Just a silly attempt for Dream High fanfic. :P

Oh, and I'm neither HyemGuk nor HyemDong so don't be mad. :D


Hyemi's concert was over and Jinguk came to congratulate her.

"Chukkae! Your 100th concert!" Jinguk said.

"Ah, yae. I'm glad you came", Hyemi replied.

"I heard Sam Dong is at the Emmys in America", Jinguk said.

"Yah, are you apologizing for him or something?" Hyemi asked.

"Ani. Why would I want to do that?" Jinguk said innocently.

Hyemi didn't reply and Jinguk suddenly felt a pang of regret for bringing up Sam Dong. Sam Dong didn't visit or contact them much due to his tight schedule and various activities as K and Jinguk knew Hyemi wasn't very pleased about it.

Trying to change the subject, Jinguk made another attempt at conversation.

"Do you want to get something to eat?"

"Ani, I'm busy", Hyemi said before walking off, leaving Jinguk alone.

Jinguk watched Hyemi leave and let out a sigh. Despite all these years, his feelings for her hadn't changed. But he knew her heart belonged to Sam Dong and that was that.

"Oppa~?" came a voice behind him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Ah, Baekhui-ah", Jinguk said.

"Oppa, we haven't spoken for long. How are you?" Baekhui asked.

"Ah, I'm fine. I heard you became teacher of the month. Chukkae", Jinguk replied.

"Nae, gomawo. I was going to have dinner with Pil Suk and Jason. Would you like to join us?" Baekhui half asked half begged.

"Mian. I'm… not hungry. I'll see you around", Jinguk said, leaving Baekhui alone.

Not hungry? Though Baekhui. This is Jinguk. Something must be up.

At the restaurant

"No one else coming?" Jason asked.

"I invited Jinguk but he turned me down", Baekhui replied, pouting.

"Well, we have news for you, anyway", Pil Suk said.

Smiling, Jason lifted Pil Suk's hand and announced "We're engaged!"

"Ommo! Jinja? This is great! I'm so happy for you!" Baekhui said with a huge smile.

"Yae~" said Jason, kissing Pil Suk's cheek. Pil Suk blushed and gave Jason a spoon of rice.

Baekhui laughed.

The door opened and Hyemi strolled in.

"Yah, Hyemi-ah, you're late", Baekhui said, pouting again.

"Ani. You're just early", Hyemi replied, sitting next to her.

Jason raised an eyebrow and Pil Suk told Hyemi the news of her engagement.

"Ah, jinja? Chukkae~" Hyemi said with a smile.

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Sam Dong. She picked it up but didn't say anything, her face neutral.


"Country bumpkin?"

Sam Dong laughed. "I wanted to congratulate you on your concert".


"Hyemi, there's something else I have to tell you."


"Ani, we need to meet".

"Araso, where?"

"Bus stop".



"Yah, Sam Dong-ah. Do you know what time it is? I'm having dinner with Baekhui and newly engaged couple Jason and Pil Suk".

"They're engaged?" came Sam Dong's excited voice.

Hyemi didn't say anything and handed her phone to Pil Suk.

"Ah, gomawo, Sam Dong-ah", Pil Suk said.

"Yeah, thanks, bro" Jason said.

They gave the phone back to Hyemi who just hung up the phone.

"Hyemi? Hyemi?" Sam Dong said into the phone but she had hung up.

"Aigoo…" he said. He was sitting at the bus stop.

An expensive, foreign car drove by.

The driver suddenly stopped and got out of the car.

"Jinguk?" said Sam Dong's surprised voice.

"Sam Dong? What are you doing here?" Jinguk said.

"I wanted to see Hyemi", he replied.

"Mian, I'm not Hyemi", Jinguk said, rolling his eyes and walking back to his car.

"Hyung, chakaman", Sam Dong called.


"I wanted to see you too but I thought you'd be angry because it's late. Mian."

"Sam Dong-ah, you're just going to wait here for Hyemi? What if she doesn't show up?" Jinguk said.

"There's only one way to find out", Sam Dong said quietly.

An hour later…

"Yah, pabo-ah, how much longer are you going to wait?" Jinguk said.

"You don't have to wait with me. I'll be fine. Just go home. It's getting late", Sam Dong said.

"Exactly. I'll tell Hyemi to meet you tomorrow. She's not coming", Jinguk said.

Sam Dong reluctantly followed Jinguk into his car and they drove off.


"Hyemi, there's something else I have to tell you."


"Ani, we need to meet".

"Araso, where?"

"Bus stop".



-End of flashback-

That was an hour ago, thought Hyemi. Should I still go? Would he still be there? Aish, whatever, I'll go.

Hyemi ran to the bus stop (she was nearby, ok, it's not like she's too retarded to call a cab) and panting for breath, she saw Jinguk's car driving away.

First thought in her head: Isn't that Jinguk's car?

Second thought in her head: Pfft, that pabo couldn't even wait.