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"I am glad you are all doing so well. Tell me do you all feel better, more so than you did before?" I ask my coven as we sit around the table in the kitchen area.

Much has happened in the past few weeks. Esme finally got control of her bloodlust, and is now a wonderful vampire. She still doesn't have a gift, but she can hold her own against anyone out there in a fair fight. Tanya of course is doing well; she and Esme even sneak off to have some time alone on occasion. Emmett and Rosalie are doing the best out of everyone. Especially after Rosalie let go of all the things in her past life. She can see now that she can hold her own against even a larger vampire, it has improved her outlook on life immensely. Emmett is a force to see when he gets into a fight now. He is finally able to stop his 'newborn' instincts and actually put thought into an attack. With his strength he does extremely well. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Felix have a fight, it would be loads of fun.

My little Alice is doing wonderful; she doesn't like me out of her sight to often though. She doesn't even care of shopping; I knew she wouldn't when she found something better to lave her attention on though. Me being that thing that held her attention.

"We are wonderful, I know why you called us here, and Rosie and I would like to stay here with you. Also, we will stand against your maker with you if it comes to that." Emmett supplies.

They have each had time to think all the things over that are bound to catch up with us sooner rather than later.

"As you can probably guess, Esme and I would prefer to stay here within this coven, we aren't mates, but we do find we like the companionship and would like to stay together instead of being placed in different covens." Tanya informs me.

"I have yet to speak with Jasper. I for some reason can find no viable way to get ahold of him on the phone and Alice at the moment can't seem to find him either. I suspect he will be here much sooner than later, if I know the Major, and I do. Hopefully it won't end in venom shed, but I cannot promise any of you anything at this point."

"We know Garrett, perhaps if he sees our new improved eyes, he will give enough to pause and see what is going on before ripping us to shreds." Esme says, I love that vamp, she is so sweet even now when she is a true vampire.

"We can only hope. I would like us to keep with the pairs when we go out to far from the house. If you hear or see anything let me know."

"Garrett." Emmett stutters out looking extremely guilty.

"Spit it out Emmett."

"Shit, you are so going to kick my ass for this, especially since I've kept it from you so long. But I ran into some nomads not too long ago and told them some of what's been going on. To say I was happy here with you at the time would be a gross understatement."

"Fuck, Emmett. Damn. Tell me everything you told them!" I can only hope that it wasn't Jaspers coven members checking up on us.


I could feel my eyes doing something different than they normally were. I blinked a few moments, finally closing my eyes under the trees and taking slow deliberate breaths.

"Major." I call out for him; he will know what is going on right now.

"You're okay, Darlin'. I got you, I always got you." He kisses my lips a few pecks at a time and eventually deepens one; I open my eyes to see him, "Hmm you're so beautiful with those red eyes."

"Red eyes? Major what's going on? I feel so..What's the word? Different is the only thing I can think of. My brain feels like I am on super speed or something. What's going on, Major?" I can feel me starting to freak out, shit feels so funny though.

"You're okay, Darlin'. I told you I'd always take care of you, and I will."

From there the Major informed me of all that had happened since right before we were attacked. I almost feel sorry for the wolves till I think of the pain I most likely received. I still cannot remember any of that happening; I do remember the burn though. And of course My Major taking care of me. I could never forget him.

"So what do we need to do now?" I ask.

"Well first off we need to see if everyone else ran for home or for the cabin they were renting. Then we will go from there. Sound good?"

"Yeah, I can't wait to try out these new legs." I grin at my mate.

My mate, where the hell did that come from? Stupid newborn thoughts. Though I wouldn't mind having Jasper for my mate, he is more than I could ever ask for. So damn beautiful, each scar glistening in the bright sun. Hair tousled and looking thoroughly fucked. I slow down to let him get slightly ahead of me, so I can ogle him with my new improved vision from behind.

I watch as his muscles stretch across his shoulders in hard lines, sliding up and down over his glistening back. His scars throwing off an array of colors when we hit sunny spots. He is so fucking beautiful, I want to lick him all over, and just crawl right up inside of him.

He spins while running causing me to run straight into him. He holds me in his arms and pulls me up to his chest, and my arms and legs immediately wrap around him.

"You're throwing off a lot of lust, Darlin'."

His tongue flicks out across my lips, causing me to gasp out a moan. He immediately deepens the kiss, his tongue meeting mine in my mouth. I taste his whiskey flavor and want to totally consume him. The Major lets go of my lips and tongue and moves his down across my cheek to my throat and I can't stop the moans coming out of me. He lifts me up high on him and pulls my shirt off of me and starts sucking on my nipples nipping and flicking them around. My hands reach into his hair to direct him to my other breast, and his nails bite into my back and thighs. He makes quick work of our clothes and pushes me into a nearby tree making me stand and lean against it. His knees bend and land on the ground and he throws my leg over his shoulder.

His tongue slides up my wet slit and he moans, "You taste so good, Isabella."

More wetness runs down my thighs as he croons to me. The Majors tongue flicks over my tight bundle of nerves, "Mm, more Major, Please!" I pant out to him.

His blond curls look so good with my hands holding onto him for dear life. The Major sucks my clit into his mouth and pushes two fingers inside of me and I can feel him pulling making a come here motion with his fingers deep inside, I can't stop the orgasm as I scream out for still more and he bites my bundle of nerves scraping over it with his teeth. I can feel him sending lust at me helping to push me over that final ledge. I pant for him as he stands with a huge grin on his face. So fucking beautiful.

I spin us around until he is the one now helpless against the tree; falling to my knees roughly I take his length into my mouth and swallow him down.

"Damn, Isabella, you feel so good baby!" He roars out as I tug and squeeze his balls in my hands while sucking him deep into my throat swallowing around his cock.

I taste his unique whiskey flavor pour down my throat and onto my tongue as he holds my hair and thrust in and out slowing down. I quickly climb up onto him wrapping myself as tightly as I can around him and lowering myself down onto him. It's like nothing I have ever experienced; he pushes into me deep and hard. The Majors vampire strength doesn't have to hold back now, he thrust harder with each pump, and becomes quicker and quicker as he gains speed.

"Mine. You're. Mine!" He screams out between thrust. "My Mate!" he empties himself inside of me as his lips wrap around my throat where my pulse use to beat and bites into me pushing his venom into me.

As he pumps all of himself into me I return the favor and bite into him while pulling his whiskey flavored venom into my mouth sucking him as it's my life's blood. He tastes so good I alternate between pumping my own venom into him and pulling our venom mixed together back into me. It's the best flavor I've ever had my entire existence.

I can't bring myself to let him go as he dresses us best he can with my lips and teeth attached to his throat. He is like a drug I just can't get enough of, I just can't let him go. Not now, maybe not ever, if I am attached to him I don't ever have to leave him.


I held my perfect little mate to me as I ran us home. She couldn't let me go, I could understand though; I didn't ever want to let her go either. I know she doesn't understand some of it yet, but I will explain it all to her soon. She keeps drinking me down, so that everyone will smell me in her, not that they wouldn't before then with me being her maker and me already pushing my venom in her, but some mates just like knowing they are completely scented, and that their mates are also. I'd be doing her the same way if there was a way I could. But the problem is we got so much shit to deal with. When all this is over though, she and I will be heading off alone for a very fucking long time.

We are almost home I can smell the others and I know she can to; hopefully she won't lose her shit with their being so many others around though. I am sure Peter has already told them she is just as volatile as all other newborns, maybe more so with her mate being right there when she awoke.

"We're headed in, I suggest no fast movements." I whisper to the rest of my coven, I know they will hear me even though we are just a mile away.

We enter the house and all of them are standing with their heads to the side baring their necks to us. Isabella can't see them, but she certainly can hear and smell them, small growls fill the air from her.

"We won't hurt your mate, Sugar. Why don't you let us see how beautiful you are now?" Char asks.

Isabella just growls louder and the grumbling from her chest causes me to fill with pride and maybe more than a little bit of protectiveness. I smooth her hair down her back and kiss the side of her face.

"Its okay, Isabella, they won't hurt us. They belong to us, they are ours. Can you smell them; they smell a lot like us, don't they. That's because they are ours, they will listen to us, Mate." I croon to her and purr for her so she will calm down some.

I hear her taking small breaths taking in their scent as I have asked her. She stops growling and starts purring back to me. I feel her calm, oddly enough though; I can't really feel the others like I normally do. I figure it probably has something to do with her gift, as she always could block out others.

"You're right, Major. That's her gift, a shield, but it's a lot stronger than it was before. I'd say she has you wrapped under it to." Peter interrupts my thoughts.

Isabella finally releases my throat and laps at it covering the bite with her venom to close it up. I miss the loss instantly, and feel sad she has had to let go of me. As soon as I realize that she bites back into my throat again. Pushing and pulling our venom, it feels so good having her attached to me in this way. I've never had anyone make me feel so good while nearing my throat, especially being this close to my throat. I can't wipe the smile that crosses my face off, she just feels so damn perfect snuggled into me crossing our venom back and forth.

"You gonna have to stop that Major, or she is never gonna let you go." Peter explains, "She can feel your emotions under her shield and knows you are sad when she lets go, so you're gonna have to start controlling that shit."

I can't stop the growl that leaves me as he tells me this. Isabella jumps off me crouches in front of me, and throws her hands out towards the vampires I am growling at. She is now crouched in front of me with her hands out in front of her, and I don't know why. I have never seen a newborn act that way. Protective of another sure, but to throw her hands out in front of her has thoroughly confused me. She turns her hands inwards like she is holding a ball and that's when I see a small shimmer over the rest of my coven. They are slowly moving together without moving themselves into a tight nit ball. Much the same as her hands are doing. That is when it finally dawns on me that she now has them in a shield closing them together.

I know I should probably stop her, but I can't stop watching what she does, it is so amazing I have to see what she plans on doing next. She looks as though she is hold the ball in one hand and then throws it much like a baseball and they are all gone along with a huge gaping hole in the wall. She spins around and climbs back up in my arms and bites back down into my throat. I am fucking drop jawed at her and don't know whether to bite her back and hold her for the rest of eternity or find out what the fuck just happened to the rest of my coven.

Apparently I waited too long to make a decision because now Isabella is ripping my clothes off of me, and slamming herself back onto my raging cock. I slam her into the wall and bite back into her throat as well.

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