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Chapter 1

Setting the scene


~Alex POV~

Hammering. My heart was pounding in my chest, out of control. I sent spells over my shoulder as I ran, my night black coat fluttering around me. My pursuer kept gaining and my lungs burnt in effort. I was tired. So tired and ready to give up. Ready to die.

My life had spiralled out of control and slipped through my fingers. Impossible to stop. Too slippery and filled with secrets.

I dodged a jet of green light and ran straight into the arms of a red headed young man.

"Alex! Get away from here! It's you they want!" he urged and I pulled him out of the way of another deadly green light.

"What? And leave you here all alone? No way! Look Fred, I know I've made mistakes in the past, but I know this is what's meant to happen!" I yelled back, tears running down my dirtied face and he smiled. His red hair was messy and covered in dust, his cobalt blue eyes shining despite the situation and his smile was wide and mischievous.

"Alex, you are impossible to control!" he smiled back as a few bricks fell around us.

"And that's why you love me," I smiled and shot a spell at someone who had once been my reluctant comrade.

Suddenly, a nearby wall erupted and bricks flew outwards. Screams pierced the air and there were several cackles. I fell to the ground and heard a body fall next to me.

My head spun and things became silent. My eyes rolled back into my head and I stopped fighting.

~Years before~

The Hogwarts Express rattled along with no mercy as it made the long journey to the wonderful school of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I pulled my heavy trunk along and searched for a compartment. After trailing down the corridors endlessly, I sighed and gracefully opened a door to reveal three people I knew.

"Alex!" a voice screamed excited and a black haired blur flew at me and tackled me with a hug. The girl who was hugging me had big chocolate brown eyes that sparkled with excitement and mischief. She was half a head shorter than me and wore Ravenclaw robes. Her hair was all curly and bouncy against her dark skin and she grinned even wider when she stepped away.

"Hey Ellie. How was your summer?" I asked.

"Not bad, yours?" she queried and before I could answer, I heard two voices that were nearly identical.

"Stop hogging her Ellie-"

"Yeah, we want to say hello too!"

I looked around the Ravenclaw to see two of the schools biggest troublemakers. Both had ginger hair that was messily combed, big blue eyes that always shone with mischief and both were lanky and identical.

"Ah! Well, if it isn't Mr Fred and George Weasley," I gasped in mock horror.

"Good to see you Alex!" Fred smiled and hugged me.

"Same here, you look good Miss Dare," George grinned and I punched him on the arm and he snickered.

Now, I know you're wondering: how can I, a Slytherin, be friends with two Gryffindors? Well, in my first year they both pulled a prank on me and Ellie and we got them back. The Weasley twins had admired us for what we did and we just kind of started to hang out.

Ellie and I had been friends way before that. Our Mums were best buddies at Hogwarts and we lived near each other so we've known each other our whole lives. Ellie is a tad bit weird though. She's a pyromaniac. So basically, she can control fire and use it at any time. Pretty cool, eh?

Well, I can talk! I am what you call a metamorphous; so I can change my appearance at will!

Moving on from my freaky abilities and friends, we all sat down and just caught up whilst we waited out the long journey. We played dares and discussed pranks before the boys left to change into their robes and I changed into mine.

Afterwards, we had a few chocolate frogs and played a game of exploding snap. Ellie and George were constantly flirting which kind of bugged me.

Sure everybody knew they were going to get to together, but it was annoying when they said, but we're just friends!


So, we were all laughing as the train progressed on, but then there was a screeching noise that echoed and made us all slap our hands over our ears. The train slammed to a halt and I fell awkwardly on top of Fred.

"Ow! You're on top of wand arm!" he snapped.

"Well sorry! I can't control where I fall!" I retorted and fell off him, my hair changing from a simple brown to a fiery red. Ellie poked her head out of the carriage and I followed suit.

Several other heads popped out of compartments and I saw Harry Potter several metres down looking confused. I pulled back into our compartment and sat down fiddling with my 11 and 1/2 inch wand which was made of Cherry and Boggart Heartstring. Suddenly George yelped and I saw ice start to crack up on the window and something flew past the ice covered piece of glass.

"What was that?" I whispered loudly and the others looked panicked and shrugged.

Another flash. I gulped and turned my head really slowly to face the door. It was covered in ice and when I put my hand on it, I found it painfully cold. I hurriedly withdrew my hand and grasped it in the other.

George started whispering to Fred, but was soon cut off as something shook the train. I breathed quickly as something black started to flicker on the other side of the door. It started to inch open and my mouth opened in a soundless scream as I was faced with what laid on the other side.

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