"Dallas! You leave your sister alone!" Ma calls up the stairs. My older brother, Dallas Perry, has me in a headlock.

"Ma! He still has me!" I wiggle around, desperate to get out of the fourteen year olds strong grip.

"Dallas! Anne Marie! Get your butts down here now!" My dad Jake yells.

Dallas immediately lets go. "Get your brothers!" Ma calls.

I stick my tongue out at Dallas and rush down the hallway, pounding on each door three times.

My names Anne Marie Perry, daughter of Melanie and Jake Perry. I live in Alabama with six brothers. (Six!) And one little sister, Ruby Kate.

My brothers are Austin, the oldest at seventeen, Chase fifteen, Dallas, fourteen, Riley, twelve, Randy, eleven, and Levi, four. My little, and only, sister is Ruby Kate; she just turned one.

I'm thirteen.

All the boys have moms blonde hair and dads green eyes. Even Ruby Kate does. I, on the other hand, have daddy's brown hair and Ma's brown eyes.

All seven of us huddle at the top of the stairs. Ma and daddy are at the bottom, arms crossed. Ma says, "Dallas, you leave Anne Marie alone. Got it?" Dallas nods. "Austin, you're in charge of Dallas. Chase, Anne Marie. We clear?" Seven nods. "Good. Now go get dressed, we got the fair to go to."

We all cheer and race to get dressed. I throw on short, short jean shorts, showing off my tan thighs. I slip into a black tank top and my mud-splattered Converse. Grabbing a jean jacket, I run down the stairs. I slip on the jacket and put on my baseball cap. My long hair is slung in a ponytail and, as usual, I'm makeup free.

"Annie!" Levi jumps on my legs, nearly knocking me over. I smile and squat down to his level. "Hey, buddy,"

"Let's go!" Ma calls, already in the truck with daddy. I scoop up Levi and rush outside. Austin, Chase, Dallas, Randy, and Riley are already waiting in the bed. I hand Levi to Ma and she sits him between her and Ruby Kate. I hop over the edge of the bed and settle down between Austin and Chase.

We talk the whole way. Our southern accents are normal and strong, just like Ma and daddy's.

When we get to the fair, Sheriff Wade smiles at us. "Well hells bells, look who finally decided to show up!"

I smirk.

Wade and my mom have a history. Huh. Like mother like daughter.

Since Chase is in charge of me, I wait until he isn't looking to sneak off to the water tower. My daddy showed me this when I was little. I slide down and sit with my feet dangling over the edge.

"Anne Marie!"

I smile as Jason slides next to me. "Hey," My accent shines with my words.

So does Jason's. "Hi,"

I sigh and look up at the bright stars. "Ever wonder what its like?" I ask.


"Ya know, to be all the way up there. Looking down on us like were little ants."

Jason smiles. "You shitting me?"

Man is Jason like his dad, Wade. That's how I know him. When I was six and Jason was seven, I had gotten bored one day and decided to set Mr. Jenkins chickens loose. Wade got em all back in, but he had to take me home. He saw Jason walking home from school and gave him a lift. We were just sitting there in the back seat, me in handcuffs, him with a schoolbag.

Best friends ever since.

"No, I aint shitting you, Jason. You need to stop listening to your daddy. He done rub off on you,"

Jason nods. "Yeah, so? Like your momma hasn't rubbed off on you?"

I laugh. "So?"

He laughs too. "I gotta questiong for you, Anne Marie."


"You wanna kiss me?"

I turn my head to look at him and smirk. "Sure. But you gotta close your eyes." He does. I lean forward and smack my fingers against his puckered lips. Laughing, I stand up and race out to the ladder.

"Anne Marie!"

Not a one shot. I'll update soon :D