What Happened to Sector Z

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She typed silently at the keyboard, the light of the monitor dim against the noonday light. The office around her was quiet except for the staccato sounds of her fingers tapping the rows of keys incessantly.

"… perfect family… and done," she murmured, emphasizing her accomplishment with one last, loud tap.

The printer groaned from the effort of printing out the woman's handiwork, but with a violent tremor was able to spit out the hot paper into her hands. She proceeded to paperclip the stack of stationary neatly and let it slip gently into a manila envelope.

"Perfect," she mouthed and sealed the envelope before moving over to the P.A. microphone.

"Abigail Lincoln to the principals office, please," she announced. The woman busied herself with stacking papers and tidying up her desk as she waited for the young student to arrive in the office. Discreetly, she slid the manila envelope under the rest of the stack.

"Um… Ms. Midnight? You called?"

"Hello, Abby," Ms. Midnight looked up and smiled.

"Does the principal need to see me?"

"Oh, no dear. I think a little old secretary like me can do this." Ms. Midnight stood up and handed Abby the stack she had been fiddling with for the last few minutes. "This is that honor roll paperwork your parents need."

Abby grimaced and looked at the small stack of large envelopes.

"Give them to your parents and have them turn them in by next week."

"Uh… thanks Ms. Midnight. Numbuh 5'll make sure they get this," the ten year-old replied grimly and walked out of the office where she was met by her friends. Ms. Midnight smiled contently as she watched the group head off towards the cafeteria, laughing and jumping around.

"Those were the good ol' days," she sighed quietly before opening a drawer to her desk. Inside was a badge that she used to wear all the time, the weathered print read: 117.

Later in Sector V's tree house, Numbuh 5 was looking through her backpack when she came across those papers from earlier. The grimace was back.

"No way Numbuh 5 wants to be on the honor roll, baby," she muttered grumpily and tossed the packet of papers over to her couch when something caught her eyes. A manila envelope slipped down from the couch to the floor.

At first Numbuh 5 was going to ignore it, but the lettering on the paper was what grabbed her attention. It was labeled: To Sector Z.

"Sector Z?" she mumbled to herself and picked up the envelope. Inside was a neat packet of papers, typed and ready for reading.

"It was in the time of the tyranny of the evil adult Grandfather when one kid and his book stood up for all of kid-kind," she read out loud, eyes wide. "This is the legend of Numbuh 0!"

Like a shot, Numbuh 5 took off and ran to the living room where she knew she would find one of her teammates. Hopeful Numbuh 1 was there too.

"Numbuh 1!" she hollered. In the living room were Numbuh's 2 and 4 playing video games and Numbuh 3 coloring.

"Oh, hey Numbuh 5," Numbuh 4 greeted.

"Have you guys seen Numbuh 1?"

"Uh… I think he's out with Lizzie," answered Numbuh 2.

"No, he went in his room," Numbuh 3 spoke up cheerily.

"Thanks," Numbuh 5 said and took off for her leader's room. Numbuh 2 watched her curiously.

"Wonder what that was about?"

Numbuh 5 quickly approached the door and rapped on the outer wood. "Numbuh 1? You there?"

The door opened and Numbuh 1's bald head stuck out. "What is it Numbuh 5? I'm busy with a project for—"

Before he could finish, Numbuh 5 stuck the papers in his face. "You're gonna want to see these."

The leader of Sector V frowned and snatched the papers away. His eyes moved back and forth speedily as he read the first few lines, but they eventually slowed down as it sunk in what exactly he was looking at.


"David? Who's David?"

"If this is what I think it is… David was a member of Sector Z. One of the Delightful Children."

"What do you think it is?" asked Numbuh 5.

Numbuh 1 shook his head out of his reverie. A pit of excitement was growing steadily in his stomach and he knew he wouldn't be able to contain the gushing feeling for very long.

"Uh… get the other for an emergency meeting in the debriefing room. We're about to witness history!" he laughed and took off for the debriefing room. Numbuh 5 raised an eyebrow, but did as she was told.

"Guys, we're needed in the debriefing room!" she went back to the living room and called.

"Aww… roight now?! I'm just about ta—"

"There was a deafening blast and some wa wa wa music from the TV, causing Numbuh 4 to sink into the couch.

"I win again!" Numbuh 2 crowed victoriously.

"No fair! Rematch!" demanded Numbuh 4.

"Later!" Numbuh interrupted and pulled the plug to the TV. "Numbuh 1 needs us in the debrief."

"What's so important?" asked Numbuh 2.

"Numbuh 5's not sure yet, but I'm sure Numbuh 1'll explain. C'mon."

The rest of the sector picked themselves up and followed to the debrief room and took their places on the circular couch that faced the podium. Numbuh 1 was at his usual spot on the podium, flipping through the pages of his newfound treasure.

"Whatcha looking at Numbuh 1?" Numbuh 3 asked curiously.

"Excellent question, Numbuh 3. This here," he held up the book of papers, "is the key to part of Kids Next Door history."

"History?! You interrupted mah game for some cruddy history?!" Numbuh 4 cried indignantly.

"Not just any history, Numbuh 4. This is the story of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane."

His team was silent. "The Delightful Dorks? Why would someone write about them?" asked Numbuh 2.

"I'm not totally sure about that, Numbuh 2. But from what I can see of this story, this is what happened before they were delightfulized… when they were Sector Z. And I want to read it out loud before adding it to our archives."

Numbuhs 2-5 exchanged looks until Abby readjusted her hat and spoke up. "Well… what are ya waiting for? Numbuh 5 says go ahead and read."

Numbuh 1 smirked and flipped to the first page. "It was in the time of the tyranny of the evil adult Grandfather when one kid and his book stood up for all of kid-kind," he read out loud. "That day marked the start of the seventh age of the Kids Next Door, but there were still more secrets left to tell…"


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