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Chapter 2-Dinner

(Sunako pov)

It had been less than a day since I had arrived at my aunt's house. I heard a strange noise that sounded just like an explosion had gone off, curiosity getting the better of me I slowly crept out of the darkness of my room. Quietly I crept down the stairs the closer I got down the stairs the louder the noises became. Four voices were heard all at once panicking.

Once I got to the door frame of the kitchen I peeked in. All four boys were scrambling around like mad trying to put out a fire. They were only making it worse by panicking and fanning the fire. Sighing I walked over to where I knew my aunt kept a fire extinguisher.

I pulled the pin thin squeezed the trigger. White smoke formed as the cold foamy substance extinguished the dancing flames. Once it was gone everything was silent as the four boys stared at the mess and then at me. They all wore embarrassed looks on their faces.

I was curious as to what exactly had happened. However I didn't want to risk bleeding to death from a nose bleed just to find out. I turned to go back to my room not bothering to put the fire extinguisher up. However after making it to the door frame I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

"U-Um Sunako? Are y- you um… hungry?" The shortest one asked in a scared voice. I didn't dare look at any of them. Staring at the wall I tried to speak as calmly as I could while being touched by one of the creatures of light. My growling stomach answered before I could.

He slightly jumped at this but stayed where he was. "We tried to cook dinner but… It didn't come out well so…" His sentence ended at that as I turned swiftly. He looked as if I was going to eat him, sighing I walked over to the kitchen counter. I grabbed the sharpest knife I could but almost dropped it when they all screamed.

"Please don't eat me I'm too young to die!" Cried the one who had stopped me. I ignored him as well as all the other boys screaming and pleading. I grabbed a frying pan from the cupboard.

They all ran and hid but I continued grabbing ingredients from the fridge. I was already used to these kinds of reactions. I quickly chopped an onion and some garlic cloves into small dices. Then I grabbed the ground beef that was in the freezer.

I set it to thaw in the microwave while I grabbed a big pot and filled it with water. I sat it on the stove and lit the fire; I added a handful of salt and a half a table spoon of water to the pot. The salt would bring it to a boil faster and the oil prevents sticking. While I waited for the pot of water to boil I grabbed 8 red tomatoes making sure they were all ripe.

Once I was satisfied I washed them throughly then diced them up. I poured the cut onions, garlic, and tomatoes into the pan. Setting the pan to a low fire I searched for the other ingredients I needed to make my sauce. I was making spaghetti since it was fast and easy to make.

By now I pretended not to notice the four pairs of eyes gawking at me. I heard their stomachs growling and I bit my lips so I wouldn't laugh. I had to admit that these four boys were funny. Maybe just maybe it wouldn't be so bad here.

I almost slapped myself for thinking that what was I thinking they were radiant creatures of light and I was… well not. It could never work out ever and besides I would try to leave as fast as I could. Maybe my aunt would realize she had made a huge mistake.

I finished and put the food on five plates setting it in front of the boys drooling at the table. I sat mines down and ate while watching them scarf the food down. They didn't even stop to breath they just crammed the food down. They asked for seconds so I pointed to the pot on the stove to let them know go ahead.

Nothing had gone wrong so far and I was actually getting used to their funny personalities. That is until the one with red hair kissed me on the cheek while thanking me. Next thing I knew my blood was pouring out of my nose and I was running back to my cover of darkness. I hope to god not every dinner will be like this.

Sorry it is short but this is like just a filler chapter.