A Troyella Story

They had met in high school and been together since senior year. Both had gone to East High in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Troy was a jock and Gabriella was a very intelligent girl. Troy remembers when he first saw her, beginning of senior year. He could remember it like it was yesterday.

Troy flashback

"Man, I can't believe he didn't pass the ball to you we could have scored" said Chad Troy's best friend. "I know man I know some guys just don't think." Troy replied. " But now that your captain this year things are definitely going to change. Plus I hear this year the girls are looking good." Chad added. "Like I can think about girls when my dad's always hounding me about my game." Troy's dad was the coach at East High and unfortunately was always concerned about how Troy played basketball. "You know that all of the girls here have never caught my eye , they pretty much act like sluts around me." "Well I think Taylor's pretty cute . Chad said. You would you've known her for like forever. Hey lets get to homeroom before Miss Darbus gives us detention. Troy sighed and walked into his homeroom knowing every eye was on him. Troy was pretty much the god of East High, if you were his friend you looked up to him cuz of the way he played basketball, if you were a girl you wanted to sleep with him, and if you never talked to him trust me you wanted to at East High.

Troy walked to his usual seat and waited for the bell to ring. He and Chad had been lucky today because the bell hadn't rung yet and Miss Darbus wasn't in the room yet. A girl Troy knew as Jessica walked over to him almost seductively and leaned on his desk waiting for him to look up. Hey what s up Jess how was ur weekend. It was good could have been better if you had gone to Chase's party. You know me and Chase don't get along. Chase Brown was Troy's known enemy he was captain of the West High basketball team and was also known for getting any girl he wanted. Troy despised him.

Miss Darbus came into the room and Jessica flounced back to her seat. Good morning class she said. Most of them grunted a solemn good morning. She continued saying now before I do role call. I have an announcement to make. We have a new addition to our school and she walked out of the room for a second a grabbed a petite person. Meet Gabriella Montez she announced. Now Troy wasn't paying attention at all instead he was texting Chad from across the room. But suddenly he heard Miss Darbus say that this new student was assigned to sit next to him and glanced at girl. Before looking up he thought great another slut. As soon as he glanced up their eyes suddenly connected. He noticed that she had these beautiful brown eyes. He lowered his gaze up and down her body. She had dark curly hair that hung below her shoulders , she was wearing what looked like an Aeropostale blue fitted sweater and a jean skirt and some black flats. He wasn't concerned about what she was wearing but more concerned on how she looked. She was petite but she had perfect curves. He gazed at her perfect angel face, down her neck to her breasts which he would say was a perfect D cup. He looked at her hips to her legs and back up again. He had no idea why he was doing this he had never checked out a girl like this before , because none of the girls had interested him. They were either to skinny or looked like porn stars. But this girl was somewhere in the middle. And he was going to be lucky enough to sit next to this beautiful and angelic girl. He watched as she slowly sit down almost shyly. When she looked up he grinned at her and she quickly blushed and looked away. While waiting for the role call from Miss Darbus he slyly glanced over at her checking her out again. God was she a cutie he thought. He wondered if she could talk from the way she was being so quiet she seemed like a mute. But suddenly she opened her cute mouth and spoke the first words to Troy. Why are you looking at me like that she said. It wasn't that she was mad it seemed she was almost amused. He said Its just I've never seen someone as gorgeous as you. She giggled nervously and looked away again. All of sudden the bell rang, they got up awkwardly and headed for the door with the rest of the class. He turned to her and said if you need help me and my best friend Chad would be happy to help you around. She smiled and thought how sweet he was but said no thanks that someone else was showing her around. He said okay see you around and she waved bye to him and headed in the opposite direction

Chad followed Troy and quickly looked at him while saying Who was that. Troy shrugged and said some girl. Chad smirked and said she wasn't just some girl by the way you were looking at her. Troy smiled and said she was cute wasn't she. I'll say she definitely was a looker and im pretty sure the other guys in the class thought she was pretty too. Immediately Troy felt something stir in his stomach like jeaulousy . Wait he thought he couldn't be jealous to a girl he just met! He shrugged off the feeling and walked to the gym for his class with Chad and his other friends Zeke and Ryan.

Gabriella's Pov

She hated leaving. She hated Albuquerque. She hated her mom for making her leave New York where all her friends were. But mostly she hated having to go to a new school. When her mom had told her that she was moving her and her baby sister to Albuquerque she couldn't believe it first she was shocked, mad, and then sad. Her mom was part of a business that moved a lot although they had never moved before. Also her mom and her dad was divorced which made Gabriella even more mad. But she had eventually got over her tantrums and decided that living with her mom was better then living with her dad since he worked nonstop and never had time for anyone. So her she was here in New Mexico at a new school. She walked into the school and the first thing she saw was red and white. She went to the front office picked up her class schedule and headed to her assigned locker to try her combination. Suddenly a African American girl went to her own locker to retrieve a what looked like a folder. She looked up and stared at Gabriella. Hi she said. Im Taylor Mckessie and you must be new here ive never seen you at this locker before.

Gabriella nodded and said yes im new and im kinda lost. Taylor smiled at her and said don't worry I'll help you figure out where ur classes are. Well my first class is homeroom. Oh room 204. I'll take you there Taylor said. She led her to the homeroom class. Now just wait for Miss Darbus she said and then she said see you later and left. Gabriella peaked into the class, the students seemed normal she thought. Miss Darbus came around the corner and said Well hello who are you. Gabriella. Gabriella answered. Um im suspposed to be in this homeroom. Well come on in. Gabriella followed Miss Darbus. But when she realized she was going to be introduced she looked down at her shoes. She waited until Miss Darbus had finished introducing before she was led to her seat. She quickly sat down and felt someone looking at her . Suddenly she looked up and was met with these stunning blue eyes. She felt like she could drown in them they were so blue. She looked away but noticed that he was still looking at her and grinning! She was never noticed by boys at her old school, so why was this guy staring at her like she was the only girl in the room. She questioned why he was looking at her that way. When he flirted back at her she felt butterflies in her stomach and she couldn't stop blushing. All of a sudden the bell rang. She got up and went to the door to wait for Taylor, she tells Troy that she is waiting for someone and they say bye. She goes over in her head of meeting Troy and realizes when she will see him again and that she can't stop thinking about him.