Memoirs of the Saint

Chapter 2

"At that time, I had just entered Hogwarts and she was ahead of me by a year or so." Voldemort said, closing his eyes, and laying in the chair, "She has a scar on the small of her back, it looked like someone had branded her with a cattle iron. Its a cobra with an inverted cross on it's stomach, two heads, and crowns on the heads." He said aloud, and Vermundr blinked,

"How do you know of this?" Vermundr asked, and Voldemort looked at him,

"I spoke of seeing her changing upon our first meeting. The first thing she told me was '

~O~ Flashback~O~

I had gotten bored and ran off to Fangon Forest after my owl had flown off to god knows where, and I simple followed it. It landed on a branch behind her, as she was pulling on the skirt of the school uniform. Her dark hair went to her shoulders, and when she looked at me over her shoulder. I loved her dark eyelashes the most that perfectly encircled her green- speckled grey eyes. "How long do you think you're going to stand there before I realize you're there, peeping on me?" She demanded icily, as she pulled her shirt and vest on, "Look, Freshie, the show isn't free. So pay up."

~O~ End ~O~

"So she was a bully?" Peter and Vermundr asked, and Voldemort smirked,

"No- She told me later that she was only hostile because she thought I'd reveal to the Headmaster that between lessons she'd skinny dip in the forest." The Dark Lord responded, "I told her that I wouldn't do such a thing if she entered a friendship with me."

"So you tricked my mother into a partnership with you, took advantage of her, AND had intimate relationships with her?" Vermundr growls angrily, looming over Voldemort, claws out, "I'll kill you first and use your body to help make the alchemy work better-!"

"You've misunderstood- it was a friendship. If you believe Antoinette and I shared a bed, we never did." Vermundr calmed down, sitting back down. "Unfortunately, her husband got to her first. I was a first year, Antoinette was a second, and Zukav (zoo-tay), her husband, was a second year, though he was a year or two older than her."

"…Zukay? Her husband? Oh, the one she lost to the plague? What was he like?"

"A Cemetery. Pale skin, lighter than mine, long, black, straight hair. He was serious, cold, gloomy, and silent. I don't believe he was ever taught to smile in his entire life." Voldemort said, closing his eyes, "I believe he was- Chinese. He had symbols along his arms, his name on his left, and something else on his right. When the semesters started, we all rode in the same cabin, since we were familiar with one another. Zukay came from China, but moved to England, and your mother was from America, New Orleans. She moved too." Voldemort got up, and left Vermundr craving for more information. He huffed, pulling out a black book, bound in werewolf fur, and searched it for something.

"Is that- werewolf fur?" Peter asked, and Vermundr nodded, " Can I see it?" He reached for it and Vermundr growled at him, holding it away from his touch.

"Over my cold, lifeless corpse you will touch something my mouth has touched." Vermundr growled defensively, Voldemort returning with a glass of water,

"Leave him be, Peter." Voldemort said, Peter withdrawing, as Voldemort looked at Vermundr, "Did you mother take you out of the house often?" Vermundr looked down quietly,

"She tried, but I didn't want to leave. When she took me to the closest town so she could make purchases, I was cornered by the village children. I hadn't learned how to properly control my human form, so, I had patches of my scales here and there. I was bullied and beaten for it until my mother came and threw them off me." Vermundr pulled another random letter- a date after the first.

'Dear Riddle,

Yesterday, the Reaper has made me childless, and divorced me from my husband to live as a widow. Zukay's parting words to me broken my heart and spirit, like one would brake a wile mare. I wandered the halls of our home, sobbing, like the weeping willow. Now, I sit in the room that was once mine, and wonder 'what now'? These letters to you will not stop until my own last day, but I am at a loss for what to do next.

These halls are suffocating and empty. The laughter of my children that once made them warm, gone. Your offer of invitation to stay with you dwells in my mind, but, I'd be obliged if you waited for my reply patiently. I'd send you an invitation to the funeral, but there will not be one. I will bury my children and my husband with my own two hands, where only I know where they lie, as many have sought to harm me to get to them. Even in death, it is my duty to protect my family, and protect them I must.

Your Friend,


"Even now, I don't know where her family is buried, but, I sent my condolences and flowers for their graves." Voldemort said solemnly, as Vermundrt shuffled through the letters and found another,

'Dear Riddle,

I thank you for the flowers and the wishes. I sold the house, and my foster children, untouched by the plague, I am taking with me. Maybe one day, I will return to the house, maybe not. I take them, to the bayous- where no one will bother us. Were I can live alone with them, my adopted family.

I can feel it, Tom. I can feel the chill of Death's most perfect disease, slowly winding up my spinal column. I will be petrified and die in my sleep, as victims of the case before have. I will not age, my flesh will not vanish. When I leave this world, the vassal that housed my soul will remain doll-like. The thought of being a doll, forever, bothers me.

I want to grow old. I wanted to see my children grow up, have children of their own- the next generations of my line. Now, I cannot. I can only hope that my foster children are able to live happy lived where they can follow their dreams.

Mana, the Nagi girl, has become quite beautiful. Her scales shimmer like pearls. I tell her she is the most beautiful among the Nagi. She's found a mate, you know? His name escaped me now, but he is a good boy. The newest member of my family those his name today- he wants to be called Vermundr. 'Protector of Man'. He's very handsome and strong, like dragons should be.

He hides behind my skirt a lot, and likes to help with the cooking, unfortunately, he likes to stock pile my jewelry. It's very cute, he growls when I take a piece of it, like his kind should, but he's very behaved. I hope he finds a good mate too.

Your Friend,


Vermundr blushed faintly, "This one-" He covered his face, "How embarrassing." He drummed his sharp black nails, longer than Voldemort's and naturally black, on the bridge of his nose. "I feel like I'm forgetting something…" He muttered, thinking, before perking up, "Hn…I remember." Vermundr put the letters back, and closed the box, handing it back to Voldemort, "Excuse me, may I borrow your kitchen?"

"Help yourself." Snape responded, Vermundr bowing his head, and leaving. The three watched as he took off his hat and coat, folding his coat, and putting the hat on it, setting it on the counter. He wore a black muscle shirt, black pants, and a thick belt with various animal skulls dangling from it. A black apron appeared on him, and he searched through the fridge.

"Not much to work with, hn? No meat either. Are you all vegetarians?" Vermundr asked them, and they didn't say anything, as he pulled out what was available, and dropped it on the counter, tying the apron strings behind his back. " 'When you're an unexpected guest in someone's home, make sure you repay them for their hospitality'. Hn- I wonder what she would say to me remembering that…I'll make my specialty." He made a bow, and pulled his long dark hair into a bun on the top of his head, "I hope there's enough stuff here that I can use."

"Your mother would say that, when she visited." Voldemort said, Vermundr looking at him momentarily, before focusing on his cooking once more,

"I wish I had known her the way you had, but I'm sure you desired to know her the way I did. You and I lead two lives that should have forever stayed parallel, Sir, but it seems Fate has dealt us such cards that we have no choice to intersect. I apologize if I cause you any trouble." Vermundr said,

"I don't mind, you're a pleasure to have here. Tell me- what magic did your mother teach you? Dragons are not to have human disguises. Even my Familiar, Nagini, can only do it for so long."

"Before she caught us -my foster brothers and sisters- any magic what so ever, each of us was bond by pact to keep it to yourself and speak little of it." Vermundr paused, the water boiling in a pot on the stove, and he lifted his shirt, "This is the symbol you spoke of, correct? We are allowed to choose where we receive the mark." Over his heart, was a tattoo of a twin headed cobra- the same one his foster mother bore. He put his shirt down, "I'm sorry for flashing you all, if it makes you uncomfortable, I can cook in my natural form and with my coat on…"

"I'm interested. How did your mother treat you?" Snape asked, "If I may ask such a thing."

"My mother treated us with love, I believe. When we came of age to under stand, she would take us to our maternal parents, if our parents requested it. She wanted us to know, that we weren't human, and if we canted to leave, we could. I watched some of my foster sisters and brothers leave her, but she was happy for them. Some of us stayed, but what happened to them between the last time I was awake, to now, I do not know." Vermundr said, "Sometimes, she was sad when she was alone, some times, I would hear her yell, but never in my life, have I seen her lay a hand on anyone, or raise her voice to any of those in her care, or mentally abuse us."

"She seemed like a happy person."

"She was. Actually, various monsoons destroyed our house numerous times. She laughed each time and would say, 'Looks like mother nature is telling us to make a sturdier house, ladies and gents!'. We'd all help rebuild it. In between, we slept in my room, under the well door." Vermundr said, grinning,

"That sounds like her. Actually, I believe we've met once before. One of the times I visited her. You constantly glared at me from behind something, and every time I tried to talk to you, you would growl at me and hide under Antoinette's skirt." Voldemort commented, as Vermundr pushed some minced vegetables into the boiling water. "I believe you did not take a liking to me."

"If you ask my mother, at that time, I really didn't take a liking to anyone outside of the family." Vermundr said, "I don't enjoy people at that time, but, she taught us all that 'time shared together, makes memories, and memories bring happiness and joy on most occasions'." He put some water in a bowl, and put his fingers to his temples, growling in distaste, as he pulled a white wisp from his temple, and gently set it in the water. Their was a sickening snap, and he purred, a hand on the back of his neck, "Hnn…so much better."

"Does it hurt? Being in a human disguise?" Pete asked curiously, Vermundr glancing at him,

"At times, it gets bothersome, but I doubt that I could fit in this house in my form. If I do not wear this skin, then, I cannot hold an intellectual conversation with anyone aside from my mother." Vermundr sighed, "I've tried talking to my own kind. They say 'food, food, food, children, sex, mates, food, gold' and that's about it. I'm stuck between my desire to be myself, and my insatiable hunger for knowledge and conversation." He said, salting and peppering the concoction he was working on. "Hn…this stew will be ready soon. There wasn't much I could work with, but I will reimburse you for letting me use your fridge."

"You're very polite." Snape observed, and Vermundr added a few more things to the soup, getting small dishes and putting some of the soup in them for taste testing.

"Thank you. I take pride in knowing the various languages I do." Vermundr said, handing each fo them a bowl, "These are samples. If it's not to your liking, please inform me."

"Did Antoinette teach you how to cook as well?" Snape asked, drinking the soup, "This is good."

"She taught us everything we needed to know to survive on our own. How to hunt in the wild, skin our kills, cook the meat. 15 different way to make sure that what we kill, we can use, all the way down to the bones that we can use for needles and to help make homes." Vermundr said, "She was a wonderful teacher, and I believe she taught us the same courses you took in your wizard and witching school."

"How did she support you all?" Peter asked, and Vermundr paused, thinking about it.

"I'm not sure. My other sisters and brothers would bring her trinkets and I think she sold them. Maybe our parents gave her a piece of their fortunes. I wasn't sure, but, I know that she tried the best she could." He refilled their sample bowls with the stew, "If there are more members in your household, there should be enough here for a good couple days." He said, giving them their bowls, and untied the apron. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hunting. I will leave my mother here in your care, please watch her while I am gone. I will return for her." Vermundr pulled on his coat, untied his hair, put on his hat, and left the house, "Please don't open the coffin." He asked, before vanishing.

Around midnight, there was a knock on the door, and once more, Peter Pettigrew opened the door. Vermundr stood on the doorstep, drenched from head to toe, shaking, "Hello again. I'm here to collect my mother. I'd rather not come into the house since I'm soaking wet, so, um, please move aside." Peter looked back, the Coffin hovering above the ground behind him. It shot to Vermundr and he caught it, putting it on his back ,"Thank you for your hospitality, I'll be going."

"Stay a the night. We have room." Snape offered, and Vermundr chuckled,

"I can not, but thank you. " Vermundr said, bowing, before walking off,

"Come back tomorrow."

~O~ The next day ~O~

Vermundr grumbled, before sneezing into a tissue, "Sorry." He muttered, hugging himself, the coffin leaning on the chair he sat in.

"How did you get that cold?" Voldemort asked, and Vermundr blushed,

"I went hunting and saw the most beautiful female I've ever seen in my life. I tried to follow her, and as I ran after her, along side her- I fell face first and tumbled into a lake. When I surfaced, she was gone, and she'd taken my kills for the night." Vermundr said, sneezing again, "I got jacked. It's the same female too." His stomach growled and he sighed, "I guess I'll go buy some food from the town's market." He got up, and left, returning not too long after, grinning and happy. He rested back in the chair, sighing, white smoke coming from between his lips.

"Oh, if the smoke bothers any of you, I can stand outside." Vermundr said, and they were unfazed by it. "I was wondering if there was anything I could do in exchange for all this information you're sharing with me. Thought I cannot grant wishes, but I can try the best I can."

"I propose a trade." Voldemort offered, "My memories are precious to me, I'll tell you of them in exchange for your help. There are various things we can not to, but you can."

"I will assist you, but I am not your pawn. For each memory, I will do you a single favor." Vermundr said, "I only have a mild interest in helping you, but more interest in what you know. If You would mind, I'd like to learn alchemy from you, if you're willing and if you can teach it. If you cannot, then, I will leave."

"I'm sure we can find a book or two on the matter." Voldemort said, Vermundr nodding, letting out steam from his mouth,

"I have the materials needed, but since I will be a amateur, I believe I will try various medias. Porcelain may be too fragile, marble too heavy, granite too messy. I desire her to be able to move as fluidly as she did in her original body, but with eternal life." Vermundr said,

"Hm- A living doll?" Peter asked, and Vermundr grinned,

"A living work of art." Vermundr put a hand on Snape's shoulder, steam heating the air around him, "Don't think I will let you go unhelping, friend. In my mother's diaries, she spoke of the sexual harassment from you during the small parcels of time she stayed here." Snape pushed his hand away, "Your heart is too black, your tongue is too sharp. Maybe I'll cut out your eyes- as a gift to her new body."

"Your mother told you of this?" Voldemort asked curiously, stroking his chin, eying Snape,

"At times, she would let me read her writing from her lap as she wrote her entries. I was unable to find the diary in the house before I burned it to the ground." Vermundr said, "I even sounded out the words to the entry." Snape twitched, and Vermundr removed his hand, grinning,

"Was that the reason for your hesitance when I asked you your opinion on her, Severus?" Voldemort questioned, and Vermundr chuckled, "Well, if you'll excuse us, Vermundr, Severus and I will have a little chat."