Finally, here it is: the Prologue of my Detective ConanxHow to Train Your Dragon story~!

This is not one of those let's-wing-it-fics! I worked on this story plot since forever, trying to make it realistic. It DID come as a crazy idea, but now it's much more than that :D Read a bit, and then decide if this is stupid or not :)

Warnings: child!fic, wannabe-serious!fic
Words: 1317
Disclaimer for entire story: I don't own 'Detective Conan' nor 'How to Train Your Dragon'. They belong to Gosho Aoyama, Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell respectively.

Prologue: Only One Left

The swipe of paw was lightning-quick and the fish flew through the air before it was even aware of its sudden relocation. Another flash of movement and it was nestled firmly between two sharp rows of teeth, not a chance of escape in sight.

With an almost inaudible grunt, the creature holding it jumped up from the small rock island it was perching on, continuing its way gracefully along other smaller and larger ones, straight and crooked, until it finally touched the shore of the main island. Its feet made crunching noises as they landed, the sound magnified tenfold by the absolute silence of the abandoned place.

Nothing lived there. Everything had run away when it could, and never came back.

Except for him.

He'd been staring out into the mist covered ocean every day, day by day. For so long.

The fish was still thrashing about helplessly when he cocked his head back, threw his prey into the air and swallowed it in two large bites.

Below him, the earth rumbled with a deep unsteady sound. Ear plates sprung into the air in an imitation of a listening dog, a nose whiffed knowingly and a finned tail swiped along the shore to splash into the water.

He stood there until the rumbles died down, tense and still like always, though this time it lasted much longer than usual. A sharp smell filled the air, so familiar from times past, but still very concerning from this distance. The water was also getting warmer day by day, as if foreboding a great disaster to come.

He didn't know why, but staying there was getting dangerous. Even the fish were getting scarce, feeling the changes of the sea.

Maybe it was time to leave.

Knowing that hunting for more fish would be useless lest he wanted to waste anymore time, he instead trusted his instincts and prowled along the shore, deeper into the island and along the steep side of the mountain that resided there. In a small crevice halfway up, he pulled out an old worn leather bag that made clinking noises when it was dragged along the earth. He climbed as far as he could without the smell getting too strong, and then looked out to the sea, bag dangling from his maw.

Once upon a time, you could barely see the sea at all. Now, the mist that had covered everything was receding, almost gone, and black smoke started to fill the air instead.

That decided it. It wasn't safe there anymore.

With a small grunt, long unused muscles flexed and a third pair of limbs stretched out on each of his sides. A small waft of air flew by and wings instinctually adjusted for the best way to take off, the habit inborn and unable to ever forget.

Behind him, a finned tail experimentally flapped against the earth, ready to be of use again. The lighter colored fin of the two still tingled from its long recovery.

Another ominous rumble resounded, this one shaking the earth so much that rocks detached from the mountain side and bits of lava started spilling overtop. One rolled down and struck the place where moments before the strange black creature had stood.

Now, there was nothing there at all.

For a long time he'd been the only one.

He hadn't seen anyone of his brethren since the day he had returned to his former prison. Back then, before he'd left, the skies were still littered with them and humans still lived in harmony with them.

He wasn't sure what had changed, but maybe it was the nature of humans – because, dragons did have their pride and even if humans didn't realize it, they only allowed those they approved of to ride them. Moreover, even if they had one before didn't mean they'd allow just anyone to replace them easily after that. The same thing happened to him.

He'd had only one master, and anyone after that just wasn't worthy, for a few key reasons – because he wasn't a trophy for them to gloat about to others. Because he didn't want just a rider, but a partner, a friend. Because he wouldn't stand others disrespecting his wish and trying to 'tame' him again and again.

So he ran away, if not by air then by water. In the end he landed back where he started at his former prison, only now willingly. The irony.

Although, if he had to guess, he would say the rest of the dragons had simply discovered their freedom. After they'd been released from the Queen's reign, there was a whole world out there to explore, beyond cold Viking islands and tasteless prey. If he had to guess, they left because they could.

Only he stayed, shut away in his self-imposed prison, waiting and regenerating. And he had a feeling, somehow, that he was the only one left.

"Scotland? That's pretty far away."

Around them, children and teens played games and sports, people congregating in groups based on different languages and interests. Down the beach, a woman reprimanded her errant children in distinct Portuguese. Next to her, a teen regarded her in curiosity before calling out to his friends in Swedish and taking off. A couple to their left talked sweet Hungarian nothings to each other.

There were loud calls and screams melting into a cacophony of happy noises. Men and women enjoyed the sunny day and, out on the open sea, a few surfers were even trying to catch some good waves to show off. It was a perfect summer day.

However, nothing of that touched their current conversation.

"I know, but the director is a good friend of mine and I owe him a favor. We'd be setting off sometime in September." Yukiko added.

Yuusaku sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back on the beach chair he was sitting on. Today they had managed to snag one of the few good seats in the shade before any tourists could spot them.


He slowly opened his eyes to regard his wife. "So, Scotland. How long would it take?" he asked tentatively. "You know Shinichi is almost five already, we'll have to return to Japan soon to enter him in grade school, or even before that so he can get used to being back home."

"I know," she replied, eyes averting to a small boy sitting in the shade of a palm tree some distance away.

He looked decidedly lonely, surrounded by a mass of tiny feet playing various games, yet not caring about the other children at all. He seemed intensely concentrated on building a nice-looking sand castle, a children's book in English momentarily forgotten by his side.

"I was told it won't take more than a year and I'm taking him on his word. I thought we could all go there, as a prolonged vacation, and your deadline is coming up soon, isn't it? It would be good for all of us."

"True, but the cold will be hard to get used to. I'm not sure he'll like it."

"Oh, don't worry about it," she flashed him a smile that just read 'I'm going to have so much fun'. "I'll be sure to take Shin-chan shopping for warmer clothes, he won't even feel it!" Here her smile diminished slightly. "But, I also think it will do him some good. There he'll be constantly surrounded by the movie staff who only speak English, so he'll have to adapt and learn to keep words from mixing up. He'll need it when we go back home."

Yuusaku 'hmm'-ed, watching his son glance at the children when one yelled something loudly in Hawaiian. He returned to his castle-building though, resolute not to get distracted again until he finished his masterpiece.

…Maybe a scene change would do him some good.

"I'll think about it."

Yukiko smiled. "That's all I ask."


Just a few points to make:
* I know squat about Scotland. I needed a country up north so I chose that one. Wiki only goes so far and a huge ass forest was needed, so I'm sorry if I ignore any fauna/flora/geography. I tried.
* I worked hard to make this realistic. That's why Shinichi is just a kid, not spouting off about science and logic and other adult crap. He's fresh meat, so to speak. *sharp grin*

Okay, this is more like a teaser, so Chapter 1 comes in 2 days. After that, every 5 days is an update, until I finish or run out of pre-written chapters. I've got 7 done, writting 8th, will prolly be 13-15 in total (all planned out of course), so you're good for a month :)

Now, thoughts on Prologue:
Hope everything is somewhat clear. About 'mixing up words', explanation in next chapter :)

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