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Paradisian Ways Chapter 13: Fly

"Angel! Guess what I'm gonna do?!"

Said girl turned around to see Andy running towards her, Gray at the end of the path waving at her. She waved beck before answering the other boy. "What are you going to do Andy?"

He grinned triumphantly. "I will ask Megan out!"

For a moment Angel just stood and thought about what her friend had just said to her. She remembered the two holding hands in their sleep on the boat. She remembered how happy they both seemed to be when they were together, and had not clue how they fell apart.

"That's really good Andy, I'm sure she'll say yes."


"Really, but I don't need a running commentary on your life," Angel smiled, they boy's face turning shy. "What did you do without me?"

It was Andy's turn to smile now. "I stood outside the palace and told anyone." Angel began to laugh, Andy did too. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Gray coming towards them but she was still laughing.

"I don't why you're laughing." Gray said, annoyed. "Because it was true. He dragged me here nearly every day and just talked."

Angel had stopped laughing to here what her friend had to say, but that set her off again. "Oh my god, Andy! You are actually the best!"

"Don't we all know it!" Said boy replied.


Andy was confident. He could do this. He could do this. He'd asked Megan out once and he could do it again.

But that time she hadn't already brutally dumped him.

He walked up the path through the pretty, full garden leading to the door to her house, Gray hiding further down the street. Taking in a deep breath, he knocked on the door. Andy heard a voice from inside: "Megan, I think that's for you!" There was scuffling and the sounds of the door unlocking before it opened.

"Oh, hi Andy." Megan said brightly.

"Hey," He replied shyly.

Her eyes widened. "Are you all right?"

"What? Yeah! I'm perfectly fine, never been better you know? I just came over to ask you something. If you don't want to I understand perfectly but, uh, would you... would you..." It wouldn't come out, Andy's mouth went dry, but Megan was smiling. "Would you like to go out with me... again?"

The girl's small smile widened into a toothy grin, and she nodded quickly. "I will, I will," She replied, equally as fast.



Megan then threw her arms around him, laughing. Andy squeezed her back, relishing in the feel of having her back, like their gang was going to be back and everything was going to be perfect again.

Just perfect.


Angel pulled her phone out of her pocket as it was ringing, on the screen she saw that it was Gray.

"Did he do it?" She asked without saying hello.

"No hello? He did, and I think she said yes because they're just stood outside hugging." Gray's crackled voice said. Angel found herself smiling before she replied.

"That's amazing. It's perfect, everything's going to be perfect."

Gray scoffed through the receiver. "Yeah, and I'm the one who's single."

"But you seem more happy when you're single." Angel replied truthfully, thinking of when Gray went out with Chloe. Or maybe (definitely) she was just the wrong person for Gray, he deserved someone caring and sweet, not a girl who decided to drape herself over t him the minute he got famous.

"Whatever you say Ange," Gray replied, sounding a little sad. "Bye, see you later."




Angel put down the phone feeling mixed emotions. She was right, Gray was not happy when he was with Chloe, probably because she was actually the most horrible person in the world. Then again, Gray didn't deserve to be alone, he was an amazing person and should be with someone equally as amazing, someone who would make him happy...

Sighing to herself, Angel then made her way down the path away from her home, Josh waiting at the end. "Is everything okay?" her younger brother asked.

Angel nodded. "It was Gray. Megan and Andy are back together."

"Oh, cool," Josh replied. "So, uh, were do you want to go first?"

Angel looked at her brother, his dark hair and bright eyes there in front of her. Her brother, who she always thought didn't stand up to her father, was useless and a wimp. Her brother, who was actually the nicest person she had ever met, and didn't want to upset anyone. Her brother, who she loved.

"Wherever you want to go Josh, wherever you want."


Josh smiled at his sister's response. "Sure..." He shrugged. They carried on walking down the pathway, which was their private direct way to the shops. The only sounds were their footsteps and rustling of pants in the gentle breeze. AS they got closer to town, the buzz of multiple conversations got louder, but it wasn't unpleasant.

Josh was used to this, just being with his sister and not talking. He liked it, he didn't like to talk, he didn't know what to talk about. Angel seemed content with with lack of speech, not just then but quite a lot of time. She liked to ask questions though, he noticed.

"So," Angel eventually said when they were in the bustling streets. "Where do you want to go?"

He grabbed her wrist and dragged her to a small café that had opened while Angel was away. It didn't seem like anything special when it was being built. Honestly, when you looked at it it wasn't any different from any other café, same shiny tables and glass front, but then there was the inside. The inside was full of pictures of their mother. It was perfect.

Josh heard Angel's breath hitch as they entered. When he looked at her she was looking back at him, eyes filling with tears. HE smiled sadly because he had missed Angel, but he would always have to miss his mother, his mother would never come back.

"Did you do this?" She whispered.

"No... they did." He relied, pointing to the counter where a man and woman were serving at two separate tills. They were not elderly but they were old... er. Probably in their fifties. They seemed pleasant and happy, and apparently they loved their mother. Of course, Josh had been in before and they obviously recognised him and just gave him a wave. They treated him like any other customer, with with added questions about what he thought of the place, but that was all Josh had ever wanted.

Angel sniffed slightly. "Do you think I should talk to them?" She asked. Josh just shrugged in reply. They both looked over to find the couple looking back at them, and looking excited. "I guess that answers my question..." Angel mumbled before taking Josh's arm and going over to the desk.

"Good morning, Your Highness." The woman said cheerily.

Josh nearly burst out laughing because he knew how much Angel disliked being royal, as Angel just nodded once, slowly. "Ah, good morning. I love your decoration." She smiled.

The man nodded knowingly, "Joshua here said you would. Love it, that is."

Josh looked down as his sister gave him a look. He hadn't told her in case she got upset or felt as is someone was giving them sympathy, because she hated that too. She seemed to hate everything. That wasn't true true... Josh hoped.

"Well, he was right. And I am sorry, to you and the whole country, that I left. I didn't want to cause any distress. I just... I just wanted a break." Angel said sadly, ending with a sigh. The couple just nodded with sympathy.

"Angel sweetie," The woman said kindly. "You don't have to talk about it. We're just glad that you actually came to see our shop. Just have a drink and a cake and enjoy."

Doing as she said, Angel bought them both tea and a cake, dragging Josh to sit on a booth in a corner, hidden away from the front of the shop.

Just how they liked it.


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