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Chapter 1

When Tenten arrived home from her tiring mission she saw a letter addressed to her. When she saw the seal on the letter she quickly opened it up. She knew that it would be something serious if that person would send her a letter with the seal on it. She read the letter and went pale. When she finished reading it she quickly made her way to her bedroom and packed some clothes and other necessities for travel. When she finished packing she took the letter, put it in her pocket and made her way to the Hokage's office as quickly as possible.

When she arrived at the office the Hokage, Tsunade, looked up at her. "What do you need?" she asked.

"I want to leave Konoha for a while," Tenten replied.

"Would it have something to do with this letter?" Tsunade asked her as she held up a letter with the same seal on it.

"Yes," Tenten said.

"That person is quite smart he sent me a letter so that you would be able to leave more easily and quickly," Tsunade said.

"So would it be alright?" Tenten asked her.

"Of course but I want to know when you will be back," the Hokage replied.

"I don't know if the situation is like what he says then I will probably not be back for a long time. There's a possibility I will be staying there for more than half a year or more than a year even," Tenten said.

"I see," Tsunade said.

"May I ask something from you?" Tenten asked the blonde woman sitting in front of her.

"Sure," Tsunade said.

"Can you tell my teammates and friends that will be gone for a long time? You can tell them that I went on a mission but please do not tell them the truth that is stated in that letter," Tenten said.

"Alright," Tsunade said.

"Thank you, I must go now I have to leave as soon as possible," Tenten said. She left quickly making sure that she would not see any of her friends because she knew that they would delay her departure and she needed to leave as soon as possible.

When she got to her house she double-checked to see that she had everything. When she was sure she had everything she looked around the house to make sure that nothing was wrong. After that was done she headed for the door, opened it and went outside. She looked at the place she had called home for several years and with that she closed the door and made sure it was securely locked. She then made her way to the gates and with a goodbye to the guards made her way to her destination.

~~~~~With Her Team~~~~~

Lee and Guy with Neji who was dragged with them made their way to Tenten's apartment. Lee loudly knocked on her door but there was no response. He knocked several more times but again no response. "It seems that young Tenten is not here," Guy said.

"Maybe she went with Sakura, Ino, and them," Neji suggested.

"Yosh! Let's look for her then," Lee said. Guy agreed with his student and Neji sighed as his teammates and sensei's antics. He followed them as they went to look for the girls.

They spotted Ino and Sakura at a dango shop eating. Sakura was the first to see them. "What are you guys doing?" she asked.

"Were looking for our team's youthful flower," Lee replied.

"You're looking for Tenten what for?" Ino asked.

"We were planning to youthfully eat together as a team!" Guy replied.

"Do you guys know where she is?" Neji asked calmly.

"No but why don't you go check if she's with Hinata. They're good friends," Sakura said.

"Thank you," Neji said politely. He and his team then went to look for his cousin.

When they found Hinata she was at Ichiraku's ramen shop with Naruto. "Hinata-sama," Neji politely greeted.

"Neji-nii-san," Hinata greeted.

"Neji, Bushy brows, and Guy-sensei what are you guys doing?" Naruto asked in his own cheerful manner.

"We're looking for Tenten. Have you seen her anywhere?" Neji said.

"No, I haven't seen her all day but I know she came back from her mission," Hinata replied.

"That's strange I was sure that she was with one of you girls. She wasn't with Sakura and Ino either," Neji said.

"Why don't we go ask Tsunade-sama?" Hinata suggested. Everyone agreed to that and they made their way to the Hokage's office.

When they arrived they knocked on the door. When they heard a come in they went inside.

"What are all you guys doing here?" she asked Neji, Lee, Guy, Naruto, and Hinata.

"We were wondering if you knew where Tenten was," Naruto said.

"I know where she is," Tsunade replied.

"Really! Where is our youthful flower?" Guy asked.

"She went on a mission," Tsunade told them.

"But she just got back from a mission," Hinata said.

"Yes, but something came up and she was the best one for it," Tsunade lied smoothly.

After that explanation everyone said thank you to the Hokage and left. They wondered when Tenten would be back.

~~~~~Tenten's Location~~~~~

Tenten decided to rest since she knew that she would collapse if she went any further.

I have to get there soon, she thought.

She was extremely tired because she was going full speed for more than four hours and she didn't have any rest from her previous mission. She sighed and decided to make a place to sleep.

Just a little bit more and I will be back to that place. I wonder how Hayate, Akiko, Daiki, Megumi, and Takumi are. I hope they're alright, were the thoughts in her head as she went to sleep.

The next morning she ate breakfast and put her stuff away as quickly as possible. When she was finished she went full speed to her location. She knew that she only had four or more hours to her destination and she wanted to get there as soon as possible.

~~~~~Four Hours Later~~~~~

Tenten saw the city but most of all she saw the place in the center of the city, her destination. She made her way there thinking how nostalgic it was to walk around in the city after so long.

It's been a long time since then. Although it is somewhat cheerful still I can feel a little bit of gloom it seems they know of what is happening, she thought.

When she arrived at her destination she took a deep breath and went forward.

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