This is my first wincest fic, so I hope I did well. Kind of short, but it was just on my mind.

When Dean turned in, it was dark in the small motel room, all the lights off, only the moon and car headlights shining occasionally through the windows. He'd already checked the salt lines, and made sure the doors were locked, Sammy already having gone to sleep about two hours earlier. He sighed as he laid down, muscles aching in relief, the beds in this place better than the last motel they were at. He turned on his side, letting his head sink into the pillow, eyes drifting shut. He let himself relax and get ready for another restless sleep while his father was away, when he heard soft noises coming from the other side of the room. Sniffles and deep breaths. He sighed inaudibly and turned on his other side, able to faintly see his brother with his back to him, body shaking softly with the light sobs he was emitting. Dean pulled himself off the mattress and made his way over to Sam's, settling down with his chest pressed to the kid's back.

He wrapped an arm around him, whispering into his hair, "What's goin' on, Sammy? You okay?"

"I-I'm sorry I w-woke you up, D-Dean." Sammy sniffled and wiped at his eyes with the over-sized flannel shirt that didn't belong to him, trying not to add to all the things his brother had to deal with while dad was away, to be a real man and just suck it up.

"Don't be sorry, it's okay. I wasn't sleeping, anyway. Will you tell me what's wrong?" The older boy tried, moving his hand up and tucking some of Sam's hair behind his ear, getting it out of his eyes. He heard the other Winchester intake a shaky breath, hold it, then let it out a few moments later, trying to steady himself.

"I-I just... I feel so alone, Dean. Dad leaves all the time and we don't know if he'll come back, and we're always the new kids at school, and I usually don't fit in. And you're getting older and having dates and stuff, and you're not my best friend anymore, and-" Sam was rambling, but was cut off by his brother.

"Hey, hey, hey. I'll always be your best friend. Forever. You're my baby brother and I love you. And as for the other stuff, we'll get through it. We always get through it. Together." Dean told him, holding him close like a hug, feeling Sammy cuddle into him and relax.

"You really mean that?"

"Of course I do. We'll always get thr-"

"N-No, I mean... You love me? No matter what, you'll always be there for me?"

"Of course, Sammy. No matter what." Dean was nervous, he couldn't deny that. What could be making his brother like this after he'd almost never shown it before? He wasn't even looking up at him. He wrapped his arm back around the other's middle and waited for him to go on.

"Dean... I have these-these feelings. And it's more than stressful. A-And I'm scared. I don't know what to do." The younger Winchester's voice was just above a whisper, tears still spilling from his eyes and onto the cheap pillowcase. He didn't want anyone to know, but he felt like it was eating him up inside, and he didn't want to do something he'd regret with a stranger later opposed to telling his brother now.

"What feelings, Sam?" Dean whispered back, furrowing his brows, wanting to know. He'd thought of a few possibilities, and they all made him uneven. Sammy took another deep breath, shuddering, the taller teen holding him tighter against his chest until it was over.

"Feelings... f-for boys."

"Like, what kinds of feelings?"

"L-Like, liking them, Dean. Like you like girls. I can't help it," He said, starting to ramble, getting it all out in a sort of frenzy, "I-I saw two boys at school yesterday, o-older boys. They were kissing, and I couldn't look away."

His little brother was crying again, soft sobs racking his small frame. Dean listened, taking in the information, that his brother was drawn to guys more than girls. Sam sobbed especially hard, and it hurt the older's heart, deep in his chest.

"I-I liked it, too. And then started touching each other, and I wanted that. And then I made a noise and they looked up at me. I got scared... and embarrassed, so I ran away." The younger Winchester was worried that his big brother would hate him, maybe even hit him for being 'abnormal' as their father put it.

Dean thought desperately for something to say, and remembered last week when their dad slaughtered two vamps, who happened to be gay. He'd made hateful comments toward them, and called them names under his breath. Is that why Sam locked himself in the bathroom so he didn't have to go? He opened his mouth to say that he accepted him, when Sammy cut him off.

"I'm sorry, Dean. P-Please don't hate me. I don't know what's going on with me, but I'm sorry that I'm abnormal, and-"

"No, Sam. Don't you dare apologize for something you're born with." The older teen didn't mean to sound reprimanding, but seeing his brother in this much pain, confusion and stress made him angry.

"B-But Dad said-"

"Screw what Dad said, you're perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with liking boys, Sam." He said, trying to calm down for the smaller teen's sake. He couldn't be intense and mad when he talked about something important like this.

Sam sniffled, voice sounding so full of emotion that it physically hurt Dean to hear it, "Dean..."

"I don't hate you, baby brother. I still love you, and I'm still going to protect you," He whispered, moving his hand up slightly to rub the other's arm, "Look at me."

The younger Winchester took a deep breath, and turned a bit to look up into his brother's soft green eyes. Dean smiled softly despite how unhappy it made him to see Sammy's eyes all red and puffy, with his cheeks wet from where the tears spilled over. The smaller boy smiled a bit, cuddling closer.

"It'll be okay, Sammy. You don't have to worry, I'll take care of you." The taller teen held his brother closer, letting him move his arm up to wrap around him in a hug, nuzzling his face close into Dean's jaw before they pulled away. Sam bit his lip then released it, looking over the other's face before he quickly leaned up, pressing his lips against Dean's. The older boy didn't know what to do, but his body acted for him, eyes closing and lips relaxing. He let Sam kiss him, feeling him fumble a little when he realized his brother was letting him, moving his lips a bit sloppily as he tried to imitate what he'd seen in movies. Dean surprised himself when he moved his own lips against his brother's, gentle and slow.

Then Sam was pushing for more, forcing his lips harder. The older Winchester set a hand on his shoulder, pushing him back just a little, letting his tongue sneak out and glide along Sammy's bottom lip, making him squeak and start to pull away. Dean moved his hand from his shoulder to his cheek, stroking his thumb against it. The younger boy eased back in, allowing the other's warm tongue to slip through his parted lips and touch to his own, engaging him to test it out. Sam gently lifted his tongue to push against the other wet muscle, hearing a small breathy chuckle come from his big brother, and he returned the movements before slowly pulling away. The older Winchester watched his brother open his eyes, big and bright, even though still red, looking up at him. His lips were wet and a little red, parted slightly almost in awe. He gave a smile, moving his hand away from the younger's cheek, brushing the hair out of his eyes again.

"Get some sleep, 'kay?" Dean whispered, watching the kid smile and nod a little. They settled back in, Sam's back against his brother's front, holding him tight to his chest.

"I love you, Dean."

"I love you, too, Sammy."