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Summary: Angel, her brother and their friends take the gang to Paradisia. What do they find? School, strict kings, puffy dresses and more music. Will they cope? Alternate Universe!

Pairings: TuffnutXOC (Angel Davenport) HiccupXAstrid RuffnutXSnotlout and many OCXOC.

Rating: T... for swearing and mentions of adult themes (not in all chapters)

Genres: Romance, Family, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Adventure, Drama.

Paradisian Ways Chapter 1- The Storm and the Sea

Angel forced her eyes open, the sun shining strongly in her face. She was pressed up against something warm, well someone. Lifting her head up, she took at better look at Tuffnut's sleeping form. He looked so... vulnerable. When she looked around all the Vikings did, except Hiccup because he always looked like that.

Angel turned and almost laughed when she saw Megan and Andy snuggled up together.

"Hmm? What?" Tuffnut mumbled, eyes opening slightly. Maybe Angel had made a noise.

"Nothing..." She said quickly.

"'Kay..." He replied sleepily, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his palms.

He put his head on her shoulder and Angel laughed, then she realised what was coming. Jumping up, she ran to the wheel.

"Angel? What is it?" Tuffnut said, coming behind her.

"The storm..." She replied almost inaudibly, her throat feeling scratchy.

Comfortingly, Tuffnut put his arm around her shoulders. There was a shuffle from behind them so the couple turned around, Quentin pulling himself up off the floor. Angel remembered that when she had fallen asleep Gray had been driving the boat, she looked around for him. He was asleep at the bow. She smiled as his peaceful face, she could never forget how much he meant to her.

"What you lookin' at?" Quentin asked, now standing next to Angel. "Oh..." He carried on, trying not to laugh at sleeping boy.

Angel hit her brother's arm. "Leave him!"

"Yeah, yeah. You're going to make your boyfriend jealous." He said absent mindedly before walking away to the waking Vikings behind them.

"You understand what me and Gray have, don't you?" She asked Tuffnut quietly, looking down.

"Of course I do. He's like... another brother..." He smliled.

"Yeah," Angel grinned back, before turning to take a glance at Quentin. "One that I want."

Tuffnut laughed, Angel looked at him, giggling too. She watched as his hair bounced off his shoulders, Tuffnut needed a haircut.

"When we get to Paradisia, I'm dragging you into a barber shop."

"A what?" He asked.

"A place where they cut hair." Angel replied simply.

Tuffnut looked at her, one eyebrow raised. "Why are you taking me there?" He asked lewdly. "Can't handle me like I am."

Angel raised both of her eyebrows jokingly. "I can handle you, I can't handle the amount of girls that are going to be draping themselves over you."

After thinking about what Angel had said, he started to laugh. "Ha, love you Angey."

Angel felt her face heat up, it was just the word 'love'. Some words didn't seem right coming out of the Viking teenager's mouth; 'love' was one of them. "Love you to." She mumbled back, because... She just did love him. Except his girlie hair do was annoying her know, but he was just the same inside, and he had his funny smile.

There was a bleeping from the control panel in from to of them, Gray jumping up with a "What's going on?"

"The storm!" Quentin shouted, running over to the controls next to Angel and Tuffnut.

"What?" Replied many now-shocked teenagers.

"Uhh, we might wanna get down. Like, now." Andy said, lying face-down on the floor, everyone following suit except for Ruffnut, Angel and Quentin.

"I not getting on the floor." Ruffnut said, disgusted.

"Look what marriage has done to you!" Tuffnut commented, muffled from his face being down.

"Yeah, where do you think people piss on boats?" Quentin laughed. Everyone jumped up with an "Ew!" making the man laugh harder.

"He's joking." Angel sighed. "Andy's right, that storm's dangerous, we better try to get as safe as we can."

Quentin nodded, "We better tie ourselves down." He said, walking to the storage cupboard and pulling out several lengths of rope.

"We're going to tie ourselves up?" Hiccup asked, worried.

"No, tie ourselves down," Quentin confirmed. "So we don't get blown overboard."

Hiccup nodded slowly. Angel didn't really want to wrap some dirty old rope around her, but she wanted to live so, really, there was no other choice. "Well, let's get to it..." She sighed, turning and seeing the dark clouds ahead.


Angel screamed shrilly as her rope stopped her from sliding down the deck but dug into her stomach, winding her.

The storm had been going on for about an hour now, Angel knew that soon it would be over, she would be home. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to look up, not even to see if her friends and brother were okay. Unsurprisingly, they had been screaming too, Angel could her lots of scuffling and moving to go with it.

Suddenly, the wind and the rain stopped, the waves calmed and the hot sun began to beat down on Angel head. Happily, her head shot up, seeing everyone else smiling, before untying the knot around her waist.

A pair of arms circled her waist from behind the second she stood up. "Nearly home.~" He breathed into her ear in a sing-song voice.

"Stop that." She whined.

"Stop what?" He asked innocently, he was not innocent. Slowly, he kissed her neck, before leaving Angel stood in the middle of the deck by herself. Astrid came over smirking.

"Well..." The blonde said.

"He's being all... pervy... at the moment..."Angel mumbled, blushing slightly.

"He's a Viking." Astrid replied, shrugging and running back over to Hiccup.

Angel sighed, and just stood on the spot feeling stupid.

"What's up?" Megan asked, placing a hand on Angel's arm.

"Hm, not much. I guess I've been more homesick than I thought." The red-head replied.

Megan nodded and both girls went over to their Paradisian friends.

"Not long now." Andy said, grinning in his oh-so-Andy way. The group of friends chatted for a while befpre Quentin shouted over the small buzz of conversation

"We're nearly there! Like I can see a beach hut!"

"Our beach hut!" Andy shouted over.

Angel smiled to herself; memories were made in that beach hut...

"I can believe we made enough money to get a full recording studio in our hut!" Megan laughed, holding the door open for some builders.

"Yeah on one single." Gray said as he carried a box in. Andy stumbling in afterwards with a pile so he couldn't see.

Angel just smiled, she didn't really know what to say. Her dreams of becoming a singer, a real one, were coming true.

"Andy jump over!" Awoke the princess from her thoughts... flashback, as said boy did. With a thud, Andrew 'Andy' Ormrode landed on a dark wood jetty, using the rope Tuffnut tossed over to him to secure the boat.

Angel grinned. She was home.


Bold is a flashback.

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