Chapter 2

Alfred had been woken up sometime later by a different. He was ordered to get dressed for the ball. It had started some time ago. The prince quickly dressed in the suit his servants packed. It was a classy simple suit. Black pants, white button down, tan vest and a blue coat that reached just below his knees. It was a classy simple with a white mask that covered his eyes and nose but left room for breathing.

Once over in the mirror and he was out the door and down the hallway. The ballroom opened up in bright colors and laughter. There was many people dancing and many people standing to the side talking. It was a rather pleasing sight.

"Oh, Alfred!" The Queen of Spade was beside him with a bright smile. She loped her arm with him and walked around the dancers. "I was wondering how the meeting with my son went. I know he can be a bit cold but—"

"I didn't meet your son…" Alfred frowned. He hadn't met anybody but the two servants. "I must have been to tired." He said. The Queen of Spade sighed and shook her head.

"No, no…. He's shy." She said and patted the prince's arm. She gave a sweet smile. "I'm sure you'll meet him before the ball is over."

Alfred nodded. He looked tot the crowd and back at the queen but she was gone. The prince sighed. He really had no idea what the prince looked like except from old pictures, but people changed.

"Would you like to dance?" A female asked. She was very pretty with a yellow ball gown and a matching elegant mask.

"Yes, I would love too." Alfred said kindly as they stepped into a waltz. They moved in time to the steps. His footsteps were graceful as if he glided on the ballroom floor. They switched partners and after sometime, switched again. The prince became aware of someone watching him as he danced.

The song changed as well did the dancing partners. The male, as it turned out, that had been watching him, joined the dancing. The song continued on and on, soon the male and Alfred were paired.

"Hello, prince." He said. The prince couldn't see his face but his green eyes popped out from behind the purple mask. They watched him intently, as if they were judging him.

"Hello." Alfred said. He wasn't fazed by the name he was called by, many people had called him prince, but never knew his name.

"Quiet the handsome fellow." The male said.

"Are you hitting on me?" Alfred responded. He didn't know what to say to that.

"Maybe." And suddenly, Alfred found himself being lead out the dance, to a Terrance and down a flight of stairs to a rose garden with a pond and fountain in the middle.

The male turned and looked at Prince Alfred intently again. He took his mask off, revealing his face.
He was the servant from before.

"Oh! The servant who gave me my snack!" He said as he pointed at him. "But…. I thought servants weren't allowed to dance at a ball…" Now he was confused.

"I'm not a servant. My name is Arthur Kirkland and I'm the Prince of spade." He said sternly. He stood straight.

"But why…."

"Because I wanted to know what you were like and I've come to a conclusion." Arthur said. He seemed uninterested and studied his gloves.

"Oh? And what is tha-"

"Your stupid." He said plainly, still seeming uninterested. The Prince of Spade looked up at Alfred's hurt face.

"That was a little harsh…." Alfred pouted some. He didn't think he was a genius but he wasn't STUPID.

"But your heart is in the right place." Arthur said. Alfred knew it was suppose to be a compliment, but was still offended by the stupid comment.

"That's… nice." He mumbled and shuffled uncomfortably. He looked down at his feet.

Arthur sighed. "I'm sorry…. I can be cruel. I did not mean to be harsh." He said. "It was a way that I think your nice…." He mumbled. Alfred noticed how awkward he was. The prince chuckled.

"You seem nice as well." He said as he stepped closer. "I'd like to get to know you." He said with a smile. The Prince of Spade bushed and stuttered,

"R-really? I've been told I'm blunt, and rude…." He said. It was his turn to shift some.

Alfred chuckled. "But I've also heard that you open up if one gets to know you." He said. He began to walk along the rose bushes with Arthur.

"Really? Who said that?" He crossed his arms over his chest and glared slightly. He seemed to know already.

"umm…Your mo-"

"I knew it! I told her to stop setting me up with people! I'm not interested in getting married what so ever!" He grumbled. His cheeks were flushed, but not from embarrassment, from mild anger.

Alfred gave a hearty laugh, earning him a glare. "My dad did the same thing for a while when I turned 19" He said as he continued to walk. He had a small smile on his face.
"how old are you?" Arthur asked curiously. He walked along side the other.

"19 but I turn 20 in a month." The price said happily. "July 4. How old are you?"

"Well if you must know, I am 21 and I will be 22 on March 7." Arthur said proudly. He stepped out in front of Alfred and began to lead the way. "Where's your mother? I didn't see her with you father."

Alfred hesitated. "Royal Cemetery…" He half mumbled. The Prince of Spade stopped and looked at him.

"I-I'm sorry…" He muttered. "I didn't know…. My father is died as well…. If that helps…"

"Well it doesn't…" Alfred said coldly He put his hands in his pockets. "Death is horrible…."

Arthur chuckled. "I agree with that…. War, disease, and famine shouldn't be…. It's wrong…" The Prince of Spade sounded sad at his own words. "It causes to much heartache..."

The younger male frowned. "How close were you and your father?" He asked curiously. They had walked far enough that they reach a bridge.

"To close to just forget about him..." Athur's shoulders slumped forward. "It still hurts to think about it..."

Alfred didn't know what to say. He didn't want to think about it as well. He stopped Arthur on the bridge and looked down at the river. "Where does this river lead too?" He asked to distract him.

"To the ocean... It comes from the middle of the city but nobody knows where it comes from. Most likely under the earth." The older male said. "It's called The Blue River because it's a dark blue has it comes out then it lightens out to a light blue before it gets to the ocean." Arthur said matter-of-factly. He seemed to get lost in the blueness of the river.

"Do people swim in the river?" Alfred asked. He kind of wanted to go swimming now.

"No... The water us used for royal funerals and small boats used for trade are allowed up and down the river."

Alfred frowned. "We just burn our royals. "He said. He didn't know what else to say. Arthur didn't seem interested in talking either.

"I'll be crowned soon... well... when I turn 21... that's why my mother is pushing for marriage." The Prince of Spade sighed. He stood and looked at the moon. It was full and shone on everything. It accented Arthur's curves. His lips looked fuller, his eyes brighter, his hair shiner. He looked... breath taking.

Alfred couldn't stop looking at him. He looked so handsome like that, so elegant. His heart started to beat fast inside his chest. "I see... I understand.