An Hour Later, Fangtasia;

Alcide Herveaux;

Nephilim – sneaky little bastards who were designed to hunt people like me. Werewolves. I had heard the rumours that Eric Northman had one working for him; but I had never laid eyes on her before. It was one of the reasons that the packs around this area never tried to take him on. As a species – it was our nature to hate Vampires.

As for me – the only reason I was here helping out was because my Father owed a debt to Eric; I was working that debt off. There was no way that we could pay the debt back with the money that we owed him, this was the next best reason – all of Eric's shitty jobs came in my direction. Personally I hated the Vampire; he was cold, calculating and unremorseful. Typical Vampire I know. I was a man of integrity; I followed through with everything that I promised; I never changed my mind mid plan and I sure as Hell would never sacrifice someone that I cared about.

Along with my nature to hate Vampire's was my nature to hate Nephilim too. All of the text that we had been presented with had stated that Nephilim were creations of Angels coming to earth and mating with human women. The offspring of that copulation was Nephilim; part human and part Angel. Being that they were half breeds; they had been promised with entry to Heaven if they killed other half breeds like werewolves – if they turned their back on that purpose; they were destined to go straight to Hell.

I could understand their need to guarentee their entrance in paradise, and since it was in my blood to protect; I had never had the fortune to back down from a fight. There were a few Nephilims in the area that I had the displeasure of meeting; but none of them were like this particular Nephilim.

In a small compact body – she held herself with grace and pride. Those brown eyes were the deepest colour that I had ever witnessed. With her hair matching those eyes; she looked extremely comfortable in her own skin. I had to admit that this was the first time that I had felt an attraction to this type of species. Bee stung lips curled in a forced smile, I couldn't imagine what her natural smile would look like. I wondered if it was the kind of smile that reached her eyes and made them sparkle. For a brief moment, I wondered if I would ever find out.

It wasn't hard to see that there was an attraction between us – every time we brushed past one another – it was like being tazered – an electrical current sparked in every area of my body and I had to fight the urge to spasm with everything that I had inside me. It was a strong instinct, so strong that I found myself fighting not to change here in the middle of a Vampire's bar.

I couldn't be attracted to her – she was my natural enemy. We were supposed to hate one another on sight.

Glancing along the bar to where she had taken residence, I caught her share a look with Eric – the kind of look that seemed somewhat intimate, but I couldn't smell him on her, in her yes – but that was understandable, they were friends, which meant that surely she had, had his blood. It was like there was a silent conversation going on between them. Dressed in a corset styled dress; the cuts of the material accented the line of her frame – as I noticed before; she was indeed small and compact. A tiny waist that looked even thinner from the dramatic lace corset at the back. The bounce in her breasts was distracting, but I figured that was what she had intended. If men were looking at her breasts then they wouldn't be paying too much attention to whatever Eric had her doing. The floor length black skirt was tight and showed that she had slim hips and thighs and long legs, which was surprising considering her small height.

I knew that looks could be deceiving – she had a Hell of a lot of power in her. Being part Angel, that was understandable.

"Am I gonna get a hand here princess?" I asked sarcastically.

"You have 2 perfectly abled hands don't you?" she bit back. "Or should that be paws?"

"Well they are more helpful than wings..." I growled, "or do you not have wings being that you're not exactly a real Angel and all!"

"Screw you mutt!" she twirled on her heel, "Ginger – I'm going down to the cellar to get some more soft drinks,"

"Ok Dani!" the bartender, who had been glamoured one time too many, replied.

I'm pretty sure that Ginger had once been an extremely capable woman who wouldn't have taken shit from anyone. Then she had come here to work; and the things that she had seen then been glamoured to forget had started to fry her brain. The poor woman didn't know what was happening to her because there were so many missing chunks of her memory. It had turned her somewhat ditzy to say the least.

My personal view was that all Vampire's were bastards. Eric included. Sometimes I thought that he was the worst – the way he uses people for his own needs, the way he has such little regard for the human race. I guess being higher up on the food chain makes it easy to dismiss those who don't match your level.

Looking back to where the boss man was sitting, I could see that he was still in his throne and was looking rather thoughtful. There was his dead cold stare; but as I always thought, he really looked like he was forming a plan in his head. I don't think that I had ever seen him without that look in his eyes and on his face. I knew that he had a hatred for my kind, and that was the reason that I knew he had something up his sleeve. I just couldn't get my mind around what it could be – with him, there could be absolutely anything on his mind.

I busied myself with tending to the customers who were waiting to be served and it was then that I noticed her – Debbie; my ex-fiancee, who was here with her new pack.

Sometimes I couldn't understand why I still loved her and then other times, I would look at her and I could see absolutely every single reason why I had fallen in love with her and why I still loved her. As if she could sense me; she whirled and her eyes scanned the crowd before resting on me stood here immobile and struggling to breathe. It was always the same whenever I saw her for the first time in a little while. It was true – we weren't together anymore, but I still loved and cared for her. If that made me a mug, then I was a mug and I didn't care who knew it. I was definitely comfortable in my own skin. Even after all the times that she had cheated on me.

Sookie Stackhouse had been the one to tell me about all the other men that Debbie had been with. It was a thought that the little blonde waitress had plucked right from Debbie's head when they had come face to face with one another. It definitely hadn't been a meeting of the minds between the two – and neither was overly impressed with the other.

"Oi big bad wolf?" the sound of Dani reached me from where she had come up from the cellar.


"I need a hand here – or are you all muscle with no brawn?" she asked.

Taking a deep breath, I stalked out from behind the bar and cleared the space between me and her in a matter of a few seconds. My mind instantly off Debbie and what she was doing or who she was here with. Dani was stood; her hips cocked to the side, and one hand on her hip, the other tapping the top of the crates of soft drinks that she had hauled up the stairs.

"I thought you were meant to be strong?" I muttered.

"Even I have my limits mutt,"

"Stop calling me that!"

"Touchy are we?" she hauled a couple of crates into her arms and walked through the crowd giving the impression that she was struggling.

Most people assumed that Nephilim were just myth and not at all a possibility but then again people didn't think that werewolves were real either. They were in for a shock come the weekend.

I didn't neccesserily agree with the decision to come out to the whole world – we would have to register and we were being given certain areas to roam, unlike now when we could roam anywhere we saw fit. It was a bad idea, and I knew that there were a lot of other wolves out there who didn't want to adhere to the conditions of our decision to come out to the world, and that was just going to give the rest of us a bad name.

Danielle Storm;

Eric and I had been talking silently with one another before Alcide had interrupted us and I had decided that I needed a time out. Being around that man was unnerving to say the least. My body felt alive with electricity and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Sure he was gorgeous – very tall, and muscular. A warm brown in his eyes burned with intensity so much so that I could barely even meet his stare. There was a striking dynamic to his features – something that just drew my attention. Yes I was attracted to him and I had never, ever, been attracted to a werewolf before. It made me feel sick to even think it.

As I placed the 2 packs of soft drinks behind the bar; I turned to go back for me and I caught sight of him – carrying 2 packs; his dark hair flopping down over his forehead; his muscles flexed with the weight in his arms and I felt an instant burn deep at my very core.

I couldn't be attracted to, I just couldn't. I was supposed to kill things like him. My mind started racing – there was no way that I was going to follow up on this attraction that I felt towards him. It went against everything that I had been raised to believe. There were stories about Nephilim that had fallen for werewolves and how it had ended in blood and death, not always in the Nephilim's favour either. Those stories had been like bedtime stories for my kind, and it had stayed with me as I grew up. I can remember thinking when I was younger that I couldn't even imagine wanting to risk such a thing.

Even now I was thinking why would it be worth risking your own personal existance?

I didn't care how attracted to him I was – I truly didn't think that I could act on that attraction. Especially not when it would put myself at risk.

I continued to watch him as he placed the packs on the floor next to the ones that I had dumped behind the counter. As he turned a young were caught his attention and asked him to serve her and her friend; both were extremely attractive and started flirting with him as he saw to their drinks request. I couldn't hear what he was saying to them, but they were giggling and obviously trying to lure him into more flirting. For a split moment I felt a stab of jealousy but I turned away and moved back to the stack of drinks that I had hauled up from the basement store room. Grabbing a couple more packs, I didn't want to draw anymore attention to myself – I knew that every were in this club knew who and what I was. I felt safer playing it cool and under the radar.

By the time I had made it back behind the bar – the 2 women were gone and Alcide was moving from behind the bar, heading back to the last few packs and I watched as he hoisted all of them on his shoulder and stalked back towards me.

"Problem?" he asked of me placing the packs on top of the last ones that I had placed.

"Not at all!" I muttered through clenched teeth.

I couldn't stand so close to him; there was some weird vibe between us and it was more than a little distracting. I felt like my floor was tilting when he was close and I didn't like that feeling one little bit. I didn't know how to react to him, I didn't know if he was feeling the same thing. I tried to read his mind; but he was extremely strong in his inner self – that meant that I couldn't break in and hear what his thoughts were.

"Dani?" Charlee approached my side of the bar and waved to catch my attention.

"What's up honey?" I asked popping a lid of a beer and handing it to her, which she happily accepted.

"Eric wants to know how you're doing?"

"Honestly, I've been better!" I admitted in a hushed tone – the last thing I needed was for him to hear me.

"Well he said that if you needed it, to take your break right now and go to his office, he's left you some blood in the fridge,"

"He's a life saver!" I felt the relieve setting in. "Ginger – I'm going for a break, I'll be back in 20,"

"Ok boss!" Ginger replied.

Poor Ginger, she had been glamoured so many times that she was half the woman that she was when she started working for Eric. I had known her from the minute that she came here – she had been so vibrant, and full of confidence. I had seen her hang with her friends – she would laugh and have no worries. Now she was somewhat ditzy and didn't have the same vibrancy about her anymore. I had the sneaking suspicion that her brain was basically mush now.

I didn't even bother looking at Alcide, as I slid out from behind the bar and weaved my way through the club to the staff quarters where Eric's office was. Charlee unlocked it for me and we both stepped inside.

"Eric doesn't want you back at his side?"

"No he's going to talk to the pack leaders, so he asked if I would hang with you and make sure that you remember this is a formal evening – apparently he caught the animosity between you and Alcide and he's concerned that people will think that he doesn't have the control over his employees that he tries to portray!"

"Sounds about right," I replied as I headed to the fridge and pulled out the flask style cup out and slid the lid open and sunk back a healthy amount of blood. "You coming outside with me to have a smoke?"

"Sounds like you need it," she nodded and got to her feet.

"Your boyfriend is an ass you know that?"

"I'm aware," she laughed as we headed to the back door where I had entered earlier.

"I am not an ass Dani – you are my employee and you will do as I say!" speak of the devil and I just about jumped out of my skin.

"I don't know how you can stand that," Charlee commented as the heavy door slowly slid closed behind us.

Even this close to the bar, we couldn't hear a thing inside – the entire place was sound proof; so as not to disturb the neighbours, and that no one could hear the screams that came when Eric was using his usual brand of torture on the things or people that crossed him. He had absolutely no trouble about ensuring the same punishment for whoever or whatever it was that crossed him.

"I don't either to be perfectly honest," I replied, "it's just part of who I am now, I have gotten used to him being there – and its definitely good that no one knows about the connection that we share – in case of..."

"Yeah he says the same thing,"

I had to admit that I admired Charlee – if it were my boyfriend having this kind of connection with another woman, I don't think that I could handle it. I have an extremely sharp jealous side and I had the annoying trait of being a little possessive. It was something that I tried hard to work on – but it wasn't easy by any means. It was something that I had gotten from my mom – she had always been the type of woman who could be jealous of her own shadow; I wasn't that bad, thankfully.

I loved my mom to pieces; she had done the best that she could with me. Especially after she realized what I was – there had never been a moment when she had made me feel anything less than the daughter that she had always wanted. Down to what I was, she hadn't needed to worry about me so much – I could look after myself without any doubt. She had realized how important it was to keep me and my gifts a secret. My dad hadn't been around all that much – he had come to see me a couple of times, it had been him who had informed me of what I was and the abilities that I would possess. From then I hadn't heard a single word from him. Not that I really expected too – not when he had informed me that I technically should never have been conceived.

Nephilim – were classed as an abomination, and if we didn't do what we were created for, then we would go straight to Hell.

I definitely didn't want that. I had seen the kind of things that had gone to Hell – and there was no doubt that the were's that I had killed would be there waiting for me with excitement and enough time to conjur up the torture they would put me through.

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