Chapter 17

Troy was in his room on his bed looking up at the ceiling. It was pouring outside. He was just starting to fall asleep when he heard a knock. It wasn't coming from his door but from his window. He wondered who had wanted to visit him at this time while it was raining. As he went closer to the window he saw it was Gabriella.

He looked at her for a minute and noticed this wasn't the same girl he knew. He knew she was desperate and that she had lost a lot of weight but he never knew how sad and tired she looked.

He opened the window and glared at her. "What are you doing here?" Troy she said "I know its late but I just wanted to talk to you." Troy looked at her for a minute then he sighed and said "fine I m not going to get in trouble if you are soaked to death, so come on in." She climbed through his window and into his room.

He watched her look around his room. She noticed that her picture wasn't there. Finally she turned around and looked at him. He sighed again and laid on his bed. "If you're going to stay" he said "sleep on one side of the bed and I'll sleep on the other side." He was lucky that his bed was so big. He looked at her as she sat on his bed timidly. He noticed she was wet from the pouring rain and she was shaking. He rolled his eyes at her and rudely said "Well aren't you going to change I have some clothes that will fit you in my drawer." He added "you can use my bathroom to change."

He closed his eyes as she went into his bathroom. A few minutes later she came out wearing his sweatshirt and sweatpants he assumed underneath that was her bra and panties. He sighed as she walked to the other side of the bed. He had to admit that she always managed to look beautiful. She looked like she wanted to say something to him but instead she laid down like he was.

For a couple of hours that's how they stayed Troy was sleeping and Gabriella laid in the bed wide awake. But finally she managed to fall asleep. That was until at 3:00 am when she began to moan from the nightmare she was having in her sleep. Troy woke up and looked at her she suddenly stopped moaning and began to shake and cry.

Troy didn't know what to do he thought should he comfort her and try to make her feel better or let her suffer like he was. The truth was he loved being this close to her he had missed her terribly. So he turned to her and said softly "Gabriella."

She turned to him and said "Yes Troy" with tears in her eyes. "Please stop shaking" he said "you're going to make yourself sick." He suddenly had an idea. He moved across the bed and decided that just holding her so she wouldn't get sick wouldn't make him feel attached to her. As soon as he pulled her close to him all his old feelings for her came back. He smelt her hair and her vanilla scent and wondered why he would push himself away from her for so long.

She continued to sob and Troy said "Hey hey why are you crying." Gabriella turned to face him and said "Because you still hate me." Troy sighed and said "I didn't know that us breaking up would hit you so hard like this." Gabriella cried some more and said "I'm sob so sob sorry."

Troy looked at her and said "I forgive you Gabriella and I've always loved you." Gabriella looked at him confused and said "then why were you making out with that girl Rebecca." Troy sighed again and said "because I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me and I was trying to forget the pain." "Oh" Gabriella said she had calmed down and was relaxing in his arms. "I'm really sorry I hurt you" she said. Troy smiled at her and said "its okay."

Then he asked if she was still cold and she said not anymore. All Troy wanted to do was make love to her but he knew that she was tired and he was tired as well. Gabriella sighed with pleasure as Troy started to rub her hips and her back making her fall asleep.