He was still waiting. An entire two years and Nezumi still hadn't returned to him. He knew he would keep his promise, but for how long would he have to wait, exactly? Then, he heard a low whizz from above and looked up as it grew louder and louder. He seen a silver thing falling, then-


Everything went dark.


He smirked, and held his hands to his hips. He was so close; he swore he could smell No. 6 from where he was. Not much father, and then he would be reunited with Sion. Oh, how he missed his crimson eyed companion.

About an hour later, he could see No. 6. Or, what remained of it. It was half destroyed, like a bomb went off. The damage looked recent. And the rest of the former pure-white city was dirty and caked in dirt and grime. How could a city change that much in two years? He skidded down the ridge, and jogged to the city entrance. A feeling of foreboding was arising in his stomach.

When he was only a few feet from the main entrance, two large guys with large guns came into view. What the hell?

One was tall and ginger, while the other one was broad and bald. Both looked like worthy opponents, but they both have lethal weapons, so he'd play it safe, for now.

"What do you want, foreigner?" the ginger snapped at him.

"I'm not foreign I used to live here, but I left just before the after the Parasite Bees made their move. Now, is there any chance I go can inside?"

The baldy and the ginger looked at each other, and had a quick, whispered conversation with each other.

"Fine!" Baldy grunted.

"Thank you." Nezumi sighed, and turned his attention to the city. "Could you tell me what happened here?"

Once again, baldy and ginger glanced at each other, had a whispered conversation, and then answered him.

"No. 5 attacked and wanted to take over our city, a few months back. It killed quite a few families, and destroyed several areas."

Nezumi started to panic. "What places were destroyed?" A hint of panic entered his voice.

"Um, well, Lower City, the Shopping District... and an area called Lost Town. It was literally blown off the map."

His eyes widened. Lost Town. Where Sion lived. No.. Oh God no. Not Sion. Not after he had done so much.

'I broke my promise to you. I'm so sorry, Sion. I wish I never left, and we could've died together' He instantly became angry with his thinking. How could he think like that? He would take over No. 6, and he would destroy No. 5 for everything they did. They killed innocent people. Entire families. And Sion. They killed Sion.

And for that, they would pay.

-Prologue: Reality-

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