Okay. dont ill me this is just a opinion guys! This is just a story frm when I thought "Wow, they are all so thin!"

Disclaimer: I dont own the game style savvy

So you love fashion?

But I bet you're shaking in your Ugg boots. Huh, and your make-ups nearly running. Your new purse is a little too tight to hide your wallet. Better leave it. Your eyes are so heavily make-upped that you looked tired or blind. Renee is defacing you again. What a tramp.

But she's smaller then you, so give her some respect cause she can fit into size four and you can't. You're a hideous size five. In a half.

Grace is nice though, so that makes you feel better. She's a size six, the opposite you never want to be. Grace is such a poor excuse to be a manager with those rolls of fat.

You don't remember my name.

I don't really care.

Can we play the game your way?

Can I really lose control?

Your stomach hurts, and it's a real price to pay just for that Alvarado jacket. Maybe you're just fat? Renee can fit into it perfectly. You can show her that you can fit into it. That you're worth it. That your better then Grace and Dominic.

Maybe to be nice you can clean up her vomit that missed the toilet hole.

Anything's possible. That's what your mama told you. The Alvarado jacket slips over your shoulder. It fits, but your very hungry. Grace should ban break time.

Just once in my life,

I think it'd be nice,

Just to lose control, just once,

With all the pretty flowers in the dust.

Hurt is painful. Your throat hurts and you nails are broken and bleeding and Dominic hasn't called in a while. That's because you size four. In a half. Renee says your throat builds a lubricant against itself in a while. At least it works.

Grace has given you a promotion. She says you're very helpful and should dress the plastic models. Your happy and forget about the hunger. Where's my Dominic?

Mary had a lamb.

His eyes black as coals.

If we play very quiet, my lamb,

Mary never has to know.

Dominic comes in and says: "I can't love somebody who can't love themselves. Love yourself babe, cause your worth it.". You're at loss for words. In a mad dash you try and knock some sense into him that you have been losing weight just for him. Just for him and Renee. He stumbles, swears and leaves. You stay there, breathing deeply. Its over.

Renee leave, throwing you an apologetic look. Your hands grip your hips.

I only ask for affection you know

If only Didi would come up with new hairstyles. Maybe that will give you something to believe in. Your heart hurts for Dominic. You need him to fuel you on. Your clothing is a little baggy now. But that's okay because maybe if you loose enough weight you can be in Dominic or someone's arms.

Just once in my life,
I think it'd be nice,
Just to lose control, just once.

You're folding clothes, feeling amazing. Those silicone treatments really work. Renee is kind. You love everything now. Your eyes are opened. But you feel so weak. You have eaten yesterday. You have a lot of expensive clothes. Your new boytoy proposed to you.

Grace says time to go home.

You feel tired, and fall asleep on the couch, sprawled out. In a crazy fashion. Your silk dress shirt is wrinkled and smells like a mini bar. Your head is spinning. Everywhere is pain of last month's events. You an only take being alive for so much.

Renee lies. Grace is a pushover. Dominic is a wealthy boytoy who can only last for so long. Godfrey is paying off his dept. Didi is a user, no wonder she's so jumpy. Eunice is a killer. You have to deal with them your whole life now.

And being alive





You fall asleep, after vomiting for a last time as promised. You fall to the ground.

No one finds the body. And that's just the world you wanted to live in. END.