Phone Confession

It was a lonely evening for Anthony "Tony," DiNozzo. He's spent many a night alone, especially when his father went to his "business meetings," when Tony knew full well his father was meeting the next stepmum. Slowly he scrolled down the phone list. Abby-No, she talks too much. McGee- too boring. He didn't even glance at Ducky or Gibbs. Maybe Palmer, he was nice enough. Sighing, he went down to Ziva. Nope. Then, genius struck his woman-filled thoughts. He could announce his feelings about Ziva- on the phone! No-one would hear him. He went past Ziva, and continued to Abby. She'd be the easiest to talk too.

"Hello," a female voice answered the phone.

"Abs, its Tony. Listen, I've got a confession. I'm in love with Ziva. She's beautiful, kind, intelligent and kick-ass. I want her so bad. I don't really give a damn about EJ, she was a rebound. She's broken up with Ray, so I want a chance. But I feel as though….well she won't love me. She deserves better than me, I'm a womanizer. Damaged goods. She thinks she is. But she really isn't. I love Ziva Aliyah David more than I've ever loved anyone. She's the only woman I've ever loved actually. I want to be more than partner with her. Is that too much to ask?"

The line went dead. Tony wrenched the phone from his ear. Shit. He's pressed Ziva by accident. What was he going to do?