This sprang from a random conversation with my sister, in which I mentioned how great it would have been if Blaine had realised that Jeremiah was running away from him, and then turned aorund to see Kurt slumped against that mannequin...D:

She insisted I wrote that (her words were something along the lines of "write it, bitch, write it now!"), and so I did. Enjoy :D

"Bum-bum-bum-bum, bum-bum-bum-bum..."

Blaine smoothed his blazer, composed himself and opened his mouth, starting to sing. As he moved across the store towards Jeremiah, he smiled. What could possibly go wrong?

But by the second verse, he was beginning to doubt that this had been such a good idea. Jeremiah didn't seemed to be very enthusiastic; in fact, it looked like he was...running away, if Blaine was completely honest. That probably wasn't a good thing.

He continued to sing, following Jermiah around, but his heart wasn't really in it any more. The thing was, he didn't feel sad or heartbroken, despite the fact that Jeremiah clearly didn't feel the same way. He just felt embarrassed. He didn't think he'd ever made that much of a fool out of himself - and he'd performed in theme parks.

He turned, preparing to over towards the cash registers, but a figure slumped in the corner caught his eye. He turned his head. It was Kurt. He was standing with his head resting on the shoulder of a mannequin, wearing a heart-breakingly sad expression with his eyes fixed firmly on Blaine.


I'm deliberately leaving that there. We know what happens next, that won't change. I'm just tweaking things a little.

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