Theme Song: "A Life So Changed" ~ Titanic Soundtrack

As Jack walked back into the house that was Rose's, he sat down on the sofa and looked down at the floor, with a sad and depressed look. As his eyes filled with tears, he lied down on his side on the sofa and broke into severe tears. The life that was so perfect just two hours ago was now ruined, it was now a horrible nightmare.

"I'm so sorry for your loss, Jack." David said in a low voice, as he appeared in the living room, a few feet from Jack.

Jack looked up at David with tearful, red, angry eyes.

"You!" Jack yelled angrily with a tearful voice. "Were you the one who took her from me! Huh! Was it YOU that she saw!"

David sighed as he sat on the coffee table, in front of Jack and looked at him with sympathy.

"No, it was not, Jack." David said sincerely. "I'm honestly sorry she's gone."

What—what is this some sort of revenge or something?" Jack asked between tears. "What is this a penalty for me leaving from being an angel or something! I—I mean WHAT!"

David sighed and frowned slightly.

"JACK," David said flatly. "You know its not revenge or a penalty, but I did tell you there were consequences for you falling to Earth and leaving your post as an angel. Every one has to face the consequences that go along with their actions, fortunately for you, Rose's death was not one of those consequences. It was actually her time to die, her time to come to heaven."

Jack frowned at David with anger as tears streamed from his eyes.

"WHAT!" Jack yelled between tears. "You mean I came back here and you knew all along that she was going to die! Today! Why the hell didn't you tell me!"

David frowned deeply.

"Because JACK," David began, "If I had told you, would you have still fallen to Earth and prepared her for her death?"

Jack shook his head and frowned more, he stood up off the sofa quickly and began pacing.

"I—I don't get it, what the hell are you talking about!" Jack yelled.

David sighed and shook his head.

"Jack, with the way Rose was depressed and saddened over YOUR passing, she would have committed suicide days ago with that grief she was experiencing, she would've died way before her time was even up here on this Earth and with that, she'd NEVER get to be an angel in heaven; but because you came down here and helped her overcome her grief and filled her heart with joy and happiness, once more—just ONE more time, she was able to die at the time she was SUPPOSED to die and she was able to go to heaven and be an angel, because you saved her—AGAIN. Don't you see?"

Jack looked down and sighed with a frown as tears streamed from his eyes, he closed his eyes and frowned more.

"Is she alright—up in heaven? At least tell me, if she's alright." Jack said in almost a whisper, with a teary voice.

David scoffed and smiled briefly.

"Come on, Jack." David said calmly. "You know she's alright, you've been to heaven, you know what its like."

Jack wiped the tears from his eyes and tried hard to keep from breaking into severe tears.

"You saved her Jack," David said in a low voice, "not once, but this time, makes it twice. That was the job God wanted you to do, and you did it, you did it your way, but you did it. God is pleased with you because of that and because of that, you WILL see her again, Jack."

Jack looked away as more tears streamed and as he looked back at where David was standing, he saw David had vanished away. Jack sighed with sadness, a sadness he knew he'd feel for the rest of his life on Earth. He gave Rose the gift of saving her a second time, but he lost her in the process and would never see her again until his own life ended one day in the future. It was a 'saving' gift from Jack, given to Rose a second time that was so sweet, but with results so tragic…