Yeah, I'm Burt Hummel and this is my son Kurt," Burt said gruffly. Recognition flashed in the woman's eyes and her smile grew wider.
"Of course, we've been expecting you. The principle is ready to see you now. Follow me," Hannah said. She stepped around the desk and led them down a hall. She knocked on a large wooden door that had 'Principle Gary Dalton' printed in gold lettering on it.

"Come in," A deep voice called and Hannah opened the door, stepping inside. Burt and Kurt followed and Gary looked up. He was an old man, with greying hair and a frail looking body. When he smiled though, it seemed to make him look years younger.
"Mr Hummel. Welcome," Gary said politely. "Please have a seat. Thank you Hannah."
Hannah smiled and walked out, closing the door behind her with a small click.

"Thank you for seeing us on such short notice," Burt said sincerely.
"Our pleasure. Kurt is not the first emergency transfer here at Dalton and I'm afraid that he won't be the last," Gary said sadly. Kurt flushed and looked down at his hands that were resting in his lap, playing with the hem of his jacket.
"Your transcripts have arrived and everything is in order. All we need for you is to sign some papers and Kurt can start attending," Gary continued.

"No problem," Burt said, taking the forms that were handed to him. "About this zero bullying tolerance."
"It is enforced by all staff and students," Gary said firmly. "We take it very seriously at this school. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and there a no second chances."
"Good," Burt said gruffly and started looking the papers.

"Kurt, do you have any questions?" Gary asked. Kurt lifted his head and bit his lip nervously. Slowly he brought a hand to his throat and pointed at it. Burt looked up and saw Kurt gesture.
"Kurt can't speak...not after what happened," Burt said, a hint of anger in his tone. Gary looked at him sympathetically and nodded.
"Not a problem. We will accommodate for you Kurt and the staff will be notified," Gary said. Kurt nodded and twisted his hands in his lap again.

"Anything else?" Gary asked. Kurt shook his head and looked back to his father.
"I think that is all for now," Burt said.
"If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call," Gary said.
Kurt was silent as Burt signed the papers and handed them back to Gary.
"Would you like a tour of the school now?' Gary asked. Kurt nodded shyly and the three men stood.

Gary led them out of the office, back through the main office and out into the halls of Dalton. Kurt noted that Gary was a good tour guide. His voice had that soothing quality that held your interest, pulling you in as he explained the history of Dalton and pointed out class rooms. Kurt thought if teaching had turned out, he would have made a fine tour guide.
They were walking down a hall when a loud bell rang. Kurt flinched and jumped, knocking into Burt. Burt placed a hand on his shoulder to steady him and to try and stop his shaking.

Gary noticed this and took a mental note.
"Classes are over," Gary said and they watched as a flood of students came pouring out of the class rooms. Kurt watched with wide anxious eyes as students filed past, talking loudly and excitedly.
Burt was watching Kurt's reaction and was heartbroken to see the fear in his son's eyes. He kept a firm grip on his shoulder, to remind him that he was there for him.

"Hey Mr. Dalton!" a voice called and Kurt turned to see three boys standing there with grins on their faces. One was an Asian boy with spiked up hair. The second was a tall, black boy who wore a goofy grin. The third boy held Kurt's attention the most. He was very handsome with his hair gelled down. All of them were wearing the uniform, grey pants with a white shirt, blue and red ties and a blue blazer.

"Wes, David, Blaine," Gary greeted, smiling. "I would like to introduce a new student to you. This is Kurt Hummel and his father Burt Hummel."
"Nice to meet you sir," Blaine said, politely, holding out his hand. Burt took it and gave it a quick shake, surprised by the boys politeness. He shook hands with Wes and David too.
"Hi Kurt!" Wes said brightly.
Kurt nodded, looking at the three of them with wide eyes.

"Kurt, Wes, David and Blaine are in your year level too," Gary explained and Kurt nodded.
"Welcome to Dalton," David said grandly. Kurt just stared and David seemed to falter.
"Don't mind him," Blaine said reassuringly. "He gets a bit excited sometimes."
Kurt flushed and nodded, looking back down at his feet.
"He's just a big teddy bear," Wes agreed and David nodded enthusiastically.

Kurt just nodded and the boys shared concerned looks.
"I'm sure tomorrow, these three boys can help you around," Gary said.
"It would be our pleasure," Blaine said, smiling gently at Kurt. Kurt looked back up at the three boys.
Blaine felt as if he was being assessed, the way Kurt was looking at them so intently. Blaine was also a little nervous by the way Burt was looking at them.

Kurt eventually nodded and Gary smiled happily.
"Excellent. That's the end of the tour," Gary said. "Do either of you have any more questions?"
Kurt shook his head.
"No, thank you," Burt said. Burt and Gary shook hands and Kurt shook hands with Gary too.
"We'll see you tomorrow," Blaine said happily.

Blaine couldn't help but admire Kurt's form. He had beautiful pale skin that looked flawless, chest nut brown hair, eyes that were blue when he first met him but were changing to a green colour and was tall and lean. Blaine also noticed that he had dark circles under his eyes, a clear sign that he hadn't slept well that night before...or for a while by the looks of it.
Kurt bit the inside of his cheek and gave a small nod to them all, eyes still flickering between the three boys who stood in front of him.
"Thanks for your time. Let's go Kurt," Burt said, and gently led Kurt away, still with his hand on his shoulder.

The three boys watched the Hummel's disappear.
"Boys, I would like to talk to you for a moment," Gary said. Wes, David and Blaine nodded and followed the principle to his office.
"I would like you keep an eye on Kurt for me," Gary said, once they were all seated. "Kurt is an emergency transfer and will need all the help he can get."

"What happened?" David asked before he could stop himself.
"I'm not at liberty to discuss those details with you," Gary said firmly. "I will tell you thought that you will need to be gentle around him. You should also know that Kurt is a mute."
The boys nodded, taking in everything that Gary had just told them, keeping their questions down that they desperately wanted to ask.
"We'll look out for him sir," Blaine assured him.

Gary smiled at the three boys and dismissed them. They quickly stood and made their way out of the office, smiling at Hannah as they passed and headed to the cafeteria. As they were walking, David was the first to bring it up.
"A mystery transfer student," David whistled.
"He's not a toy," Blaine scowled.
"I know, but still. You can't help but wonder what's happened," David said. "And he's a mute."

Blaine and Wes rolled their eyes but were still thinking the same thing. Kurt Hummel was a mystery and Blaine wanted nothing more than to get to know the beautiful boy he had met.

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