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Warning: light lemony-scenes.

Epilogue: A Lifetime of Pants

Happy Pants

Nami looked rather pretty with the moonlight shining down on her long hair- so pretty in fact, that Zoro forgot to listen to what she was saying until a fancily wrapped box was pushed in front of him. Quickly, he began to count in his head... had it been a year yet? Did he forget an anniversary or something? With the amount of stock women put in those things, Zoro would probably be up to his ears in debt to Nami for forgetting one!

"Happy Birthday!" Nami said softly with a proud mischievous smile.

Eying the package almost suspiciously he realized that she was right. It was midnight just after November tenth, which made it technically November eleventh now: his birthday. It was sneaky to keep him up the night before to catch him off guard-just like his Nami.

It didn't feel like his birthday. For starters it was way too warm, but in the New World temperature was determined by location not by month and they were off the coast of a tropical summer island. And then there was the fact that Zoro didn't tell many people when his birthday was, which meant Nami had to do some digging to find out. She probably had found some way to make Luffy spill the information. "What is it?" Zoro asked pulling the present into his lap.

Huffing, Nami ordered, "Open it if you want to find out!"

Despite the fact that Zoro swore he didn't care about his birthday, he began to feel a bit excited as he untied the ribbon and tore off the wrappings. The lid of the box lifted easily to reveal- "An empty box?"

"No that can't be right!" Nami said feigning surprise and pulling the box over to peek in. "Oh, wait. I remember now. I'm already wearing it." The smirk on her face was inviting so Zoro pulled here near.

"Oh?" Zoro asked raising an eyebrow, immediately finding this game interesting. "Well, I suppose I will have to unwrap you then."

"Yes!" Nami agreed, "But I'd prefer if my clothing remained intact this time."

With lowered eyebrows Zoro muttered, "Then you shouldn't have worn so many buttons!"

Nami's laugh was a sweet sound as she pulled them both up to their knees. "Come on. No pouting on your birthday!"

And Zoro started the endless job of unfastening all of Nami's buttons. The buttons slipped open easily under his large fingers despite their many numbers and the delicate silk fabric of her blue shirt fell open. When her shirt was open completely, Nami smiled and said, "Not done yet," so Zoro continued to unbutton her skirt as well.

When the skirt was done, Nami stood letting skirt and shirt both fall to the deck. The first thing Zoro noticed was that she was wearing nothing but creamy orange lace. She was clothed in a short lace dress with a matching orange thong. Strappy orange heels completed the ensemble and Nami turned around so Zoro could admire the low back of the dress. The dress was so short in the back that it didn't fully cover her cheeks.

Nami gave him a sultry smile as she asked in a low voice, "So, do you like your present?"

Instead of answering, Zoro grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him pressing his lips to the lace over her stomach. Then he kissed his way up to where her nipple was visible beneath the sheer fabric and sucked nipple and lace alike into his mouth.

As she tangled her hands into his hair Nami giggled, "I guess you like it then?"

His hands were running down the back of the fabric reaching to cup her ass under the lace hem. With a low growl in her ear he joked, "I'll like it more back in the box," but the erection pressing into Nami's belly proved otherwise. Suddenly, Zoro was back on his knees planting kisses between her legs as he pulled away the lacy fabric of her thong.

And Nami decided that Zoro was overdressed so she began to help him out of his clothing too. They soon feel on the deck beneath the mikans in a passionate tangle of limbs and kisses. Riding on top of him in that lace dress under the moonlight, Nami really looked quite amazing. A Happy Birthday indeed! Quickly, Zoro flipped her over and lifted up her hips and thrust into her as fast as he could. Here moans were in no way quiet and Zoro wondered, not for the first time that night, if she knew they'd be alone on deck that night.

As it turned out, Franky was under strict order not to let anyone leave the men's room that night and Robin knew better than to leave the women's quarters. Nami and Zoro had the whole night to themselves there under the stars.

He kissed every one of her fingers and then her palms before wrapping his arms around her in that lacy dress and pulling her to him. There was no need for words between them now- the simple silence told them both how much they needed and enjoyed each other.

"So was this the best birthday present you've ever gotten?" Nami asked teasingly.

Laughing, Zoro pressed a kiss to her temple and ran his hands through the long length of her orange hair.


Something Old or Something New?

"You know," Robin was saying as she stood behind Nami looking in the same full-length dressing-room mirror, "traditionally, many cultures believe it's bad luck to wear anything but the dress to the wedding."

Nami looked over the lacy white three-piece panty, bodice and garter set holding up her also white stockings, "You mean: you think this is overkill?"

Robin smiled but nodded, "This is Zoro we are talking about, do you really want to wear those expensive underthings when he is probably going to be too impatient and simply rip them off of you?"

"Robin!" Nami scolded but then sighed. "You know, you are probably right. Well, what should I do then?"

"I already told you what I think," the older woman grinned. "How did your soon-to-be husband put it? Free-ball-it?"

Laughing, Nami said, "Oh you're terrible! Well what about the dancing? Am I to dance all night in a dress with nothing underneath?"

Behind her Robin gave a shrug.

"Well what did you do, Robin?"

Looking up Robin met Nami's eyes in the mirror and the younger girl could tell by her smirk exactly what the older woman had done at her wedding a year prior-just two years after they finally reached Raftel. After Raftel, they had set up a base on an island about half way through the new world. They had friends on that island and they were happy to receive them. Actually, as they had many friends throughout the world, and so they spent a lot of time traveling back and forth one island to the next. As they traveled they made more friends, and many of those friends began to claim their island was under the protection of the Pirate King. And yet, now they always had their base-island to return to. Sometimes, they even had visitors come to see them on the island.

Letting out a determined breath, Nami said, "Fine! Get me out of this thing and I will do this the 'traditional' way!"

It was to be a wedding at sea, and Luffy as Captain would marry them. Depending on which island they went to, the marriage might not be officially recognized. But on their base-island, the marriage was binding. And both Nami and Zoro put more stock in Luffy's word than the whole World Government anyhow.

That night, as Zoro stood behind Nami in their cabin kissing her neck, he let his fingers trail over the buttons that lined the back of her dress. One by one he undid every button and kissed the new bit of skin that was exposed. When her dress was finally open to her hips, Zoro kissed his way slowly back up her spine. His warm breath on her back tickled and sent shivers through her. With the lightest touch, Zoro's fingers started at the nape of her neck and trailed down her arms removing the fabric of her dress with them.

As the white dress slipped to the floor, Nami stood now clad in nothing but her wedding veil and white heels. "Oh God," Zoro said gruffly as his mouth fell upon the spot between her neck and her shoulder while his hands explored her nakedness.

"I thought you didn't believe in God," Nami teased as she leaned into Zoro's touch.

"Tonight," he growled as his mouth all but devoured her skin, "I'll believe in anything."

"Mmm..." Nami moaned feeling herself craving more of him. He pinched her nipples and she could hardly stop the small noised that escaped her mouth. It had been nearly five years and he could still bring her to her knees with the simplest touch.


Stretch to Fit

Two and a half years after their wedding night Nami stood looking in a full-length mirror once more, "You are sure they are supposed to reach up so high?" she asked incredulously. "I don't even think I even own jeans that come up as high as this."

"The salesperson said they are supposed to be high to support the belly. And the new jeans you own have fabric all the way up to your ribs, so I'm sure the panties will be covered." Zoro said sounding bored. He didn't so much care about the clothes Nami wore, he was more concerned with clothing she didn't wear.

"But really..." Nami started again, before Zoro cut her off.

Losing patience Zoro huffed. "Then next time you can go buy your own dam panties!" His face was slightly red and Nami realized it must have been embarrassing for him to go into the maternity shop to buy panties and bras for his pregnant wife- even if her feet were too swollen to comfortably make the trip herself.

"I'm sorry," she said pouting slightly at him, "It's the clothing that I'm not used to. You did fine picking everything out."

"Just fine?" he asked quirking and eyebrow.

Nami's lip twitched, "I love all of it! The panties, the dresses, the jeans." She'd been borrowing his haramaki to keep her old pants up for too long!

"Mmm..." he said humming in her ear as he pulled her to him.

"In fact," she laughed, "I think a reward is in order."

Nami laughed as the maternity panties were quickly pulled from her body and she was soon laid bare before Zoro. In an instant he was on top of her kissing her and caressing her breast and the new swell of her belly.

The hormones running through Nami's seven-month pregnant body were out of control and made Nami needy multiple times every day. Zoro never once complained about the new demands on his time. In fact, he liked this very keen version of his wife who had already had a healthy sex drive to begin with. Her fuller figure was a treat too. Anytime he had her, he could hardly keep her mouth off those luscious breasts. The pregnancy made him feel even more possessive of her since his child was growing inside of her- it was a strange new feeling for him, but he enjoyed it.

Smiling down on Nami, he kissed her eyes, her nose, her mouth and her cheeks. His lips traced over her jaw and down her neck. He adored her and he took his time showing her exactly how much she meant to him.



After the birth of her daughter, the doctors hadn't even given her the option to wear panties, instead they bound her up with bandages and gauze as if she had been in some great battle. In a way, she supposed she had been. But still! There were stitches, she'd been told, and she'd be bleeding for some days yet-possibly even weeks.

There wasn't one part of he body that didn't feel beaten and bruised; and yet she felt immensely better than she had two days ago when her child was inside her laying awkwardly across the nerves of her hips. In fact, it was the first time in months that Nami's back felt normal. But it would take some time to get used to the strange squishy emptiness in her abdomen. When her belly was filled with child, she though the belly was cute- now it was just a belly. And she wasn't allowed to exercise until the doctor gave her the okay. Hopefully she'd be able to wear pants again before then!

From across the room, Zoro walked over bouncing the small girl slowly in his arms. There was a new smile on his face as he looked at the tiny creature- not his usual smirk, but a proud, content look. Quietly, so as not to upset the baby he whispered, "It's time for her to eat, Mom."

The sight of Zoro holding their daughter instantly had Nami in a fit of tears- apparently it would also take some months for her hormones to even out. The woman in the bed next to her yesterday- who had just birthed her third child- said it took as many as six months! That woman was gone already today and the other bed in the room remained thankfully empty. But even without the woman to witness her episode, Nami was certain she was right about the hormones.

Zoro was bringing the small baby over to her, so Nami lowered the shoulder of the gown and brought the baby to her breasts. As she'd only delivered early this morning there was still no milk yet, but the early milk-like fluids combined with the suckling calmed the small infant.

Once the child was settled, Nami looked up to see Zoro watching her with wonder in his eye. "What?" Nami asked.

"No, it's just..." but he trailed off not sure of how to complete the thought.

But Nami understood him perfectly and with a sleepy smile she said, "Yeah."

Zoro leaned over and kissed her forehead and held her close. With his whole family encircled in his arms, Zoro felt like the luckiest man in the world.


Birthday Pants

Nami finished putting the last bit of icing on the cake that said, "Happy First Birthday Gracie!" She could hear Zoro and Gracie playing flying fish in the other room- it was one of the toddler's favorite games.

When the icing was finished, Nami put the cake back into the refrigerator and turned to her room get ready for the party. Some of the crew arrived yesterday and the others arrived that morning. It was an important day for them because it marked the day when they would finally sail back out to sea as a whole after more than a year off. When Luffy arrived the day before with Nojiko in tow ready to stand in as babysitter and Nanny. Nami was glad to see her sister and even gladder to be able to return to the sea. Nojiko had her own three-year-old daughter with her though there was no father in sight; she never made it clear to her sister if the child was her own or adopted, but that technicality didn't matter to either sister.

Dressed in a blue bikini with a white wrap-skirt tied around her hip, Nami checked out her image in the mirror. Her stomach was finally flat again, though that had been a tough battle. And the only changes in her body between now and two years ago were the slightly wider hips and the fuller breasts. Thankfully her stomach, back, arms and legs had all returned to their normal size.

Zoro slowly stalked into the room with a smirk and wrapped his arms around Nami. "Mmm... dressing like that you're making me think you want to try for another one."

He himself was only dressed in a simple pair of bathing trunks, so when Nami turned around to face him, the feeling of his skin gliding over hers sent thrills through Nami. Wrapping her arms around his neck she said, "I thought we agreed no more till after Robin and I finish that project we've been working on."

"Alright, then lets not try for another one right now," he said with his lips on her throat and his hands sliding under the hem of her bathing suit.

"But Gracie and the party," Nami objected weakly before Zoro kissed her lips and silenced her protests.

"Gracie is with her Aunt Robin and the party isn't for another hour," even as he spoke he was pulling off the wrap skirt that Nami had just put on. Then he brought her hand over to the hard bulge in the front of his pants. "See how I need you, Nami?"

Laughing, Nami caressed his manhood from the outside of his swim trunks. "You know," she said with a wicked smile, "With how needy you are all the time, you seem more like a teenager than a thirty year old!"

Zoro pulled back from her a little to fix her with an inquisitive look- his hands had already pulled the material of her swimsuit up freeing her large breasts. "Are you complaining?"

Nami shook her head and sent her orange hair flying wildly around her, "Not at all."

As she kissed him fiercely, Zoro grabbed her ass and lifted her clear off her feet. Wrapping her legs around Zoro's waist she kissed him for all she was worth anticipating what was coming next.


Business Attire

Nami buttoned the fastenings of her smart black business suit and put on her pair of most sensible heels. Today was an important day for them; it was the day the project she and Robin had been working on for years would finally be complete. The long waves of Nami's red hair had been piled and pinned atop her head and a light blond wig was pinned on top. The wig was short and smart, stopping just below her chin. Nami didn't care for being blond, but as they were setting the whole meeting up under and alias, the deception was necessary.

Making sure her pencil skirt was straight, Nami checked her reflection once more before heading out to meet Robin. The older woman was dressed similarly to Nami, wearing long black slacks and a blazer over a purple blouse. Her raven hair had been covered by a chestnut wig that was tied back at the nape of the neck. She, like Nami, had took the effort to put on makeup today only to further change her appearance. In Robin's hands there was a very thick manuscript-the project that had become so dear to both women.

They left the ship, walking confidently and aware of the eyes of the Straw Hat men on them silently wishing them luck. The women returned three hours later, leading a delivery of several barrels of Alcohol and a rather large wagonload of meat.

Eying the meat Luffy bounced up and down excitedly on the deck. "Did they like it? Did it work? Is that all for us?"

Pulling off the blond wig and letting her orange hair stream free, Nami said, "Yes! Yes! And yes!"

"Wahoo!" Luffy shouted pumping his fist into the air. "MEAT!"

The heel of a black boot came thwacking down on Luffy's skull as Sanji shouted, "Idiot! Be more excited about Robin-chan and Nami-san's success!"

At this Robin chuckled while Nami said, "Really, it's okay Sanji. We got all this to celebrate our good fortune!"

"Can you tell us about your project now?" Chopper asked wide-eyed.

"Nami and I combined our skills," Robin started saying, "To make a large historical atlas of the world."

"That means," Nami added, "not only is there a map of every island itself in addition to bigger regional and world maps, but there is also a background of every island and the people inhabiting it. There are also histories of areas in there as well. The entire script is quite in depth so that a traveler new to the area would know enough about the place to understand the dealings of each island."

"Sounds complicated," Usopp put in, "but useful."

"Very useful," Brook agreed as he pulled out his guitar and started thinking about what songs would suit this sort of business-success party.

Robin smiled politely and said, "It is. So complicated, in fact, that they are publishing it in six parts. One of each ocean, one for the first half of the Grand Line and one for the New World."

At this Nami's eyes got that strange gleam often overtook them when money was brought up, "They are paying us for each piece individually so more than six times the amount we initially estimated!"

In fact, since it was considered such an important work, the sum was enough to allow them to live comfortably the rest of their lives. They had a bank account set up for their alias's and would receive a fat check every month. It was an ideal set up for them. And they had made certain to go with a publishing company that was not too fond of the World Government itself though they made no waves with them specifically. The clerks Nami and Robin met with today did not even try to see past the meager disguises.

"We even talked about releasing a new edition in a few years time to keep updated on the cultures. They suggested adding a 'tour-guide' section highlighting some of the national foods, spirits and culture natural to the areas," Nami added hoping the men realized some of their expertise was needed as well- she'd already included navigational tips in the first edition.

"And it will really sell that much?" Luffy asked clearly impressed.

"They have called it the dictionary equivalent of the seas," Robin informed, "No ship will want to sail without a set and it is far more detailed than anything children study in school so it will probably take over the education market as well."

"And they want to update it every few years like the dictionary too!" Nami said with that strange gleam in her eyes again.

"Alright!" Luffy shouted, "Let's celebrate!"

Sanji took the meats to the kitchen to prepare a feast and everyone set up for an impromptu party.

As the crew made ready, Zoro pulled Nami aside for their own private reception. "You did it," he whispered against her neck as he brushed her hair behind her ear.

Nami's lips pressed against the crook of his neck before she smiled and laughed. "And it only took me twenty years!" After a pause where she rested her forehead against his and started sliding his shirt off she added, "I mapped the world and you're the strongest swordsman there is. What else is left for us now?"

Zoro kissed her lips softly as his fingers unfastened the many buttons of her business blazer. "Guess that means we should start trying for that second one soon."

Laughing, Nami swatted his arm playfully, saying, "You only think that because you don't have to carry it inside you for months!"

"You want another one too, I know it. And now we won't have to worry so much about looting to provide for ourselves. I think we should start trying." Zoro had been a bit insistent about this. He was a surprisingly good father and wanted a son to teach swordplay to. Nami had tried countering that argument saying Gracie liked sword fighting just fine, but it seemed that fathering sons was important to men. And the stupid maternal feelings that had been pulled to the surface in Nami after having one child made her agree with him.

Shaking her head, Nami gave Zoro a knowing smirk, she had been teasing him, "I don't think we're going to have to try very hard."

With wide eyes, Zoro pulled back and his hands stopped their unfastening leaving Nami almost fully unbuttoned. "You don't mean... already?"

Nami nodded. "I just confirmed it with Chopper last week. I was waiting until after the meeting today to break the news. I needed to know whether to be excited or worried."

Picking Nami up off her feet, Zoro spun her around and kissed her passionately. He didn't care if they were wealthy or poor. Their family was enough for him.


Training Pants

Nami woke later than usual that Saturday morning and stretched in greeting to the day. Judging by the amount of sunlight filtering through the window, it was after nine o'clock. Suddenly, she was suspicious. The children had slept this late? Impossible! Well, Zoro had been home this weekend instead of on the ship with Luffy. He probably decided to let her sleep in. Nami still made the occasional journey, but these days both she and Robin spent more time on the base island as was understandable.

As Nami stood up and switched her nightclothes for a pair of shorts and a tank top and tied her hair up, she padded out to the living room to see how everything was holding up. When she opened the door of bedroom, she immediately knew something was wrong. Her first hint was the overwhelming sense of quiet in the house- now being an experienced mother, Nami knew that quiet only indicated one thing: trouble! The second clue that something was amiss was the nappy lying open on the floor just over there in the corner. In her mind she could just picture the small boy creeping over to the corner and peeling off the diaper with all the subtly a two-year-old was capable of.

The noise all started at once: a high pitched squeal, a loud protesting wail, an uncontrolled giggle with the call of "You're doing it wrong Daddy!" and a gruff desperate plea of "Bastion, get down!" Nami laughed to herself before walking out of the room fairly certain of the scene that would greet her.

Bastion had recently turned two and now had a penchant for being naked and for climbing. Zoro's first mistake had been not putting a pair of shorts on over the boy's diaper. Buttons and zippers were more complicated and ensured that the little boy couldn't remove everything he wore. The climbing was a more difficult issue; you had to catch it early to stop it properly. Bastion was now squealing and doing his 'naked dance' on the dining room table. Every time Zoro took a step toward the boy, Bastion squealed and ran in the other direction. The unfortunately overwhelmed father was certain that the child was going to run clear off the table and that they'd have to some how wrestle him into a pair of pants before taking him to Chopper to treat a broken arm.

While Zoro stood facing off to the mischievous Sebastian, the small infant in his arms was wailing. Being small, the incessant screaming was the only opinion she could offer on the Bastion-table-problem. She may have been saying, "Just catch him Daddy!" or "Play with me. I'm listening. Forget that trouble maker!" But as she was too little to accurately express any of those thoughts, her tiny yet powerful wails only served to fluster Zoro further. He shifted his weight to the right and Bastion ran left, getting dangerously near the edge of the table.

Luckily for Gracie, but unluckily for Zoro, the eldest daughter, being five, was big enough to not only hold an opinion but express it with the proper attitude of a growing woman. With both hands on her narrow hips, her head shook back and forth sending her tangled green mess of hair shaking side to side. "That is NOT how Mommy does it!" Her tiny sandaled foot tapped impatiently making a small click-click sound against the hard wood floor.

Zoro turned and fixed his daughter with a glare- she certainly had gotten all of Nami's bossy qualities. "I don't care how Mommy does it. I just need to get him down."

On the last word Bastion had begun running in circles shouting, "NO!" His limbs bad started to slim down, but still carried the chubby robustness common in young toddlers.

His older sister on the contrary had the thin stretched look of a child who often grew taller before their body had a chance to fill out. She crossed he wiry arms and again said with a bossy voice despite its slight whistle from her missing tooth, "I told you. It's not going to work."

Huffing exasperatedly while bouncing the screaming bundle in his arms, Zoro looked at his oldest child again and said through gritted teeth, "Alright then, what does your mother do then?"

Gracie opened her wide mouth to answer, but she was cut off by a sweet-sounding voice coming from the kitchen. "Snack time! Who wants mikans?"

With a call of "Alright! O-denge time!" Bastion lay down on his stomach and swung his feet off the table onto a chair. He landed easily on the chair and sat on his bottom. Using one hand to hold onto the back of the chair and one hand to push himself down, he was soon on his feet on the floor. With his determined toddler gate, he walked to the kitchen.

"That's what Mommy does," Gracie informed her father before going to the kitchen to get a mikan. With an annoyed look, Zoro followed them bringing the youngest with him.

In the kitchen Nami was handing out plates with mikan wedges. "Look Gracie is wearing pants, so she gets a mikan. Here you go Gracie." Nami handed a plate to her older daughter who walked off to the porch eat her fruit. "Okay Bastion's turn," Nami looked at the little boy and said, "Uh oh! Bastion isn't wearing pants. I can't give Bastion an mikan." Then she turned back to the counter ignoring the child.

The toddler gave an exaggerated gasp and then. Ran off.

"Great," Zoro said with a sigh., "Now he's off to make more trouble. He's harder than Gracie ever was."

But Nami shook her head and took her youngest daughter and cuddled her. "He's a boy, that's why. When they are older you'll be saying it's the girls who are more trouble than him. And just wait, he can do more than you give him credit for."

Presently, Bastion padded back in the room with a diaper and a pair of shorts and held them up to his father. "Help, Daddy!" After a couple seconds he added, "Pyease!"

And Zoro looked down into his small face and couldn't help but smile. As much trouble as he was, Bastion knew exactly how to turn on the charm and make up for his rotten actions. Zoro laughed as he bent down to help the child on with his diaper and pants. Once the task was done he said, "Dessed Mommy!"

"Oh?" Nami said as if just noticing the boy, "So you are. Here you go." She handed him a small plate with mikan on it and the toddler carried it off proudly saying. "Ga-cie! Tastion O-denge too!"

From the kitchen window, Zoro and Nami watched as the boy joined his sister on the porch steps. In Nami's arms, the youngest child squirmed outraged at being so close to her food source and not yet receiving the desired outcome. One tiny fat fist clutched and pulled at Nami's tank top while the other beat at her breast in frustration. Nami pulled down the neck of her top and popped a nipple into the child's mouth sating her. The little girl snuggled against her mother's breast drinking hungrily and finally content.

Zoro watched Nami with an amazed look. "I never understand how you do it all day every day."

With a laugh Nami said, "It's just like being able to make a good bargain. You figure out what makes everyone tick and then you use that. I've never got the bad end of a business deal so I hardly ever get the bad end here."

Zoro, who was used to charging into situations with his swords drawn, had to take a moment to appreciate the subtlety and finesse that Nami used to approach every day life. As if she could read his thoughts, Nami said, "Don't worry. It'll get easier for you as they get older."

Wrapping an arm around his wife, Zoro kissed her on the lips sweetly. Nami smiled against his lips and said flippantly, "See. Aren't you glad I coerced you into marrying me?"

Putting a hand on her face to pull her closer, Zoro muttered, "Every day," before kissing her again.

Before long, the back door slammed open and both children ran through in a state of upset. Gracie was saying "Mom! Dad!" while Bastion was wailing and using his chubby wrist to brush the tears from his cheeks. It was time to face the day's next crisis!



A year and a half later and the older children were running about the house singing, "Today is the day! Today is the day! Today is the day when Daddy comes home! Today is the day!"

They had been singing the song every all-day every day for a week. Nami sincerely did hope Daddy came home today as that song was beginning to grate her nerves. She had to remember to sock Luffy later for teaching the children how to make up silly songs.

Suddenly the song broke and Nami heard, "You're singing it wrong!"followed by a loud thwack and a loud crying.

"Grace!" Nami called, "Do NOT hit your brother!"

"Sorry, Mom!" her little voice called.

"Not to me to him!" Nami reminded her daughter.

"Sorry Bastion!" she amended adding a hug and a kiss for emphasis- and since she knew how much her brother hated it.

"Eww! Mommy! Gracie kissed me!" Bastion wailed.

Laughing Nami said, "That's just something girls do. You'll have to get used to it."

"Kiss!" said little Lily trying to follow the conversation so Nami bent over and planted a kiss on her smallest child's forehead.

Finally, the door burst open and Zoro walked in.

"Daddy!" Grace and Sebastian chorused running to their father and hugging him.

Little Lily was slower but still called "Daddy!" and walked over slowly reaching him as the other two were releasing him. Zoro scooped up his youngest and kissed her cheek.

"Did ya bring us anything Daddy?" Bastion asked.

But he was hit in the shoulder by his sister. "Idiot! You didn't even ask him if he had a good trip!"

"Oh!" the little boy said rubbing his shoulder. "Did you have a good trip Daddy?"

"Yes I did. We sailed to the Island of Giants again! They were having their centennial games and we were all asked to participate."

"Did you win?" Grace asked bouncing one her toes excitedly.

With a laugh Zoro said, "Of course. All the sword play events!"

"Wow!" The two older children said open-mouthed and wide-eyed. Then Grace nodded her little head and Bastion again asked. "So did you bring us anything?"

"Not this time," Zoro said shrugging, "All I have is this bag of dirty-old laundry."

"Eww!" the older two said until Bastion pulled on the sack and shouted, "It's not laundry, it's toys!"

"Giant toys!" corrected Gracie.

At this point Lily began to squirm to get down to see what all the excitement was about.

The sack was full of toys that giant children would push with their massive hands, but that were big enough for human children to ride on.

While the children emptied out the bag of goodies, Zoro approached his wife. "We missed you," she said. Zoro said nothing but kissed her deeply. His look told her that he'd missed her greatly and he'd show her just how much tonight.

"I brought you something too," he whispered handing her a small bag. Experience told her what to expect, but she still peeked inside to peek at the green lacy fabric inside.

"I'll just put this in our room for later," she said teasingly. She looked up at Zoro; the years had changed him. He had continued to broaden and become stronger looking, but his remaining eye was full not only of strength but of understanding. There were a fair few amount of new scars over his body and one on his right cheek; but his scars only endeared him more to her. She loved ever scar on his body. His green hair had gotten lighter from years of sailing in the sun and was now a good few shades lighter than the bright green hair of his older children.

Nami supposed she must have changed over time too, but she'd been sailing less the last few years- only taking short trips every now and again while Nojiko watched the children. Even with the children, Nami still found time to work out and keep up her body and she and Robin spent time every day working on the later editions of their book set. Somehow Nami still managed to keep up correspondence with Weatheria learning all the new weather science.

The older two children were pulling on Zoro saying, "Daddy, Daddy! Can we do swords now! We waited for you more than a month!" They had already pulled their swords out and were waiting anxiously. Lily was still too little for swords, but she was too occupied with a ride-on cat to notice anyhow.

"Okay. Go outside and warm up, I'll be right there," Zoro said nodding and the children did exactly as he said.

"They are so happy when you are here," Nami observed.

Zoro replied nonchalantly, "Then they are going to be a lot happier now."

"What?" Nami asked hardly able to conceal her shock.

Laughing Zoro told her the story, "We ran into an old friend of Luffy's at sea. She'll have her own little one in six months time."

"Luffy? Luffy is going to have a child?" Nami was honestly shocked, and she mused, "I didn't think he had it in him."

"He's thirty-three now. He had to realize what those parts were for at some point," Zoro said with an air of someone shrugging off something embarrassing- which made Nami suspect that Luffy must have asked Zoro for some advice on their last journey. "Anyhow," Zoro continued, "He's quite excited and very nervous. And he's said something like there's no point in being the freest man on the sea if you can't decide when you get time off."

Shrugging Nami said, "Well I'll be glad to have you home a bit more. The bed is too cold while you're away."

Zoro smirked, "You'll be warm tonight."

Nami returned the smirk with her own amorous glare before reminding Zoro that his kids were waiting outside. For good measure, she scooped up Lily and took the toddler out to watch the older kids play with Daddy.


Filling the Empty Nest

One by one, the children grew up and left the home to peruse their own lives of piracy. Grace was the first leaving on her seventeenth birthday- the children had always heard this number from Uncle's Luffy's story so they decided seventeen was the time to set out. Of all their children Grace was the fiercest and the best with a sword. She said that she'd set out and beat all the strong swordsmen there were until the only one left to beat was her own father. Only then would she return home to challenge her father to a duel. More than anything she wanted to prove that a woman could be the strongest swordsman. Although he wouldn't go easy on his daughter, it was the one fight Zoro wouldn't mind losing.

Their next child- charming young Bastian- left home four years later. He had already been seventeen for some months, but refused to leave until Robin's daughter Charlotte was seventeen as well and would come with him. The two had been best friends since their infancy and they had grown up together. Together, the pair came up with infallible strategies- and they were so in sync that the two often didn't need to speak to convey their plans. They had developed a fighting style all their own and were even a good match against Gracie. When Zoro had asked his son what he was setting out to do, he shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me where I go or what I do. I'm probably not going to be the best at anything, though I'll be very good. But as long as I'm sailing and seeing the world with Lottie, I'll be happy." At this proclamation Zoro smiled. Even if it was a different sort of dream, his son knew what he wanted.

It was their youngest child who was the most difficult. She was neither as coordinated and strong as her sister or suave and sharp as her brother. In fact, little Lily often felt like the odd one out. Every time she went out to play with her siblings, she got lost. Grace and Bastion were bigger, stronger and faster than Lily. There were more capable and less prone to disaster. When she had tried learning swords, she had ended up getting her feet so tangled that she's tripped and fell right on top of the sword hacking off half of her orange hair in the process. Tears had streamed down her face as her mother evened her hair out chopping it all off to her ears. She'd been quite upset since she loved her long hair- she was the only one of the children to have her mother's orange locks. Zoro ruffled the strands of his daughter's new short 'do and retrieved an old picture of Nami.

"This is what your mother looked like when I met her," Zoro said handing the picture to his daughter.

Lily's small round face instantly brightened. "It looks just like me!"

"Yup. When your mother was younger she wore her hair just like yours is now."

This fact made Lily happy again and the bright gleam had come back to her eyes.

That day eight-year-old Lily walked out to play with the bigger kids when she found Luffy's six-year-old son, Asce, crying on the edge of the woods. He was faster and stronger than her and could usually keep up with the big kids pretty well. But today his blonde hair was matted to his head and there was a large gash down his calf that he had gotten from falling against a rake. He had ignored it at first, but now it hurt too much. Being a very kind hearted girl, Lilly used the hem of her skirts to wipe the tears from Asce's cheeks and then tore a length of fabric from her shirt to bandage up the leg. After this, Asce was feeling well enough to hobble back to Chopper's place with Lily's support.

When Chopper saw Lily's handiwork, he immediately began gushing about her talents. And so Nami and Zoro's youngest child began to study daily with the reindeer and learned how to be a doctor. After finding her calling, Lily was just as excited as her siblings to set out. She'd heard stories of all the places Chopper had been and she decided she wanted to travel the world and discover medicinal secrets that had been long since forgotten. She wasn't a strong fighter, but Asce said he'd protect her when he was big enough. Lily laughed and told him he'd have to find her first! He told her of course he would- after all he was much faster than she was. He'd catch up to her soon enough.

And then Lily was gone leaving Nami and Zoro with an empty home. With a yawn and a sigh, the two pirates settled in for a nice peaceful life. They were bored in less than a day! What would they do now without the kids? They enjoyed their alone time together- that was certain- but there was too much time in their days now. Nami got her hands on new maps and began comparing the landscapes of various islands to the maps she'd made years ago; Zoro began rigorously training harder than ever. And they smiled at each other-looked like they'd once again be waiting two years for Luffy.


Another two years past and sure enough Luffy was bored once Asce left home. Sitting around on their base island was no longer fun. Sure there was the occasional run-in with the marines, but they were mostly left alone these days as they had proven themselves too difficult to deal with in their youth. Friends came and went visiting, but their pirate hearts craved more.

"If we don't leave, we'll get into trouble," Luffy said. "If we sit around with nothing to do, we will get bored and things will get out of hand."

"If we leave," Zoro amended, "we are going to get into trouble. If we are on the move again we are going to piss people off and things will get out of hand."

Luffy's wide toothy grin was untouched by time, "Got a problem with that First-Mate Zoro?"

"Not one, Captain!" the swordsman answered.

"Franky! Make sure Sunny is ready to sail by the end of the week! Sanji! MEAT!" the Captain called and all the Straw Hats cheered.

A week later, they boarded the Thousand Sunny and set off for adventure. To the pirates, it was as if no time had past between this and their last journey together in their youth. Though there were plenty of youngsters sailing the seas, the Straw Hat pirates laughed louder, ate more, and drank the lot of them under the table.

A couple days after setting out, Zoro pulled Nami into the men's quarters for old time sake. He moved her long hair out of the way so that he could kiss her slender neck the way she liked so much as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. His hands brushed her cheek and her lips before he leaned in and give her a tender kiss that took her breath away. "I love you, Nami. I always have."

Smiling against his lips she said, "I'll always love you, Zoro."

Though her face now bore a couple slight lines from age and stress, and there were more than a few white strands mixed in with her orange hair when she didn't dye it, Zoro still thought she was the loveliest woman he had ever seen. She was the sharpest navigator there was and he was the strongest swordsman. They sailed with the Pirate King on a ship that had traveled the length of the world many times over. They had set out as youngsters to achieve their dreams and now sailed for a different reason- to purely enjoy life along the waves with their strange little family of a crew.

As Zoro's hands caressed her back, Nami opened her eyes to look into his sincere face. Over the years he'd gotten more scars, but they only made him more distinguished in her eyes. His hair was longer and frosted with grey, but his body was as firm and muscled as ever. Smiling Nami ran her hand through his grey-green hair and then noticed the wall behind them.

On the wall where the old wanted posters hung, there was now a current wanted posters in a row above them This way they could see their young and old selves together. And now hanging in their own frame above the old frame was a pair of Nami's current panties!

"What the?" she pushed Zoro away and crossed the room to the wall and stared at it in disbelief. "Who the hell took my panties?"

"No idea," Zoro said a little too calmly.

With a flash in her amber eyes, Nami turned and looked at him. "You know something! And you just wont say!" It was one thing for the panties she wore at twenty to grace the wall, but panties she owned at fifty? Someone had it coming! Though, to her credit her age-fifty panties were just as sexy as her age-twenty ones.

But Zoro only shrugged neither confirming nor denying the fact.

"Oooh!" Nami huffed as she looked at the wall.

Behind her, Zoro wrapped his arms around her and whispered, "Come on, forget it. After all, it wouldn't be the men's quarters without your panties hung on the wall."

Nami's eyes lowered dangerously, "Oh I'll forget it alright," Nami said in a voice that was deceptively sweet, "Just as soon as I figure out who did it and pay them back!"

Laughing Zoro kissed the back of Nami's shoulder. "Some things never change," he said as he slipped his hand under her blouse to roughly cup her breasts.

Feeling the erection pressing into her back, Nami agreed, "No. They don't."



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