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''So here we are ... Kaiba corp, home of duel disks, solid vision monsters and that massive ego of his... oh yeah and Mokuba.'' Here we go. Marik and Ryou grasped each others hands as they entered the lair... of Seto Kaiba!

Marik bravely walked up to the receptionist, she was cute and wore a pink ribbon in her long black hair. From what Marik could see she was wearing a formal blazer and white blouse. Marik coughed to gain her attention ''Hey there I'm Marik and this is Ryou we've got an appointment with Seto Kaiba at 1 o clock?''

''Ishtar and co. Correct? Please take a seat over in the waiting area, oh and if I were you I'd make myself comfortable because Mr. Kaiba is currently in anger management and shouldn't be out for another 10 minutes'', she smiled pleasantly as she looked up at Marik.

Marik smiled flirtingly back at her ''I'll hold you to it gorgeous''

The receptionist blushed slightly ''The name's zoey''

''Sexy'' Marik winked at her and started walking (or should I say strutting casually) over to Ryou, who was looking through a copy of OK magazine, Marik went to sit down in the chair next to him but instead missed the seat completely and fell straight on his ass. (A/N Pardon my Egyptian)

''MARIK!'' Ryou yelled ''Are you ok Marik? Are you hurt? Let me help you'' Ryou helped Marik to his feet and Marik brushed himself down.

''Are you ok Mr. Ishtar, would you like some ice for you're uh...ass?''(A/N My Egyptians terrible) zoey asked as she came over to where Marik was stood, Marik turned bright red, then a voice came from the reception doors

''I'm sure that won't be necessary, Marik's a big boy now aren't you... Mr. Ishtar?'' It was Kaiba, smirking like a meerkat (A/N + 50 dead puppies) at the scene he had just walked in on ''He'll be fine as long as he's got his boyfriend with him''

'''Grrrr'' Marik growled and yelled ''HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND IT WAS ONE TIME!'' and he turned to look at Ryou who was stood with his arms behind his back innocently, blushing red like a tomato
(-_-) Marik frowned and turned back to face Kaiba.

Kaiba continued to smirk at Marik's defence ''sure it was, anyway come on guys I don't have all day let's get down to business already my office is this way. Oh and zoey could you move my 2 o clock to 3 please, I'm gonna be busy''

''Yes sir '' zoey answered formally, then she hurried back to the front desk without a word and sat down.

''Bye'' Marik whispered as he followed Kaiba and Ryou down the corridor into the lift.

In kaiba's office:

''So we all know why you to fags are here but why the hell did you come to me?'' Kaiba started off the conversation at a gentle pace (as normal)

''First, we're not fags, we're just friends, And second, you're the only person we know with the technical know how and facilities to give us everything we need for our project'', Ryou replied

''plus we know you've got the best privacy policy, meaning that all those annoying press won't be able to get so much as a sniff , which is exactly what we need to be able to successfully carry out the plan'' Marik added with a look of disgust on his f ace, at the thought of the press, and the way they insisted on being his 24 hour stalkers ever since ... that incident.

''Marik, Oi, Marik come back to us you gay Egyptian tart!'' Kaiba called out, trying to snap Marik out of his trance

''HEY! Don't call him that, what's he ever done to you!'' Ryou defended Marik ''he's not a tart, he's just misguided''

Kaiba roared of laughter, he actually fell out of his big shot chair and started rofl-ing (A/N that means roll on floor laughing) ''HEY, WHAT'S SO FUNNY!'' Ryou jumped out of his chair ''Come on Marik lets go, we don't need Kaiba for this''

''Actually Ryou, we do, so let him laugh and mock us, but whether we like it or not, we NEED Kaiba for our project'' Marik replied solemnly

''I know he just annoys the hell out of me'' Ryou said angrily ''... like when I get soap in my ears''

At that time there was a knocking on the door, and zoey entered, Kaiba jump up off the floor like a bed of hot lava full of springs, instantly recovering from his laughing fit and pulled the front of his jacket like a mafia/gangster.

'' sir, I'm afraid your 2 o'clock is unable to reschedule and he's in the lobby having... uh, a tantrum''

Ryou and Marik looked at each other... tantrum?

''I'll be right down'' Kaiba replied, clearly not wanting to go and meet his 2 o clock, whoever it was. He turned to Ryou and Marik ''I'm sorry boys but I'm afraid well have to continue this another day, I have... business... to attend to, I'll have zoey call you to rearrange''

Who's Kaiba's 2 o clock?
Why is he having a tantrum?
What did Marik mean by one time?
What's the secret project?
Angel: Why are the press following Marik? Clearly Ryou deserves all the attention coz he's the cutest
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