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Sam Dong's phone rang. It was his manager.

"Where are you? Come to the office now!"

"Wh-what? Why?" Sam Dong stammered.

Sam Dong's manager threw the magazine on the table.

"Pick. It. Up".

Sam Dong picked it up and on the front cover was a picture of him hugging Hyemi at the bus stop.

"You're looking at the wrong picture", the manager hissed.

Sam Dong looked carefully and on top of his picture was a small photo of Min Min crying with the title: Exclusive Interview with Min Min Regarding Superstar K's Scandal

"Give me that", the manager snarled grabbing the magazine out of Sam Dong's hands.

"She confirmed everything, saying it was all true and adding other detailed information", the manager said in a dangerous voice.

"I-" Sam Dong began.

"I've negotiated with Min Min's company and we are to hold an emergency press conference right away", the manager said as if he had heard nothing.

"There's no need", Sam Dong said.

"No need? You have no choice. You've tarnished our company's image and ruined your own reputation!" the manager shouted. "The least you can do now is attend the press conference".

Sam Dong sighed.

"I just need to deny the rumours, right?" Sam Dong asked.

"Yes, and be careful about what you say or do", the manager warned him.

"Yes, sir".

That afternoon, Sam Dong was home rereading the rumours Min Min had spread. The utter silence was interrupted by an incoming call. Sam Dong jumped and with shaking hands checked who was calling. It was Kim Pil Suk. Closing his eyes in relief, he answered.

"Hi, Pil Suk".

"I'm so glad you're still alive!" came Pil Suk's voice full of concern.

Sam Dong laughed.

"How could you laugh at a time like this, Sam Dong? Do you know how much trouble you're in?"

"I do. But I'm going to solve this tomorrow morning at a press conference."

"Sam Dong, I worry about you so much", Pil Suk said sadly.

"Don't. I'll be fine. Now could you please just say 'fighting' and give me some spirit?"

Sam Dong could hear Pil Suk's sigh through the phone but she must have smiled because she said "Song Sam Dong… fighting~!"

Sam Dong smiled and thanked her before ending the call.

Sam Dong looked in the mirror. He smiled at his reflection and straightened his tie.

"Are you ready yet? We have to go in", said his manager with an annoyed expression.

After taking a deep breath, Sam Dong nodded and followed his manager into the conference room.

Cameras flashed as he entered the room and took his seat.

"The conference may now commence", the manager announced into the microphone.

This was when Sam Dong noticed a large flatscreen at the back of the room. Then he spotted cameras filming him. The conference was a live coverage.

"Mr Song?"

"Hu-yes?" answered a startled Sam Dong.

"What are your feelings about this controversy?" she asked.

Her senior reporters rolled their eyes at her simplicity.

Sam Dong glanced at the flatscreen. He looked good. BD This gave him more confidence so he made his facial expression unreadable and answered "Misunderstood".

Journalists excitedly took notes whilst Sam Dong's manager sat beside him with a satisfied grin on his face. (The type that makes you just want to slap the person bearing it. ;D)

After a while of successful responses from Sam Dong and his manager's smirk becoming more and more unbearable by the second, a reporter stood up with an evil gleam in his eye.

"The girl spotted with you is alleged to be Singer Go Hyemi. Could you confirm if it was in fact her with you at the time?"

Sam Dong froze. His manager's grin disappeared. The reporter who had asked the question adopted the same smirk Sam Dong's manager had been sporting. The room fell silent.

"I'm afraid I didn't catch that", the reporter said breaking the silence.

Sam Dong looked at the flat screen and realised that anxiety had appeared on his face.

"It was", he muttered.

The room was filled with gasps as journalists scribbled down the delicious new information.

Instead of sitting down, the same reporter decided to ask another question.

"So you admit to infidelity?"

"Wh-what?" was the flabbergasted reply.

"Country bumpkin", the reporter said to himself inaudibly.

"And now that all has been revealed, who are you choosing to date?"

"Excuse me?" said Sam Dong, longing to punch the reporter in the face.

"Don't lose it", his manager hissed at him.

The reporter slowly said "Min Min or Hyemi?" as if Sam Dong was retarded.

"Sir!" cried his assistant.

Sam Dong went in front of the reporter.

"Would you like to whisper it in my ear?" the reporter said cunningly. (Just imagine Lee Junhyuk's sly acting in "Man From the Equator". *.*)

Sam Dong grabbed the reporter by his jacket.

"What are you going to do now, wise guy? You're wrecking your reputation by the second", the reported hissed at him.

Sam Dong released him. "Who are you? e_e"

"I'm the one you stole Min Min from. I'll see that you get the punishment I want".

"Daniel Jeong!" exclaimed his assistant.

Sam Dong's manager immediately adjourned the conference and dragged Sam Dong out before the situation worsened.

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