Zetsus Vore protection

Summary (thought I have Jessy and Emmy vored by someone else in the hyna squad that isn't a transformer):

After a nasy fight against Mafifas, Jessy and Emmy got severly sick from a spell that was fired at the two, reducing their tempreture and making them weak, on orders by Arabella, Zetsu took the two wichlings away to safety, into the forest of death in the Naruto world. Knowing that Jessy is too weak to turn into Oogiejess, and Emmy is too sick to use her magic, Zetsu did the only thing that needed to be done…He vored the two girls, to keep them warm in his tummy. Now Zetsu has to keep the two vore sisters safe from the dangers of the forest of death, till he is reunited with Bella and the rescue party

(Warning: Cute plumpness ahead)

And on note:

"this"=means black Zetsu is talking

"This"=means white Zetsu is talking

"this'=means hes talking with both voices because I am in control.

On days, Bella loved being the hyna squad leader, on other days, she hated it because it attracted unwanted attention, like now.

In the middle of the street of toon town Bella (as Zetsu (Naruto) ), Jessy and Emmy were fighting against Mafifas, who was enraged because Jessy and Arabella denied him a date…again, so he responded by attacking with every spell in the book in anger, causing the small group to dodge and avoid.

"Sheesh, when will he learn that I am not the girl for him" he said, chuckling with a small smile, as he and Emmy, and Jessy agreed.

"Have to agree Bell, the same with me as Oogiejess, I am not that type of person for him" said Jessy earning a nod from Emmy, but when Mafifas had a higher temp, his hands glowed Blue, and fired at Emmy.

"EMMY!" screamed Jessy, as she ran to Emmy, and covered the young wichling with her body, as the two ended up strucked by the blue bolt of magic, and fell to the ground, hugging each other and shivering like mad.

"EMMY! JESSY!" he yelled, as Bella (from Zetsus body) ran out of his body as Shredder (TEMT), and barked out some orders "ZETZU GET EMMY AND JESSY OUT OF HEAR NOW!" he yelled, as Zetsu went to the girls, and pulled them under armed.

"Bella, what about their body heat?" asked White Zetsu

"(Slashes at Mafifas who dodged) eat them!" yelled Shredder, as Zetsu gave a concerned look, but nodded, and disappeared into the ground away from the battle.

'Emmy, Jessy, Zetsu, be safe'


Forest of Death

In the forest of death at nighttime, Zetsu pulled out of the dirt with the two girls under his arms and layed them down into the dirt, only to see them hug one another to share the warmth (The poor girls), looking at the two, Zetsu knows that he had to start with Emmy since she is the most vulnable, so he picked up Emmy, having to pry Jessy away from her, only for the tomboy authoress to hug Zetsus waist for the warmth (her eyes and Emmys were closed), and rubbed her head into his.

'The poor girls, I really am glad that bella turned off the need to digest live prey and not dead prey'

'hummmm, great I guess were gonna have to miss a lot of dead flesh for a while till these two feel better'

Licking Emmys cheek, causing her to shiver, Zetsu opened his mouth wide and swallowed Emmy, head first, swallowing big gulps, Emmy slipped down Zetzus throught, causing his throught to swell to allow Emmy to slip into his Belly. Slowly Emmy was swallowed up to her waist, then her legs, then the rest was swallowed down, as his throught returned to normal, as he sat down (dragging Jessy who is still snuggling against Zetsu for warmth) and felt his Belly, and sawed it pushing against his cloak a bit because it swelled because of holding Emmy in him.

"Ok Jessy-chan"

"You're next"

He said picking Jessy up off his now swollen Belly, as he repeated the process of swallowing Jessy, that he did with Emmy, as he stood up, after doing that, he sat down again and leaned against a tree as he unclipped his cloak and his belly swelled out, his mesh shirt stretching to handle his plump belly.

"well that's unusal to say the least"

"but at least these two are safe and sound"

As he talked to himself, he abstratmindally rubbed his Swollen-plump Belly, only to feel his cargo kick and push at his touch, as the two vore sisters shifted inside to suck in the warmth, and it lead to the two girls to hug one another.

After a few more rubs, Zetsu then closed his venus flytrap appendages, and went to sleep


The next day, inside Zetsus Belly, Jessy and Emmys body tempreture had slowly got better, so Emmy opened her eyes, and sawed that she was in the soft comfinds of someones belly, smiling she belived that she was in Oogiejess Belly, that she snuggled abit, but was surprised to snuggle into Jessy, causing her to weakly open her eyes fully and was surprised to see that Jessy was in this weird place with her.

"(Poking jessy) Jessy, Jessy, Jessy wake up, wake up WAKE UP!" she yelled causing Jessy to wake up "huh? Whats wrong Emmy?" she asked groggally.

"Jessy were in someones belly, and possibly getting digested or taken somewhere to be furthered cooked" said Emmy panicing.

"WHAT!" she yelled, as the two then started to kick and squirm in every which way to try to get out.

Meanwhile Zetsu had awoken with a start feeling his Belly being poked and proded like mad, as he felt ripples on his belly showing that the girls are awake; Rubbing his belly to try to calm his cargo down, only to earn more kicks from both author qirls.

"Jessy, Emmy please calm down its me Zetsu, you were struck by a spell from Mafifas that caused your tempreture to drop and for you to get you deffly ill, that Arabella told me to take you somewhere safe"

"So you ate me and Emmy alive" said the voice of Jessy from the inside of Zetsus Belly.

"yes, but don't worry, Bella used her toon warping abilitys on me to make it that I can't digest vored victims, so you two are safe and sound till Bella comes to find me, so youre stuck in me.

"Ok Zetzu, though this is extreamly unusual then what me and Jessy were vored in, though (Zetsu feels Emmy shift into a Ball) I am starting to feel cold and sick again"

"I guess that means even though you are in me you'll face on off bouts of feeling cold sevearly"

"Don't worry (Zetsu feels his belly shifts some more, as it feels Jessy places her Jacket on Emmy as she rubs Emmys back) If Zetzu is gonna help, then so will I" she said as she decited to sing a comforting lullaby song to Emmy, singing with Oogiejess voice:

Jessy (In OogieJess' Voice): Sleep, My Little Supper

Rest, My Little Supper

As you sleep in my tummy

Dream of things that are yummy

Just like you are in my tummy

While Jessy sung that, Zetzu rubbed his distined Belly, feeling that this feeling is like when he did it to Tobi once, this feeling of closeness that its close.

Jessy (In OogieJess' Voice): Little Supper

I love to swallow you

Little Supper, I know you are sweet through and through

Little Supper, As my belly gurgles and churns

It is just protecting you

Zetzu then sees that this must be how the transformer comrads must feel when they do this to their mates or charges, well it feels nice.

Not noticed by the plant man ninja, was an Armored being, who was hearing the male/female voice from inside the plant-man ninjas belly.

Inside Zetsus Belly, Emmy has fallen asleep, and snuggled close to Jessy, causing her to coo as her voice splits in two as she rubbed Emmy gently.

Jessy's Voice (Oogie's Voice): Little Supper (Little Supper)

Little Supper (Little Supper)

Little Supper (Little Supper)

Little Supper (Little Supper)

The amored being, then lept down from the tree, showing his face was the Shreader/Bella, Zetsu sawed him, but didn't say a word as he held a finger to his face mask telling him to stay quiet as Jessy finishes.

Jessy (In OogieJess' Voice): Dear Little Supper

Precious Little Supper

Treasured Little Supper

I will always watch over you

My Little Supper

Shredder/Bella walked up to Zetzu and kneeled and placed his hands on his knees as he heard Jessy/Oogiejess finish singing, as she slowly went to sleep with Emmy.

Jessy (In OogieJess' Voice): Cuz' I... love you

After that song, Jessy went to sleep just like Emmy, causing the Samuri to smile, as he went and gently picked up Zetzu bridal style like he weighed nothing.

"(Wispering) hay Zetzu I see the look in your face, I am guessing you're not ready to have the two girls removed from your belly yet?"

"(Wispering) yah, it feels good and I know how it feels when our transformer comrads do this (Rubs his tummy)"

"(Smiles under his mask) well, how about I walk out of the forest of death with a song of my own" he said as his own voice splits, between his own and of Arabellas voice.

(Cue music of 'any dream will do' from "joseph and the amazing technicolored dreamcoat" as Shredder walked slowly and gently)

Shredder (In Arabellas Voice): I closed my eyes,

Drew back the curtain

To see for certain what I thought I knew

Zetzu smiled at the song, as Shredder/Bella kept walking through the forest, his/her gentle voice caused the animals to feel soothed and left the Samari/girl alone as he/she sang some more.

Shredder (In Arabellas Voice): Far, Far away

Some on was weeping but the world was sleeping

Any dream will do.

Stepping through the woods, Shredder changed into Kisame (Naruto), he gave a toothy grin as he rubbed his cheek onto Zetsus Belly, causing Zetsu to laugh lightly.

Kisame (In Bellas Voice): I wore my coat with golden linings

Bright colors shinning, wonderful and new

Kisame (with his own voice): and in the east, the dawn was breaking

And the world was wakeing, any dream will do.

Out of the forest of death, Kisame, looked and allowed the sunshine to rub on his face, as he looked down at Zetsu, who had fell asleep due to the song. In his mind in Kisames side, he was happy to have a little sibling in Jessy, to love and protect like the older brother he is, and from Arabellas half, the need to protect Emmy-chan, her little bunny rabbit, along with Jessy-kun, her teddy bear, which made her happy.

Kisame (In his own voice): A crash of drums

Kisame (In Bellas Voice): A flash of light

Kisame (In his own voice):My golden coat, flew out of sight

Kisame (In Bella's and his own voice): the colorurs faded into darkness I was left alone

(a portal opens as he finishes the song)

May I return to the begining

The light is dimming and the dream is too

The world and I, we are still waiting

Still hesitating, Any dream will do

(Slowly and softly) Still hesitating, any dream will do

Walks into the portal, snuggling Zetsus filled belly, with his precious cargo, as the music ends and fades out.