Chapter 14

On Monday Gabriella walked in with her two friends Sharpay and Taylor. She was eager to see Troy. Of course they had texted each other over the weekend but they hadn't seen each other since Friday. This was because Troy was practicing basketball his dad had him working hard.

Troy was at his locker with Chad. He closed it after he had gotten his books. Chad nudged Troy and said "Hey lover boy your girlfriend is here." Troy looked up and his eyes connected with Gabriella the last time they had seen each other they had made love. He smiled at her and she smiled back then she continued to go to her locker and she opened it. She said bye to Taylor and Sharpay and turned around to face Troy.

Troy walked over to Gabriella's locker and smiled at her she reached up to him and kissed him passionately. She didn't stop till they were both out of breath. "Whoa Gabi calm down" Troy said stroking her cheek. She hugged Troy and said "I missed you" he hugged her back and said "I missed you too." They didn't notice Sharpay and Zeke behind them. Until Sharpay said "Oh break it up you two."

"So" Sharpay said when Troy and Gabriella had turned around "you guys are coming to Zekes's party that I'm throwing him right." Gabriella nodded but Troy turned to Gabriella and said "actually Sharpay I can't go its my grandparents anniversary at Martha's Vineyard." Gabriella looked at Troy and said "why didn't you tell me?" "It slipped my mind" Troy said guiltly. "But I have to go to Martha's Vineyard, since I skipped on going to my grandmother's birthday." Gabriella remembered this Troy had stayed with Gabriella since it had been her birthday as well. She didn't want to stop him again from seeing his family just because she didn't want to go to a party by herself.

Gabriella sighed and told Troy "I'll miss you." "Yeah I'll miss you too" Troy said looking at her sadly. "But I may be able to come back early you never know" Troy said. Gabriella hugged Troy again and Troy held her while stroking her hair. "Aren't they adorable" Zeke said romantically. Sharpay rolled her eyes and said" more like easy to puke on."

The bell rang and Troy let go of Gabriella and headed to homeroom with Zeke and Chad. Sharpay stayed behind to talk to Gabriella. Gabriella closed her locker and started to walk with Sharpay to homeroom. "So Shar how many people did you invite this time" Gabriella said laughing. "Umm about a hundred and some kids from West High" Sharpay said. Gabriella nodded it may seem odd that Sharpay invited kids from West High seeing as West High was hated by East High but Gabriella knew that at parties nobody cared because everybody was so drunk.

Gabriella knew she was going to miss Troy this weekend she would have rather been in her room cuddling with him and making love to him then him being in stupid Martha's Vineyard and her being at some silly party. But she wanted to show that she was independent and she knew that this party was going to be fun.

Unfortunately Gabriella wasn't away of the danger of going to this party at all.

It was the day of the Shar's party for Zeke and Gabriella was kind of nervous. She hadn't been to one single party that year without Troy. Taylor was going to drive Gabriella too the party which made Gabriella feel much better. She knew that Troy was on a plane right now to Martha's Vineyard. She knew that he hated going. He kept texting Gabriella things like "I miss you baby" and "are you at Shar's party yet."

She thought this was extremely cute of him to worry about her. But sometimes Gabriella felt that Troy was a little overprotective. She looked at herself in her mirror then heard a beep outside she looked out her balcony window and saw Taylor's car outside her house. Gabriella ran down the stairs and said bye to her mother on the way out. Gabriella had chosen to wear a cute jean skirt from Hollister and a red v neck blouse with some flip flops. Since it was always hot in New Mexico she could get away with this outfit.

She got and Taylor's car and was received with a "Hey girl are you ready" from Taylor and suddenly with a nod of her head they were off to the party. On the way to the party Gabriella texted
Troy saying "hey I'm on my way to the party I'm in Taylor's car now." A few minutes later Gabriella received a text that said "Okay honey be careful and I love you." She showed the text to Taylor and Taylor made a aww sound.

Taylor jokingly told Gabriella "Seriously how did you get a guy like Troy?" Gabriella laughed and said "I don't know I was just lucky I guess." Taylor parked in front of Sharpay's mansion and told Gabriella "are you ready." Gabriella sighed and said "I guess so." Taylor said "Okay girl now lets get our party on." Gabriella laughed and they both walked toward the front entrance.

Sharpay's butler greeted them at the door. When they entered the house the first thing they heard was music and tons of students. There were students in the living room, the den, in the library, upstairs in private rooms, and outside by the pool. Basically there were students in every room.

Taylor led Gabriella to the kitchen where Chad, Zeke, Ryan, Sharpay, Kelsi, and Jason were. They all had red cups in their hands. Taylor passed a red cup to Gabriella and Gabriella took a gulp she could tell by the smell it was vodka with lemon in it. She had a feeling that she was going to be holding and drinking from a lot of red cups tonight. You see whenever Gabriella was stressed at a party or Troy wasn't there she would drink alcohol so she could numb herself. Troy must have forgotten this because he hadn't mentioned this to her in his texts.

Gabriella was on her second cup when she decided to wander around the house. Taylor and Chad were basically frenching each other on the kitchen table which caused Gabriella to giggle. Sharpay was kissing Zeke as well. And Gabriella's other friends were talking to other people from West High. Gabriella was on her sixth cup by the time she made it outside she sat on one of the chairs outside and was about to fall asleep when someone came up to talk to her.

It was Chase. "Hey Gabriella" Chase said. "Hey Chase" Gabriella said to Chase with her face glowing from the alcohol. "Umm Gabriella" Chase said "are you drunk." "I don't think so" Gabriella said slurring her words. "But I sure do feel tip top" she continued to say while giggling and hiccupping at the same time. Chase smiled at her and said "so where's Troy?" Gabriella's face became sad and she said "He's at … at Martha's Vineyard." "Oh" Chase said. "Hey "Chase said "why don't I take you upstairs so you can rest." Gabriella being as drunk as she was agreed and let him hold her hand and lead her to one of the private rooms upstairs.

Once they were in a room Chase and Gabriella sat next to each other on the bed. Chase had to admit that Gabriella was cute even when she was drunk. Her mascara was running and she had her head on his shoulder." I miss Troy" Gabriella said cutely. "Well I have something better then Troy" Chase said. Gabriella still drunk said "What's better then Troy" then she added "nothing."

Chase said "Do you mind if I kiss you Gabriella your so pretty." While he said his he stroked Gabriella's breast causing her to giggle. She giggled again and said "sure as long as Troy doesn't mind." "Oh Troy doesn't mind Gabriella trust me" he said. "Okay Chase" Gabriella said drunk and giggling "I trust you."

` Chase leaned toward Gabriella and he connected his mouth to hers. She kept giggling as he kissed her. As he started to kiss her sweet spot on her neck she giggled and moaned out "Troy." Then suddenly Gabriella made the mistake of kissing Chase back and soon both their clothes were off leaving them in their underwear. Gabriella was so occupied that she didn't notice her phone vibrate and a text message pop on the screen.

Chase reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a condom. Gabriella continued to drunkenl y kiss Chase and they ended up having sex.

When they were done Gabriella had ended up falling asleep. Without even a glance at her Chase laughed and thought to himself boy was that some good sex. Now I see why Troy boy keeps her around. Chase laughed again and quickly dressed and left Gabriella naked under the covers.