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Chapter 14

The kunai was deflected by Neji just in time. Everyone turned to him the kunai and quickly went to see where the person who could have thrown it was at.

"There's nobody here," Kiba said as looked at the tree the kunai had come from. When Neji and Hinata looked at the forest with their Byakugan it was only then that they realized that the forest was filled with some unknown energy and they could barely see Kiba through it.

"The forest is very strange. It's filled with an unknown force and it makes it hard to determine if there is a person in there or not," Neji said.

"Yes," Hinata said.

"That's because the forest is filled with celestial energy. It's one of the things that keeps majority of the Dragon of Darkness' dark energy from leaking out. Of course, it's not perfect but it's enough. It's why the original makers of the seal used this place. It is filled with lots of pure celestial energy and it gave them some power during the sealing. It is also called the Forest of the Past," Tenten told them.

"Celestial energy? Forest of the Past?" Ino asked.

"I'll explain while try and see if we can catch the one or ones who threw that kunai," Tenten said. The others nodded and followed her.

"Celestial energy is the energy that we use here. Of course we also have chakra but the priestesses, priests, the royal family, and few other people possess the ability to use this energy. It what makes us unique and what gives the ability to use our spells. Celestial energy is everywhere, in living things and nonliving things. However, the amount there is, is different. Here in the Kingdom of the Dragons and the Dragons' home there is lots of it. The first process to summoning a dragon requires the control of the celestial energy. Those who can control celestial energy can learn to control nature. It is similar to nature chakra but slightly different. Perhaps I can explain it in more detail when we are done with this. This forest is called the Forest of the Past because of the fact that it can actually show people their pasts. We have not found why but we believe it is because of the strong amount of celestial energy that it has," Tenten said as they jumped through the trees.

"Can celestial energy really do that?" Sakura asked.

"Perhaps, even us, who have lived in the Kingdom of the Dragons for many generations do not fully understand what the celestial energy can do. Perhaps the dragons know as they have had millennia more than us to study it but if they do they don't tell us anything, maybe they wish for us to figure out its secrets on our own. However, we know that celestial energy is powerful. It can bring back a person from the brink of death and heal wounds and injuries even normal healing jutsus cannot. It tires out the healer, though," Hayate said.

"They're gone," Tenten, who had allowed Hayate to answer Sakura's question, said. Everyone looked at her, who had stopped once she had said that. Hayate stopped also, closed his eyes and concentrated.

"You're right, I can't feel them anywhere," Hayate said.

"How do you guys know?" Sasuke asked.

"We are using the trees to feel the other people's presence," Tenten said.

"Using the trees?" Kiba asked.

"It's one of things that can be done with celestial energy. We should go back and finish what we had originally come here to do," Tenten said. Everyone followed her orders and headed back to the temple with Tenten and Hayate leading.

They reached the temple after several minutes and once again headed inside making sure to keep their guards up should anything happen. They approached the center which had nothing but a little table with several orbs on it. Tenten went up it.

"Somebody's been here," she said.

"What makes you say that?" Naruto asked.

"The orbs have been touched just recently," she said. She then proceeded to turn the orb on the far right, then the orb on the far left, and finally the orb in the middle. Once she finished a pedestal with a dragon figurine lifted up. She pushed down on its wings and a panel moved out from beneath the table.

"Shall we go?" Tenten asked. She then began to lead the way and everyone followed as she descended down the stairs that were unveiled. As they went down the sconces that were on the sides began to light. After going down several staircases they finally arrived at the bottom and there at their feet was a huge circular pattern. The pattern was beautiful, but you could clearly see that it there were some damages.

"Let's make this quick," Tenten said. She put her hands together, closed her eyes, and soon after she began emitting light. As she continued to emit the light some of the damages on the pattern began to disappear. After several minutes she stopped, breathing heavily from exertion. As she was about to fall, Neji, who was closest to her, caught her.

"Thank you," Tenten said.

"We should go. Can you take care of Tenten, Neji?" Hayate said. Neji merely nodded his head. Hayate began to lead the way back up and they left the underground seal. Once everyone exited the staircase table once again slid back into place, erasing any evidence of what lay underneath.

They left the temple and headed back to the palace. Neji carried Tenten who was exhausted from fixing the seal as much as she could. When they arrived at the palace, they went directly to report to the king. Once the report was finished, King Tatsuo told the ninjas to do as they wished until they were called.

Hayate and Tenten waited until the ninjas were gone. They began to talk of possible plans. However, after several minutes the king, noticing his eldest daughter's worn out state, ordered her to rest at least for the rest of the day. When Tenten began to argue, he cut her off saying that she would not as helpful exhausted and low on power as she would be fully rested and energized. Tenten knowing the truth in her father's words bid her father and brother farewell and then began to make her way to her room. Once Tenten had left, the king and Hayate decided to go to the library and see if they could find ways to permanently seal or destroy the Dragon of Darkness.

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