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Chapter 36

19 Years Later


~Alex POV~

Shivering, I blinked as I replayed the dream inside of my head. The horrors I couldn't escape from the Second Wizarding War 19 years ago.

I was young again. 17 and free. Inside of Hogwarts and fighting the Death Eaters. Fred. Smiling and laughing. Explosion. Wall falling on top of us. I coughed as dust filled my lungs. My blood stained hand fumbled amongst bricks and I found a hand. I looked at his face and yelled in horror.

"Fred! Don't you dare leave me now! Not after everything!" I screamed.

Cold laughter. Voldemort. Growling I leapt to my feet and charged, running into the killing curse…

Shaking my head I went to sit up, but found an arm wrapped around my waist and I fell back down onto the bed. Aggravated, my hair turned black and I swivelled my head around to see a sleeping man with red hair that was currently a mess. He was breathing deeply and tightened his arm and I smirked as I picked up my wand from the nightstand and poked his cheek with it. Moaning, he rolled the other way and released my waist and I swung myself out of bed. After getting changed into a smart blouse and jeans, I walked out of the bedroom and down the spiral staircase.

Opening blinds as I went, I tidied up the stray wands I had been working on and strolled into the kitchen, making pancakes. The mixture was hot and sticky and I smiled to myself as there was the sound of heavy feet on the stairs. A young boy of 15 shuffled in, yawning. His hair flashed from blue to brown and his eyes kept fluttering open and shut to reveal purple eyes.

"Morning Chris," I said and he fell into a chair as I placed the pancakes in front of him. As he grabbed the butterscotch I kissed him on the head and he shied away.

"Mum!" he moaned and I laughed as I turned back to the oven. Seconds later, a little girl aged 10 came skipping down the stairs.

"Mummy! Have you seen Diamond? I can't find her anywhere!" she asked. Like her brother, she had the ability to change her appearance, but she preferred to have fiery red hair and blue eyes like her Dad.

"Don't worry, Alys. I'm sure your cat will turn up," I reassured her and she jumped up onto a chair and I placed her breakfast in front of her. Nibbling on a cereal bar, I set to work straightening out the unicorn hair in my stockroom. Minutes later, I returned to the kitchen to find my one and only husband finishing the pancakes I had been saving for myself. Narrowing my eyes, I marched over to him and put my hands on my hips and he innocently looked up.

"Morning," he smiled sheepishly. Sighing, I began tidying up the kitchen and he sat at the table, reading the Daily Prophet. As I was making a mug of tea, there were suddenly green flames in the fireplace and a familiar person stepped out.

"Ellie, honestly! You live on the other side of the street and we're seeing you in a few hours," I sighed and she smirked.

"Sorry Alex! I thought you'd be dying to see me!" she gasped and had a look of mock horror on her face. Rolling my eyes I gestured to an empty chair and she sat down, pulling her gloves off of her hands.

"So how's the Harpies going?" Fred asked.

"We're in good shape thanks! Should be in the championships this year," she enthused and paused. "Alex, I need to talk to you about something… where can we go where we can't be disturbed?"

Fred pouted as I stood up and gestured to a room. "The living room is free,"

We made our way inside and each sat down in an armchair next to a huge fireplace that was far too posh looking for people to floo by. Ellie looked troubled and created a small ball of fire about the size of her palm and began to toy with it. Frowning, I waited for her to say what she needed.

"When are you going to tell him about…?" she asked, pausing at the end.

"Soon. Very soon," I replied and she nodded.


Hours later, we stood on Platform 9 and ¾ where other families were milling around. The four of us (Fred, Chris, Alys and I) made our way to the far end of the train and spotted Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny and their family. Greeting them, the kids all began to chat and we adults were soon joined by Ellie, George and their kids.

Asha Alex Weasley was the eldest of and a year older than Chris. She was fairly tall and had thick curly black hair, olive skin and goldish-brown eyes. Then there was her younger sister Tilly Clover Weasley who 2 years younger than her sister. She was not as tall as her sibling, but still quite tall, had long straight black hair, olive skinned and hazelnut eyes.

Compared to my children, they were much more creative and sensible. There were pyromaniacs like their mother and liked to play quidditch. My two were always fighting and determined to appear the best to Fred or I. Chris George Weasley and Alys Ellie Weasley. The two devils just like their father.

We made sure that they all got on the train fine and waved them off. As soon as the train vanished, we disapparated and appeared in The Leaky Cauldron. After a few drinks, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny returned home and Ellie, George and I walked into Diagon Alley. When we reached our homes, we said goodbye and Ellie gave me a look, telling me to get my secret out.

Nodding and winking discretely, I linked arms with Fred and we walked inside. He put the kettle on as I began filing down a new wand and I debated on how to break the news to him. As he started to prepare dinner, I sent an owl to Ellie, telling what I was about to do. Fred served the pasta he'd been making and I stared at it blankly.

"Alex… what is it? You've been really off the past few days," he began, looking annoyed.

"I'm just not… well," I frowned and he shook his head.

"No, it's something else isn't it?" he asked I nodded and grabbed his hand tightly. I gulped deeply and took a few breaths.

"I'm… pregnant," I finally said.

There was silence for a few seconds before he laughed and hugged me, sweeping me off of my feet and I kissed him deeply. Laughing, we pressed our foreheads together. Smiling, I recounted everything we had been through. The war. The hardships. Being on different sides. The Dark Mark and Death Eaters. The gossip. The pain. The separation. Everything.

And this was just a story proving that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. I was in the darkest place, a traitor to my family and friends and an outcast. Now I was happy and well, married and successful with children and friends.

It was all I could have ever asked for.

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