Hyna Oogiejess vore series

I am going out on a limb and decited to write an Oogiejess vore thing for Jessy and Emmy. Now, I refused to be vored or doing it, but I love to snuggle the result of a toon who had vored someone else (because to me the plump fella who did the vore deal looks like a big teddy bear who is asking for a hug and to be cuddled.) now, let's go (oh and Jessy, you will get your revenge on Mafifas, as I will use my magic to make him overweight and you will eat him as Oogiejess, tehe, but you have to wait later ^_^)

Chapter 1: The Idea

It is morning hear in Toon Town (Zoom above it). The Audience then hears humming, and then it zooms down to a familiar budding Authoress, it was a 18 year old girl, with fair skin, brown eyes that shine and twinkle with mischift and wisdom, Tall (but secretly very thin if you take the cloths off) and has brown hair with streaks of blond in it, and wore Brown hiking boots (Combat boots), green millitary cammo pants, a gray short sleeved t-shirt, a green chunin vest, a Digivice 01 and a weird watch like thing called the Omytrix (The first Ben 10 series one) on her right arm. Her name is Thehynageneral, but to her friends her name is Arabella Hyna Kelly or Bella for short.

She was walking down the road with a comprehension journel that was titled "Transformers Vore" humming a tune as she came up to where her friend Jessy is and climbed the building (Using spidermans wall crawling abilitys in her feet) and then with a shift turned into Frenzy (G1 Transformers) and turned his right arm into a piledriver and pounded the roof and yelled.

"Jessy! Jessy! Come up I have a surprise to read"

That caused some a group of two young girls girls to then climb up the stairs to the roof.

The first was a 17 year old girl with black hair, brown eyes, a red baseball cap and jeans, green shoes and a purple jacket over a black T-shirt. She was Subuku no Jess, or Jessy Krelborn for short.

The second one was a 17 year old girl with reddish brown hair, buck teeth, and dark brown eyes. She wore a fishing hat, a purple shirt with blue pants and black to white shoes. Her name was Emmydisney17, or Emmy for short.

These two were two of many Arabellas friends in the toon world, they were visiting each other, since the other authoress were going on family vacations, the same with Jessys parents on a family grown-up vacation, so Jessy and her pet Twoey were watching over the house, along with Emmy (A/N: my little teddy bear) when they felt the quake beliving the apartment was collapsing, but quickly sawed it was me when I yelled Jessys name over and over, that they came up to the roof and sawed the silly shapeshifter, in the form of the red and black cassete transformer, holding the comprehension journel book. Seeing the two, frenzy smiled and returned his arm to normal. "Hiyah girls hows it hanging?"

"It's hanging ok bell, though I will like to know why you almost made us think the building is collapsing?" said Emmy

"Sorry my little teddy bear (tickling Emmys belly making her laugh)" Said Bella with a sensere smile

"(Tehe) bella, why do you call me a teddy bear?" asked Emmy

"that's easy, after reading your 'Oogiejess dare' storys, and reading you getting a distined belly, the same with Jessy as Oogiejess, as when I read them, you looked like to me in my mind a big teddy bear to snuggle and cuddle and hug and squeeze" said Arabella with a big smile. Then held out the comprehension journel "So, you girls want to read some transformers vore, written by some of my other author friends?"

The only response was the two girls grabbing her arms and quickly pulling her into the apartment.


Cut to Jessys room where Bella was The Scorpion (Spiderman Animated) and sat on his tail like a chair, and read the comprehension journel of transformers vore, the same with Jessy and Emmy with a red-covered comprehension mimic of the black comprehension journel Scorpion had.

"(Giggling) I can't belive TFA Prowl's belly really stretched that he almost couldent fit in his room." Said Emmy with a giggle.

"(Smileing) belive it Em, it was actually cute, oh and the snuggling and hugging (Hearts forming around his head with a happy smile) it felt like a mushy Clayface" with a goofy smile.

"Really, wich one?" asked Jessy

"All three of team clayface, mushed together into a mushy mush pile making them huggable and snuggable" said Scorpion with a happy look

Emmy then turned a page to the story 'Love and protection' and red it quickly and smiled.

"Jessy turn to 'Love and protection' and you can see both TFA Prowl and TFA Jazz act the same way your with me" said Emmy

Jessy did what Emmy did and smiled, what Prowl did to Jazz was really the same with Jessy and Emmy, when Jessy was Oogiejess, and he/she swallowed Emmy whole, she was like a mother, with Emmy as her daughter, which got Arabella cooing and smiling at the scean when she got up to them and huggled them like mad.

Scorpion sawed them reading more and talking about the times Jessy turned into Oogiejess and behaved motherly to Emmy, when she was in Oogiejess, that he got an idea (or I got an idea since I am inside Scorpions body) and stood up, putting away the comprehension notebook-book and returned to being Arabella and smiled looking at the two girls, who turned up to her and sawed how big she is smiling.

"Uh Bella, why are you smiling" asked Jessy, as Arabella leaned in closely eye to eye.

", , my two favorite teddy bears in the whole wide world" she said with a lovey dove and beggy eyes.

The two girls knew what she wanted and the two smiled big at the idea. What is the idea…

"You want Jessy to turn into Oogiejess and for him/her to eat me and have me and oogiejess eat a lot making us or Oogiejess big to snuggle and hug." Stated Emmy, earning Arabella to stand up and grin with her tounge sticking out ", I mean it if you don't…" Arabella could continue, Jessy putted a finger to the shapeshifters mouth quieting her, and the two grinned.

"Bella, your hugs are very snug and cute, so yes, we will do just that, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttt, you must provide the food" said jessy, as Bella took a step back.

"that I can do (pops open her head revealing her brain), I can make food with thought-forms (pulls out a pink molded form that looks like a plate of brownies, that turned into a real plate of brownies), and I have an unlimited amount of it." Holds the plate to the girls, who at first were discusted at seeing the girls head open, but took a brownie each and ate it, and got a wide stary eyed grin on their faces.

"WOW THIS IS THE BESTEST TASTEING BROWNIES EVER!" shouted the two girls, causing the shapeshifter to grin "Thanks (Closes her head and puts the brownie plate on the table) everying thought up and molded out of thoughtforms are always 100% perfect." Bella said with a thumbs up and smile.

The two girls smiled, as Arabella walked out the door "Me and my toon friends are gonna pull out some food for Oogiejess, now don't go and swallow Emmy till I got the fixins to make her presentable" said the girl with a smile as she walked out the room.


In the living room Arabella sat in a chair as her friends, Church, Tucker, and Caboose (Red ), Jack Spicer (Xiolen showdown), Blizwing (G1 Transformers; Human size) came out of her brain, as the girl opened up her brain.

"Ok boys, Were going to need lots of food for our two vorapitic friends." Said Bella pulling out a bowl of thoughtform strawberries.

"Yay big sister" said Caboose, clapping his hands.

"Caboose, it's still discusting yet (Pulls out a thoughtform orange, and takes off his helmet to eat), I call you something bad, but I am limited to not" sead Church, pulling a thoughtform cake out of bellas head, and placing it on the table"

"Bella, think I can get my Bow, chika, bow, wow, on with Oogiejess" stated Tucker, with a gleem in his helmet.

"No!" stated Bella, Jack and Blizwing, with Blizwing smacking the back of his head.

"Jessy is our friend, and she has Auron you nut, so don't get any ideas" stated Blizwing, as he pulled a tray of thought form of chocolate cookies.

Tucker then smirked under his mask, and rubbed the back of his helmet, and with two hands pulled out five chocolate cakes.

"Seriously Tucker you need to find yourself a girlfriend, yah know" stated Jack Pulling out a big bowl of salad and Icing. "And leave mine or Killer Moths lady friends alone" Jack stated with a glare, which Tucker blushed.

"silly heads, you can't get your game on with Jessy, but you can snuggle with her like a big teddy" said Bella

That got the group to smile and continue to help the girl pull thought food out of her head and place on the table.


While the shapeshifter and her friends were getting food ready, Jessy and Emmy looked at each other and grinned.

"Now then, Should I turn into Oogiejess your way or my way?" Jessy said with her cheshere cat grin

"Your way." Emmy said with a giggle

Jessy nodded and pulled out a test tube titled 'Hyde Formula from SnJ's Hyde and Go Jess story', and drank it down, and in a few minutes Jessy changed into an 11 foot tall green burlap sack of bugs with eyes and a mouth. On his/her skin, the initials "SNJ" were stitched around his/her upper body. He/She wore Jessy's red baseball cap backwards and Jessy's purple jacket. The figure seemed to resemble Oogie Boogie, the evil boogeyman. He/She had Oogie's voice and Jessy's voice mixed together. This was OogieJess Hyde, Jessy's monster form and Emmy's best friend, and me and my toon friend's big teddy bear to snuggle.

He/she then walked to the door and knocked "Oh Arabella, do you have the fixins? Blushy (A/N: Call me blushy Jessy or any of you authoress, and I will blush harder ^_^)"

"Yess" said Arabella as she, the three blues, Jack and blizwing pushed in a big tray of a multitude of food, an empty pot and stuff to cover Emmy with.

"Awww, she wants to spoil us little supper" said Oogiejess with a crackle/giggle

"(Giggle) I'll say (looks at bella) you really want to cuddle me and Jessy really" said Emmy, as Arabella made the mimic books disappeared.

", tehe" said Arabella with a smile.

"That is right little teddy, now please get in the pot, so we can dress you up" said Jack holding the pot open for Emmy

"Hehe, Ok" said Emmy with a big smile.


An hour later (After eating the table of food)

Oogiejess's swollen stomach, disputed being full, growled loudly as it un-easily waited for Emmy to be inside "Easy you." Oogiejess told her growling stomach, Bella and Caboose just made it worst, by tickling him/her making her laugh. "Bella Cabbossie (Laughing) stop that please? "Sorry , but your so cute that way" Said Caboose, still tickling Him/Her, making the gender fused monster laugh harder, while Jack and Church looked at the sceen and smiled.

"Now Emmy, are you ready?" asked Bella, after she finished tickling "Let's go for it guys." Emmy said as she sat down inside the pot. Oogiejess (Breaking away from Cabooses Tickling) got some chocolate ice cream and covered Emmy all over in the ice cream. The chill of the ice cream made Emmy giggle happily soon Emmy was burried in ice cream from chocolate to even vanilla. Next Oogiejess covered whipped cream all over her best friend's body making her laugh. Then jack and Tucker covered her with all the fixens

"How do you like it in their our little teddy bear?" asked Blizwing

"Hehe, I Love it blizy" said Emmy, as then Blizwing gave her whipcreamed covered cheek a lick.

"heheh, are you guys done yet?"

"Almost we just need to put the cherry on top" stated oogiejess as she grabbed a cherry and putted it on top "their now, now it's done"

"Ok now Jess, you are clear for eating, but first" Arabella and her friends left the room "Ok you are now clear to eat the girl" said Bella from out the door. Oogiejess smiled at the shapeshifters antics, dispite being squeamish at seeing the voreing in action, that girl really loves the results of it. Oogiejess smiled ant turned to emmy.

Oogiejess licked her lips hungrily and said "Just look at you," She cooed "Just perfect to eat." "Yes," Emmy said.

Oogiejess grabbed her friend and placed her head inside her mouth. She then started gulping Emmy down as the food trinkled down her lips and into the pot, careful not to spill any on the floor. In less then a moment Emmy plopped inside her friend's tummy with a splash.

Oogiejess licked her lips happily as she started caressing the giant wobbling orb Emmy and the food she/he made in her/his stomach as the girl inside squirmed inside "You taste wonderful." HE/she said as the monster burped lightly as Emmy kept moving, Arabella (After asking her friends to return to her head) took that burp as a cue to come in, and she did, and as soon as she did and sawed the very distend stomach, hearts started flowing around her as she smiled big, then went up to the very big bellyed Oogiejess and, with a change, turned into Cannonbolt (Ben 10 Version) and gave Oogiejess, and Emmy who was inside him/her and gave the two a big cannonbolt hug.

"Coo, you two are so cute and snuggly and cute (Rubbs his cheek into Oogiejess) *Purr*"

Inside the Oogiejess belly, emmy was feeling Cannonbolts hugs and cuddles, and giggled at how sweet the hugs are, dispite being in the gender-fused monsters belly.


All through the night, that was what the shapeshifter and her two friends did, was hugging and snuggling together.

"(Looks at the autdiance and wispers) till the next day when I feed emmy and together to snuggle" stated the shapeshifter still as cannonbolt with a wink, thus ending the cartoon.