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''Uh, hi can I help you?'' Marik answered the door but I knew who it was and I knew why he was here.
''Why of course you can, a stunning man like you. I'm looking for Ryou Bakura, happen to know where he is?'' It was Pegasus, Marik looked over at me and I got up slowly straightening my top as I stood up, centring myself for what was coming. ''It's ok Marik, I know who it is.''
Marik looked at me questionably as i walked to the door, ''I'm just gonna step outside Marik, Ill be back in a minute.'' Marik nodded at me and went back into the front room.

''Why hello there Ryou my dear, how have you been?'' Pegasus was smiling wildly but I knew his act, ''What do you want Pegasus?'' I asked genuinely.

''Why to see you of course my dear!''

''Cut the crap Pegasus! What do you want?'' He smirked at me, well looks like the guys over in Japan want you back, to do an extended apprenticeship.'' I was shocked and surprised, he must be having me on, seriously. ''This isn't funny Pegasus.''

''Oh there's nothing amusing about it my dear Ryou, they want you and 1 other back because you did so well the first time and if you do well one of you will get a job there, as assistant head of office''

''THATS AMAZING! Thank you so much!'' I was so overwhelmed with happiness but then... Marik, the project, this is gonna need some thought.

The next day...

Here we are... again ... Kaiba corp with Ryou and this isn't awkward at all, guess we better go in, not that I'm in the mood to discuss anything not even the project but I would like to know who that was at the door last night and why ryou was so deep in thought when he came back in, I'll have to ask him later. Time to go.

I know something's up with Marik, I always know, and after last nights conversation I don't think he even wants to be here despite how important this is to him, and after Pegasus turned up I didn't say anything when I came back in, I was just thinking that maybe I should go back to Japan, I mean I had the offer and I know that Marik wouldn't mind, plus he'd have more space and time to work on his project. Then my thoughts are interrupted by Marik
''Ryou are you coming in? If were late Kaiba's gonna drop the nut on us and not in a good way either''
''there's a good way?'' I reply stupidly, before understanding what he means.
He just laughs, it good to see him happy because the last thing he needs at the moment, are distractions.

Kaiba corp office the same as always, wooden desk as always, Kaiba in anger management as always and plain old reception... WOAH!
As I go towards the desk I spot the receptionist, but it isn't zoey, it's someone new and damn they're fine even from behind, nice firm ass, slick blue jeans so she's obvious casual, but she's wearing a blue jacket that looks like a casual/ smart blazer and that blonde hair, so beautiful, I am moving in!

''well hey there gorgeous, I didn't know Kaiba was allowed in heaven but he must be to have found such an angel...''
''Marik, who are you talking to?'' for the love of banana milk on a hot day, it's Joey! AWKWARD...

I really wanna believe that Marik didn't know it was Joey he was chatting up, but unfortunately I just can't, which makes it more hilarious and his face when Joey turned around is so classic. At least Marik seems more focussed on coming up with a good excuse rather than last night, unfortunately he's failing ... miserably, I'd better help him

''well Marik... what can I say... I'm flattered'' I start blushing a little to make it more realistic, and clearly it's working because Marik winks at me and mouths the words 'thank you'.

I only wish I could hold on to this moment forever but I can't because guess who's turned up to ruin the moment, yeah Kaiba

''hey honey'' WAIT, WHAT DID JOEY SAY!

Damn! I was hoping Marik and Ryou turned up late, stupid anger management classes make me so bloody angry, I should have known better
''hey honey'', Joey. He hasn't stopped winding me up ever since I hired him as my receptionist but I cant fire him because Mokuba would throw chocolate ice cream at me and I HATE chocolate ice cream even more than I hate people who act as if they have more money than me, I really hate those guys

''Yo Kaiba, you stuck up proud, big ego'd money bags'' What did he just say about me?

''who the hell do you think are Marik?'' how dare he call me that, after everything I'm about to do for him (sludge: more than you think actually!)(Cough, cough spoilers cough, cough)

''well I thought seeing as you were daydreaming I would bring you back to reality the same way you did for me'' Marik just laughed along with Ryou while Joey sat there wondering what the hell we were going on about.

''Ha-ha very funny guys''

I never realised how clean kaiba's office is till I'm sitting here bored looking around, actually Kaiba has a lot of interesting stuff in his office, like a purple mini Hoover in the corner, and a little silver picture frame on his desk, containing a picture of him and Mokuba at the local park. Mokuba's sat in a tree just above kaiba's shoulders and they're both smiling happily.

He's a good brother, but he shouldn't be so stuck up all the time, Mokuba's such a good kid, he kinda reminds me of my own kids...

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