What Happened to Sector Z?

A/N: It is the end of September and, as promised, here is the next KND fic. Because of the Kids Next Door movie Operation Z.E.R.O. every KND fan knows that Father used a delightfulization chamber to delightfulize Sector Z and so they became the Delightful Children from down the Lane, enemy to the Kids Next Door, primarily Sector V. But I want to know what was Sector Z like before that and what exactly did happen the moment their lives were changed forever.

Disclaimer: This may or may not have happened. In the movie, Numbuh Zero had a team behind him when freeing the kids from the tapioca factory. The silhouettes of this team looked very much like Sector Z, at least to me. So I don't own the DCFDTL, I don't own Sector Z, and I don't own the Kids Next Door.

Chapter 1
The Seventh Age of the Kids Next Door

It was in the time of the tyranny of the evil adult Grandfather when one kid and his book stood up for all of kid-kind. That day marked the start of the seventh age of the Kids Next Door, but there were still more secrets left to tell…

David continued to push the machine-thingy-mabob to stir that disgusting senior delight, tapioca pudding. The lumps gurgled in a sickly way that would make your stomach churn, but he and his friends were used to that by now. They were tough, and so they secretly resisted.

It was Ashley's plan. Subtly, they would stick dirt in the pudding that adults would dine on later. It was a hope to get Grandfather sick enough to give them time to run. But he never got sick. He never gagged, and hope was starting to diminish.

Until that day.

Bruce stood up top, pouring a 3 tone sack of sugar-free pudding mix into the vat being stirred when he saw two shadows run out of the building.

"Psst, David."

The taller boy looked up and saw Bruce pointing to the far wall. David caught a glimpse of green light and then it vanished. The door had opened.

"What was that?"

"You mean 'who.' It was Grandfather's sons," answered Bruce.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, the scum. They leave and let us do all the work."

"Monty wouldn't do that," said Lenny from another position.

"Yeah, Monty hates Grandfather as much as we do," said Ogie.

"Monty had Ben with him. We all know how spineless he is. Even if Monty wouldn't run out on us, Ben would, or go tell Grandfather that they were able to get outside," sneered Bruce.

"Listen, Bruce. This may be an opportunity. We've never tried getting out of here, but now is our chance. If Monty and Benedict made it, then so can we," said Ashley.

"What do you suggest?" asked David.

Ashley smirked. "What we kids can do best. RUN!"

All five of them started sprinting toward the door when alarms started blaring. "Boys! Where Are You?" Grandfather's voice called out furiously.

"KEEP GOING!" shouted Ashley. Lenny reached the door first and was able to throw it aside.


"Almost There!"


The kids ran hard and with one least effort, jumped out of the doorway. There was a tree not too far away that they ran over to it for safety. Ben was climbing down it looking nervous. When he caught sight of the others, he gulped and began to sweat.

"W-what are you guys doing out here? Oh, Pappy is going to be so sore."

"We're getting out of this dump. What about you?" Bruce said, poking the boy in the chest. Ben stumbled back when Monty came down, dressed in a type of make-shift armor and sporting dark, square sunglasses. He didn't give his brother a look.

"What are you wearing?" asked Ogie.

"It's some armor I found in the tree. You guys are never going to believe this. This tree has a secret spot in it and there's this book, and it has all types of instructions on how to fight adult tyranny and—"

"Fight adult tyranny? Sounds like my kind of book," said Bruce, tilting his hat.

"What's the plan?" David asked eagerly. Monty looked dumbfounded for a moment. He never really thought of a plan, just take down Grandfather.

"You don't have a plan?" Ashley asked.

"Give me a moment. I'll think of—wait a minute. There's a bunch of weapons and stuff in the tree. We can use that to blow-up the factories. And there's a vent just on the other side that would take us to the over-hand of the factory where Grandfather sneers at us. That would give us a great vantage point and—"

"Sounds good to me," said Lenny.

"Let's do it!"

As the plan was being discussed, Ben slipped away quietly, wanting nothing to do with his brother and the other kids. They're going to fail and Pappy will take it out on me… oh.

The kids went inside the tree, each finding a weapon. To Bruce, the carrot-num-chucks, Ashley: the umbrella sword, Ogie: knife and fork utensils, David: the eraser tipped spear, and Lenny: a pair of power-punching gloves. Monty picked up two 2X4 hand guns and straightened his glasses.

"We all know the plan. This isn't stupid, this is kids chance for freedom. We have more than zero chance, as long as we work together."


"Let's go!"

The team trotted across the dried lawn to the factory wall. Lenny, the scout, gave a thumbs up for the all clear. David used his spear to pull the vent cover off and allowed Ogie, Bruceie, and Monty in first. Ashley and Lenny came in next, followed by the cramped David.

"It's so small in here," David hissed.

"You're just too tall," Bruce shot back.

"We're here," said Monty, who kicked the next vent cover open. The overhang was empty. No Grandfather, no associates, no anyone. "It's all clear guys," Monty whispered back and climbed out of the vent. He walked out into the light while the rest remained in the shadows. Before taking action, Monty looked at the book of KND with a smile and put it in his back pocket before lifting his guns and motioning for his team to strike.

Monty himself jumped down and started blasting away at all the machinery. Ashley, Ogie, and Lenny proceeded to free the kids and get them out while David and Bruce helped tear everything apart. Two guards came up behind Monty, ready to tackle the dissenter when all of a sudden there was a loud thump and the two adults crumpled to the ground with dazed groans. Monty spun around to see a girl with dark red hair, almost on the verge of being purple, standing over his attackers with a large coal shovel in hand.


"You're welcome," she smiled.

"We're Saved!" a kid cried happily. Other kids started laughing and cheering while dancing in tapioca. Monty walked up to the huge furnace, the source of the factory's power. Pulling out two bombs, the kid threw them into the fire and caused the biggest explosion of the century. All of the kids ran out and watched the main factory and all the surrounding factories blow-up and crumble. Cheering and laughing, they exchanged hugs, finally free of adult tyranny.

"Good job!" Bruce congratulated Monty and shook hands.

"!" Everyone snapped around and saw Grandfather bellowing furiously with a bowl of tapioca in his hands. "To think my own son would rebel against my evil power!" He threw the bowl down to emphasis "power."

"I'm giving you just three seconds to go to your room, OR ELSE!" Grandfather lifted his energy swirling hands threateningly and started to slowly push the freed kids into a corner. Ashley and her crew took out their weapons and aimed, waiting for Monty's signal.


Monty looked around nervously.


His hand went to his other back pocket.


"ZERO!" Monty shouted and pulled out a giant gun, blasting his father with the blue beam and decimating all of the darkness that covered him.

All that was left was a middle-aged man out cold on the pavement, not a memory to his name.

The loss of the tapioca factories was one that the adults were slowly recovering from, especially the elderly adults. Tapioca had made it's way as an invaluable resource to adult kind, but now with the destruction of the main factories and loss of labor, the economy dwindled. And so it remained until a smart young adult created the idea of a monkey doll of different colors… but that's another story.

Right now, the children laborers of the central tapioca factory were celebrating their victory with sarsaparilla and games. Brucey sat back with his mug, resting on a broken piece of mixing bowl. "Well, that was relatively simple."

"Too simple," said Ashley. "Are you sure Grandfather isn't going to be an issue?"

Monty shook his head and took a sip of his drink. "Nah, he'll wake up wondering what tie he's gonna wear tomorrow."

"So what's the plan?" asked David, who was leaning on his pool stick.

Pulling out the book and flipping through the pages, Monty answered in his faint English accent, "I'm not done yet. Grandfather may have been the largest threat, but kid's are still living under tyranny all across the world. We're gonna start the Kids Next Door again."

"Again? How many times has it been started and stopped in that book?" asked Lenny.

Monty flipped through and scanned a page. "Um… six times? This'll be the seventh."

"Can't keep a good thing down I guess," said Ogie.

"I could really use some help. I'll be moving back to London to live with my mum, so I'll start a tree-house there. You guys could help start one here."

"You live in London too?"

The group turned and Monty saw the red-haired girl who had helped him from before.

"It's you," he said in recognition. "You live in London?"

"Yes. I was visiting my aunt and uncle when I got trapped into working here like a bunch of other kids. I'm heading back home too."

"Excellent. We can start a… a… a what-do-you-call-it…" Monty flipped through the book again, "a sector in England." He looked at Ashley, David, Bruce, Lenny, and Ogie. "And you all could start a sector in America."

Ashley looked hesitantly at David. "That sounds great Monty… but we already have plans."

"Plans? What plans?"

David looked at the shorter boy seriously. "We've heard of some other things that Grandfather could do. Terrible powers that could turn a kid old."

Monty blanched. How did they know? The reaction wasn't unnoticed. Bruce looked at him with his intense stare.

"You know what we're talking about."

Monty looked down in... was it shame? "Yes."

"Well…" said Ashley, "that got us thinking: why couldn't we find something that would turn adults back into kids? Or at least keep kids at the age they are now."

"Like a fountain of youth or something?"

"Yeah… or something like that," said David.

"We're going on a mission so no kid will ever have to be an adult," said Bruce with pride, hitting his fist to his chest.

"But there are other kids here who would follow you," said Ogie, always trying to be comforting.

"Will I ever see you guys again?" asked Monty.

Ashley put a solacing hand on his shoulder. "Sure you will." She then pulled back and saluted Monty. "Kids all over are going to look to you… Numbuh Zero."

The others saluted as well, along with the red-haired girl and a bunch of other freed factory kids.

And so began the seventh age of the Kids Next Door, one of the most successful ages full of fun, adventure, friendship, and cracker-jack stories. Numbuh Zero started Sector E but later abdicated to Numbuh 999 so that he could help other sectors start all over the world. Following the Book of KND to the letter, kids were able to recreate, improve and invent their own 2x4 technology.

This would be a happy ending to this story, but our focus is not on the success of the Kids Next Door. Our story is what happened to Sector Z.

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